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Game 12 Broncos CR3W addition to Playlist


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Latest addition to +BRONCOS CR3W #HorseTrackPlaylist features +ScHoolboy Q, talented up and coming emcee in his creation #Situations. #BroncosCR3W gives a holler to Schoolboy Q to keep doing his thing. The west coast #JazzHop #UndergroundHipHop vibe is what the genre was in desperate need of from '06 - '10 for the most part albeit there has been great work in that time frame as well. Just was lacking a solid amount of substance.

#BroncosCR3W #Game12 #DENvsKC

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Broncos CR3W #7 (Elway) Keys to Week 12 at New England

  1. Takeaway differential is always the biggest key to every game and this will remain at the top. 
  2. Stop the Patriots Run
  3. Pressure Tom Brady and minimize his completion to target rate to Gronkowski to 50%. (Overall, keep the Pats offense to 5 yards or less per play throughout the game. Total yards is irrelevant compared to the latter and takeaways when some teams run 20-30 more plays per game than other teams.
  4. Balance on offense. Stay within the 60% - 40% range of pass to run or vice-versa. Don't throw more than 60% or run less than 40%
  5. Overwhelm the +New England Patriots secondary even though Julius Thomas is inactive. Silver lining would be ideal if we saw +Wes Welker redemption against a team that did not appreciate their best offensive player aside from the hyped #Brady.
  6. Protect Peyton Manning. Limit the hits. Hard to expect a repeat performance from last week where Manning did not hit the turf but getting close would be ideal.
  7. Combine these into one: 3rd Down efficiency on both sides of the ball. Red zone efficiency. Score TD's over FG's on offense. Force FG's over TD's on defense. And include 4th down into this as some FG attempts might not be considered because of the cold, windy conditions tonight.

Expect 'Glove' for Manning

For Those Keen on Peyton Manning wearing a globe in colder weather, no need to wonder according to +The Denver Post.

Expectations a 20-20 game in Foxborough, Massachusetts tonight will prove chilly enough with weather forecastIng Conditions with 20° temperatures accompanied with 20 mph winds. Since Manning has dawned the glove, his numbers have shown an effective and efficient QB whether inside (prior days with +Indianapolis Colts), outside, warm, or cold.

Link from +The Denver Post:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Broncos (Elway) #7 Keys to Chiefs Game Tonight

Keys to coming out a victor tonight versus the +Kansas City Chiefs as the +Denver Broncos host them in a battle for supremacy in the tough AFC West and having the best records in the AFC and not only the division. +NFL rescheduled this game for primetime tonight and as they should have. Chiefs have been remarkable starting off and remaining unbeaten on their way to a 9-0 record. The Broncos, many labeled as the favorites to get to and win the Super Bowl have been equally impressive with 8-1 start and setting offensive records in all of the NFL's storied past going back nearly a century for a handful of teams and man more over the last half-century. Broncos have 4 players with 9 TD's. 9 TD's is 3rd in the NFL for TD's scored. Having 4 players with that many is a great example of how explosive the offense has been this season. The storyline of the game goes without saying, the Chiefs have the leagues #1 ranked defense and lead the league in sacks,

