Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear NFL & NFLPA, Stop This Before it Begins

+Deion Sanders is one of the best analyst for +NFL out there. Spot on, unbiased and he is still #PrimeTime, what a joy he was to watch on that field. Could not agree with him more about the "bump" by Kevin Vickerson, DT of the +Denver Broncos, and calling out the flop by +Indianapolis Colts QB, #AndrewLuck when playing the Broncos on Sunday night. Is that how former +Stanford University legend #JohnElway would have done it? Simple question, Mr. Luck, is this what we want to see in American professional sports down to high school?

Highlights and a look back at Sunday's game, but Primetime Deion Sanders briefly speaks about it, and I appreciate this man's analogy every Sunday night.


Personally, players should get fined for unsportsmanlike behavior under the "Spirit of the Game" charter of whatever their overpaid lawyers want to call it between the league and the +NFL Players Association. Repeat offenders should face suspension. Unless they want to see an epidemic in what is supposed to be the "Mens sport" that Americans loved to grab on to when it comes to discussions of soccer and football. 

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Time to pull out your whip Roger Goodell! Just like bountygate or spygate, it is against the integrity of the game and falls under the code of "cheating" to American sports, please keep it that way in the NFL.

+NBA has continually suffered from such an epidemic and have yet to really solve or stop it at all because they have neglected to act upon it. I think it is worse than the unsportsmanlike penalties because it takes the thought of doing so in order to flop because it isn't being forced or caused by anything than one's very own actions. Hence, the thought of doing it and then doing it. Pretty straightforward in my opinion. We will start to see receivers oversell things, defensive lineman oversell a hand or two to get a holding call instead of trying to beat the man across from them. Basketball, a defender used to be making a play on the ball with a steal or block instead of standing and waiting until it is physically impossible for the human body to stop with a half stride at jogging pace, let alone full speed.  

Minimize this before this becomes a very ugly aspect of a truly great sport. Some may see this as an over reaction, but I saw a unanimous All-American college linebacker pull of a flop of sorts to draw holding calls late in a game this year and he was rewarded +Kyle Van Noy of +BYU, It has soured many of the biggest fans and followers of a great sport of movement, fluidity, and spacing in the sport of basketball. NBA did not mind so much as the flopping increase came with an increase in International fans despite a decrease in American fans. Ultimately, to imagine it infiltrating #AmericasTruePastime in football is just sickening. 

This is not a reaction to the game's result on Sunday night whatsoever, but a reaction to the first opportunity to point it out and shut it down hopefully. It takes a person to think of doing it, to doing it whereas the suspensions and fines those players are receiving from bang-bang plays that are just reactionary and instinct from training.