Sunday, October 27, 2013

Broncos 7 Keys to Giving Ex-Coach Shanahan a Loss

Mike Shahahan, Washington Redskins Head Coach.
Won 2 Super Bowl Titles with the Broncos
1) Win or tie the takeaway battle. Just do not turn it over more than the other team and give them unnecessary big plays that can sway emotion and momentum for a road team.

2) Protect Peyton: If this involves running the ball more to keep the defense honest or whatever. Especially the hurries on top of the sacks.

3) Continue to be stout vs the run. (Contain RGIII in open field)

4) Building on number 3, make RGIII beat the defense with the pass which means limiting Albert Morris and Roy Helu Jr, RB's of the Redskins.

5) Convert 3rd Down with a higher efficiency than 50% (convert almost all 3rd and short (3 yds or less)

6) Get the crowd into it quickly. BRONCOS CR3W would love to see the Denver Broncos put a couple big plays on defense (any part of the team though) to boost the crowd as well as the team. Linking this to ComeOutFast

7) Force RGIII to use other weapons in the air other than Jordan Reed, who has really come on lately as the Redskins TE, and his completion rate less than 60%

Notes: Force FGs over TDs and Score TDs over FGs