  1. First and foremost is always the takeaway battle. It remains the most telling stat as an indication of who is the victor in football games. Not only in the NFL (professional ranks) but all the way down to high school football. (Some would even argue down to "pee-wee" ranks). The Chiefs lead the league in takeaways with 23 (12 INT's, 11 FR) and the Broncos are tied for 4th worst in giveaways with 18 (6 INT's, 12 FL). Broncos are tied for 12th in takeaways, although they lead the league with 13 interceptions with 3 other teams with them, they only have 3 FR. Chiefs offense lead the league with only 8 giveaways (4 FL and 4 INT's). As many have pointed out the Chiefs have played some offenses with 2nd and 3rd string QB's and teams that tend to turnover the ball.
  2. Running Game: The Chiefs have one of the NFL's most dynamic players, with their RB, Jamaal Charles who also leads the team in receptions. Chiefs do everything they can to get him in open space. Charles is 5th in the league with 725 yards at 4.3 yards per tote. Despite Charles, the Chiefs are 15th in rushing offense with 1,071 yards total rushing (4.2 yard/attempt). Broncos feature the 5th ranked run defense at 783 yards allowed and the 2nd best defense in yards allowed per carry (3.4). Broncos prolific offense centered around their pass game, feature a rushing attack that is 21st with 947 yards and 3.7 yards/attempt. Chiefs defense is 24th in the NFL at stopping the run. In fact the Broncos leading rusher, Knowshon Moreno, has had two 100 yard rushing games and they were both against the Chiefs last year. Knowshon has ran for 521 yards with a 4.2 yard/attempt average. This will be a major factor as the Chiefs hope to stay on the field and put long drives together as the Broncos offense stays on the sideline. If Moreno can have success for the Broncos running the ball, it will minimize the aggressiveness of the Chiefs pass rush with their focus adjusted to slowing Moreno and the Broncos RB's down. Both of the mentioned RB's are exceptional at catching the ball out of the backfield and Manning uses Moreno often to mitigate pass rushers by getting the ball out to Moreno's dependable hands. Moreno has 37 receptions for 336 yards. Charles has 47 receptions for 389 yards. Moreno has 9 TD's and Charles has 6 TD's.
  3. Pass protection: Goes both ways but this if geared towards the Broncos, and Peyton Manning who decides the checks/audibles at the line for protection. It is not necessarily sacks, but hurries that force Manning to throw an unusual incompletion (averaging 70% completion rate which astounding. Moreno plays a key role in this scheme being one of the best pass protection tailbacks in the NFL.Limit the rush of the Chiefs on the QB. The Chiefs have only gotten two sacks per game over their last 3 games while the Broncos have average 3 sacks per game over their last 3 games. Broncos pressure on the Chiefs QB, Alex Smith will make it very difficult for the Chiefs to put consistent drives and first downs together if their run defense hold up to their usual performance.
  4. Field position: The Chiefs rank number 1 in defense as mentioned. The Broncos are number 1 in offense which does not limit the Broncos if starting with a long field to go for a score. The Chiefs rank 8th in total offense (yards) but 28th in passing, 15th in Rushing. If the Broncos 5th ranked run defense holds up well,, the Chiefs with a long field could have trouble turning those deep field position starting spots into points. #Colquitt brothers. Both teams have punter's that are brothers.
  5. 3rd Down Efficiency: Both sides of the ball. Converting on 3rd Downs and stopping the Chiefs on 3rd Downs. It could be a major statistic for both defenses, but the Broncos especially because of the ball control short passing focused offense, they end up in 3rd downs more often. Getting them off the field and their defense back out would be a major asset for the Broncos. Cheifs vaunted defense allows on average 26% 3rd Down conversion rate as well as 3.4 first downs from 3rd downs. Broncos allow 38% 3rd Down conversion rate and 5.4 first downs from 3rd downs on defense. Broncos offense is converting 50% of their 3rd Down despite averaging only 12.1 3rd downs a game with that prolific offense. They rarely have 3rd downs because they convert beforehand. Chiefs convert 36% of their third downs and have 15 per game on average this season
  6. Force FG's over TD's/Score TD's over FG's: Pretty self explanatory and really the main key on defense for the Broncos with their offense on the other side. Forcing FG's instead of allowing TD's is big. Teams are almost forced to going for it on 4th down if the Broncos offense is scoring which is normally beneficial as teams can come away with zero points even.
  7. Penalties: Broncos committed zero penalties on offense last week and if they can repeat so they do not face long yardage with set of downs. If the Chiefs commit false starts or anything to put their offense in a longer than usual set of first downs.

Broncos Del Rio Setting up to Leave Right After Taking Head Coach Role

 Believes He Would change Job Title only Once +Denver Broncos Season is Finalized

Friday, November 15, 2013

Broncos Del Rio Going With his own Coaching Philosophy

Denver Broncos Interim Head Coach, Jack Del Rio, not Channeling Conservative Philosophy

Broncos Interim Head Coach, Jack Del Rio coaching
against the Chargers in week 10 of this season
The game before when the +Denver Broncos were down 14 to the +Washington Redskins in week 8, Coach John Fox, went for two 4th down conversions when it would have been anything, but conservative. We find that labeling Fox as conservative as the article linked insinuates, a bit of an off-statement - headline. The label stems mainly on Fox for last years divisional round playoff loss against the +Baltimore Ravens and we concur. In that context, it is most likely the correct call to deem it as conservative. Have yet to find him go conservative otherwise. 

However, Broncos fans and +BRONCOS CR3W do like the call last week, whether it was the Offensive Coordinator, Adam Gase, Del Rio, or Peyton Manning, It could have been all three. Specifically, when they went for a 1st down with a 12 yard pass completion to Beybey (Demaryius) Thomas with under 3 minutes left remaining. Broncos even got another 1st down with a powerful statement run by Knowshon Moreno. There is definitely some proof in the pudding from the last game for being aggressive looking back at the late game situation in the 28-20 win at the +Chargers
Link posted on +Yahoo Sports via the +AssociatedPress about Del Rio not "...going conservative (like Fox)."

Are the Chiefs, the Broncos Offensive Coordinator's First Test?

Note: First off, from where we stand and from our opinion, this is not at all the Offensive Coordinator for the Denver Broncos, Adam Gase's first test. The Broncos offense has set records for points scored, average points per game, passing yards, passing TD's, TD's scored, among some other offensive numbers. Suffice it to say that the test, at least the initial test, has been "aced" with flying colors by Gase. Every game in the +NFL is a test. +Dallas Cowboys were that week, The +Chargers last week, and opening night vs. the +Baltimore Ravens as well as every week. If this were to be applied to anyone after 9 games played, this is the +Kansas City Chiefs first test although by our previous statement, we don't feel that way either. Chiefs certainly apply to "first test" this week than the +Denver Broncos.

Video Courtesy of +The Denver Post (AP)

Bitter Rivals: Chiefs Coming to Mile High to Visit Despised Broncos, In Marquee Match Up

Curtis Conway and Jill Arrington from Fox Sports Preview Pivotal AFC West Showdown: Biggest Game of the Year for Both Franchises

Preview video also looks at pretty big games the +New England Patriots stopping for a visit to see the +Carolina Panthers. Another big matchup involves the +San Francisco 49ers heading down to the Bayou in a clash versus +New Orleans Saints 

*Video Courtesy and copyright courtesy from +FOX Sports*  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop

+BRONCOS CR3W next addition to "Horse Track Playlist"
Brings you the legends, +Led Zeppelin performing the great "Misty Mountain Hop."
*our apologies for not staying on this but superstition will keep a few additions per week as well as Broncos CR3W EyeCandy Posts for #Gameday #VictorGem for the ladies and the fellas to follow up after*

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Broncos WR, Demaryius Thomas, AFC Offensive Player of the Week

After Stellar Play in Week 10, "Beybey" Honored

The +Denver Broncos explosive and super talented WR, Demaryius (Beybey) Thomas, received the AFC Offensive Player of the Week from the +NFL. The nickname comes from his mother, and he has shared that in interviews on +NFL Network amongst others. Congratulations to Thomas, a well-deserved honor and in many ways, a bit of a surprise that it was the Broncos first WR to win the honor since Brandon Marshall had 21 receptions in 2009 against the +Indianapolis Colts. That is not necessarily when taken into account Tebow's half-season plus, but last season with Manning and even the passing numbers that Orton had with Brandon Lloyd. Back to the present though, more of another surprise is the Peyton Manning has won it only twice this year. We're talking about the record setting offense through 9 games in NFL history. Broncos offense continues to set records, stay the course, and added to a great job, last week. The offense had zero penalties against the +Chargers. Only 2 on defense and 1 offsetting penalty on special teams. Obviously repeated that is difficult, but they were efficient and did not hurt themselves much aside from one turnover.

Thomas had 7 receptions for 108 yards to go with 3 TD's of 11 yards, 7 yards, and 34 yards. Thomas joined WR +Wes Welker and TE Julius Thomas with 9 TD's on the season. The third trio in NFL history (and only played just over half of their season) to have 9 receiving TD's or more, apiece. The 3 TD's scored by Beybey tied a franchise record for receiving TD's in a game that has been done 12 times by 9 different players.

Article from Broncos about the award.

Does Chiefs Move Indicate Bowe will not Play at Broncos (UPDATE)

Kansas City sign WR to practice Squad

Rashad Ross recently signed to the Chiefs 53 man roster
Photo Courtesy & Rights From Kansas City Chiefs (AP)
The +Kansas City Chiefs sign WR, Rashad Ross, to practice their squad. With this in mind, and particularly the timing of this, is it too early to presume the Chiefs intend on being without Dwayne Bowe in the critical clash visiting the +Denver Broncos on Sunday night (Kickoff at 6:30 pm MST on +NBC Sports). Might be too early but considering most teams on a bye week would make this type of move earlier. More than likely the Monday/Tuesday of either the bye week or after the bye. Until it is validated although, we can speculate on fair grounds the Chiefs are prepping to be without Bowe. 

This move could also indicate that they are only preparing for Bowe to be unavailable later in the season, and they are adding another WR to their roster to assess, if or when Bowe is not on the active roster. The Chiefs release guard Chandler Burden so they do not have to release a player or make one inactive from their current roster setup. Adding Ross to the squad as well as having Frankie Hammond, another WR, gives them the player they would have wanted, if Bowe was suspended in the future. Why now, so they are assured to have Ross because any NFL club could bring him on when he was not on a roster. 

Speculation and all, the flipside to the Chiefs simply acquiring Ross instead of not getting him, should Bowe not be on the field this season, and not particularly this week against the Broncos. That said, this could mean the Chiefs are internally suspending Bowe this week with hopes of a lesser disciplinary action by the +NFL and +Roger Goodell when they address Bowe's arrest.

It is nothing out of the ordinary, but coincidences hardly occur in this fashion. As we often do, signing off with, ~"Only time will tell..."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pro Football Focus Ranking Numbers Reveal No Insight

Peyton nor Demaryius not listed as top performers for Week 10

Had to post some remarks about this article write up and these pointless rankings/numbers that they attach to players that reveal nothing about how a team played in a team game and the caliber of competition they played, let alone a solid win or loss from the week. Look at some of the teams these players are on and their results from week 10. They have some great aspects to how they get to these numbers and analyze and player by every single play they have, but on the flipside, they are not insightful when it relates to the broad spectrum of how the league's teams, and its players are executing as a whole. Particularly, in relation, to wins and losses for a team game.

We are not really saying that we or anyone should not be a big fan of +Pro Football Focus (PFF) articles that are based on these ratings. In fact, PFF has some very insightful stuff on their site that we love to read. Their ratings system though, we are not buying. For one, how do they come to give a rating and in reality, we feel it is just to put a number on each position just for the sake of it. Instead of doing the old school way of describing a player's caliber of play as extremely great, good, so-so, not so good, and/or pretty bad. 

Plenty aware that a lot of work goes behind reaching these numbers and that they are probably pretty solid. The performance of others in football relies on the 10 other guys next to you. We prefer to look at the teams wins & losses and regular stats with a bit of modernization of some of the stats. Like yards per play, for example. With the up-tempo teams that are featured nowadays, coaches often look at how much yards per play they are giving up in comparison to total yards allowed. One week, for example the +Denver Broncos face the +Chargers, who average these amount of plays per game. The next week, just for arguments sake, they face the Patriots who average plays/game. Based on getting off that many more plays per game, the Patriots should obviously average more yards of offense per game and more than likely more yards given up on defense since they are more plays overall in their games. 

It is very similar to +ESPN constant attempt to change the QB ratings/stats to TotalQBR, but that is flawed right off the bat when looking into it because they give a higher rating to QBs that are able to come back from a deficit. The Broncos, don't often have a deficit, so Peyton Manning most likely would not get a higher Total QBR then he really should over other QB's. In the event a QB leads the whole game despite stellar performance and maintaining that lead to a win, it counts as a negative in comparison to a QB that comes back from behind and gets a win. That is significantly flawed. A QB that jumps out to a big lead each and every week is not rated as high because they are that good that a deficit is not common place. Factoring in numbers of opponents players is contingent on them, etc. All in all, its just for computer rankings sake, instead of just looking at the original statistics and above all, point differential, takeaway margin, field position, 3rd down efficiency on both sides, and redzone efficiency on both sides means more to us than a number that some algorithm crunched insides of multiple other algorithms is not as significant to Broncos CR3W. In interviews that we have listened to several +Pac-12 Conference coaches agree, the +University of Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham looks at avg./yards per play that his consistently solid defenses give up, and if it is 5 yards or less then they did their job. Many of these coaches have had NFL experience as well. PFF needs to look at numbers like this and above all, factor in wins and losses, and ding teams that have to come from behind and got a deficit to begin with. As well as teams they maintain and hold leads consistently. That said, we don't really plan on using PFF's numbers as a point of reference very often.

Aside from that, these ratings appear to be much more based on how badly the guy on one side plays against another or in layman terms, how bad the opponent is. RGIII is Honorable Mention? He lost at Minnesota, Peyton Manning through for over 300 yards and 4 TDs with a better completion percentage. What is beyond understanding as well, is how is Julius Thomas not above either listed and Demaryius Thomas above any WR from week 10? Brandon Marshall had a great game, but he lost to +Detroit Lions at home and did not have a Demaryius caliber game and many would concur. Beybey Thomas is only an honorable mention?! Our point is, maybe in future don't take PFF's ratings into a discussion as the only piece of evidence or pudding. Their numbers, in the human brain, do not add up sensibly. The Denver Broncos linebackers were really good against San Diego Chargers. We really felt Chris Harris Jr. and Rahim Moore (especially Moore) were exceptional as well as key situations. 3rd & 16 with just around 4 minutes remaining in the game with a pass deflected and forcing the +Chargers to punt the ball away. Look at the clip below. Example after example. A +Oakland Raiders center against the +New York Giants. Raiders lost the game by the way. +Buffalo Bills got trounced at +Pittsburgh Steelers. We find it odd that many so-called pundits and experts use PFF for references in regards to quality of play. The +Carolina Panthers defensive line against the +San Francisco 49ers are not acknowledged or 'honorable mention(ed).' Very skewed numbers overall. Great to see Von Miller in there. Still, we find another example, Terrance Knighton is playing light out, where is he? Offensive lineman can't get a good score on pass protection? So a run oriented team is likely to get acclaim by PFF over a pass oriented team for offensive line play.
Screenshot of PFF Week 10 NFL
Team based on their (PFF) Analysis Numbers
Perhaps in the world of wizards and Mr. Harry Potter, but this is the world of Muggles. Apologies PFF, not quidditch here. Happy to wager Terrance Knighton's level of play as of late along with Chris Harris Jr. and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) against the players' performances, listed. +Baltimore Ravens DB's obviously faced Andy Dalton, the bad version, which influenced their rating more than anything else. Somehow, take into account what the opposing player did in comparison to what he should have done and rate his expected caliber of play into that factor. How about Hammer (Wesley) Woodyard and Danny Trevathan combining for 22 tackles against the ball control, deliberate +Chargers run game? Teams like +Tennessee Titans who dropped a loss to winless +Jacksonville Jaguars. Our interpretation is the team that plays a QB with a low pass completion rate, QB that plays well in a deficit, an O-Line is rewarded for a good running game over a good passing game. Not too mention they listed a +Dallas Cowboys player, they got manhandled by the +New Orleans Saints

Will KC be Without Bowe for Broncos Clash?

With the top two records in the +NFL's AFC prepping to square off against each other on Sunday night,
Kansas City Chiefs WR, Dwayne Bowe
+Kansas City Chiefs WR, Dwayne Bowe arrested for speeding and possession of marijuana last weekend. The Chiefs bye week of the season was over the weekend. Throwing his status into question when they visit the +Denver Broncos. The +San Francisco 49ers Aldon Smith was arrested earlier this year on gun related charges and possession of marijuana as well. Smith went to rehab for 4 weeks and returned to the playing field last weekend while he still awaits the NFL's disciplinary action. Based on this, it will be the Chiefs organization who makes the call on what they do with Bowe. Many would question the Chiefs decision either way. Before accosting them should they allow Bowe to play, ask yourself what one would want their favorite team to do in this situation. Let the NFL decide on discipline and allow him to play or does the team self-discipline him and gain the NFL's favor when they come to their decision regarding the situation. In sports again, "Time will tell..." +BRONCOS CR3W will keep updates as anything regarding Bowe and his playing status for Sunday becomes available.

Demaryius of the Broncos in Action: Savvy TD scored @ Chargers

Broncos CR3W has Beybey (Demaryius) Thomas' savvy TD score @ San Diego (week 10) posted on newly formed insta'gram account. insta'

Demaryius in Action
An interesting facet from the game against the Chargers that is hopefully a pattern that is emulated as close as possible the rest of the way. The Broncos did not commit a single penalty on Sunday against San Diego. Keep it up Broncos!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Broncos Del Rio: Peyton "Ready to Roll"

No Need to Fret, Fully Expect Peyton to Play Against Division Foe, Rival in Biggest Game of Year

Peyton Manning (18) being dragged down by Chargers
DE Corey Liuget (Photo Courtesy: USA Today - AP)
Denver Broncos QB, Peyton Manning had an MRI result from his sore ankle today back the Broncos facility and the good news that he had no further damage to the very sore ankle of his. This will be an ongoing topic that will be discussed more than anyone would really care to hear about as much, but this is after all, Manning. Manning is setting records individually, sure, but all-time NFL offensive records for TD passes, passing yards, TD:INT ratio, and scoring for 9 games into a regular season. Manning threw 4 TD passes against the Chargers in San Diego in their week 10 match up.

As many (Broncos players, fans, coaches, and Peyton Manning fans) watched and took a big gasp of air witnessing the limp and struggle to stay on his feet after Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos was taken down after a first down completion to Demaryius Thomas with just under 2 minutes to play. A great play call in order to attain a first down and a new set of downs to run the game clock out and not giving the San Diego Chargers another chance in the game with the score 28-20. Instead of running the ball and the Chargers defense stacking the box to stop the run, then calling timeout to stop the clock and force a punt to have one more chance albeit a longshot.

With 1:55 to play on 2nd & 7, the Broncos did not go the predictable route and hand the ball off. Manning threw and completed a 12 yard pass to Thomas and after the throw he got tackled from behind by Chargers DE, Corey Liuget, down low and from behind that tied up Peytons feet inside of Liuget's clutch in arms and chest as Manning fell forward. Peyton was certainly gimpy and in pain, but he did not even miss a play and finished off the win, on the field. It did take a time out for him to stay on the field in order to not miss a play because the trainers came out to the field to assess the apparent ankle injury.

Broncos, Interim Head Coach, Jack Del Rio, addressing the media at press conference, There was nothing additional, he'll definitely play this week..." continued on with, "... he's ready to roll."

Link from about Peyton's status:

Link from ESPN:
Peyton Manning of Denver Broncos aggravated ankle, will play - ESPN

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday's Quick Takes: Broncos Handle Chargers

Quick Takes: +Denver Broncos at +Chargers:

Peyton Manning with Broncos Coach, Jack Del Rio
First thing of note right off of the start of the game. Former Chargers player, Quentin Jammer saw significantly more time. Many would assume that it was because he played on the Chargers for so many years. Maybe? We would presume that it was partly due to Duke Ihenacho not being active after hurting his ankle in the last game versus +Washington Redskins. An injury that, by video, is probably fairly significant even after the bye week rest. Savvy vets like Mike Adams and Jammer are certainly good to have in that secondary. 

Hammer Woodyard (52) Denver Broncos LB
The combo of Broncos LB's, +Kentucky Wildcats Athletics of "Hammer" Wesley Woodyard and Danny Trevathan had 22 tackles combined. Great performance as we see this defense continue to gel the more time they have together. Loved how Interim Head Coach, Jack Del Rio handled a game and position that really is a lose, lose situation. If the potent Broncos do not continue to perform as expected, he is not doing his job which is a very unfair label when he assumes responsibility as Head Coach as well as retains his current position. Broncos came through in a tough position after a bye week of distractions with the health issues of the Head Coach, John Fox and the ball control focused offense of the Chargers. Not only that aspect of the Chargers, but also facing a coach that is very familiar with the Broncos, in Mike McCoy.

More posts to come as some numbers and players takes come in from the win today. Broncos improve to 8-1 with a prime time match up hosting the first place +Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, a week from now.

"Beybey" Demaryius Thomas (88) scores 1 of his 3 TD's
at the San Diego Chargers. WR of the Denver Broncos
Beybey Thomas had 3 TD's today and played extremely well with the less than average chances and plays than the Broncos offense is accustomed too. The 4 minute drill of the Broncos to run the clock out was a fine thing to see when up by a possession score and not allowing the team to even get a chance at the end.

*** All phots couresty of (AP) ***

Video from +NFL Network of Beybey Thomas's brilliant TD in 1st Half to get ball across goal line.

(Elway's) - 7 Keys to the Game: Broncos at Chargers

Friday, November 8, 2013

Setting up for Super Bowl Trips

Broncos & Seahawks Have Retained Many Preseason Prognostications

Peyton Manning (18) & Russell Wilson (left) after
preseason match up (Seattle won 40 - 10 in PRESEASON)
Photo Rights: USA Today (AP)
A good read from +ESPN's Jon Clayton. Good insight. +Denver Broncos and +Seattle Seahawks looking to be considered the favorites for many pundits out there. +BRONCOS CR3W has the #Broncos and +San Francisco 49ers has the slight favorites to come out of the AFC and NFC. With the dark horse label going to the surging +Carolina Panthers. One asterisk to the NFC especially, is that if the +New Orleans Saints or the Seahawks get home field advantage for the playoffs, then they take the 'label of favorite' to emerge from the NFC. Other considerations include the +Chicago Bears and +Detroit Lions who square off against one another this Sunday, in Chicago. The winner of that game could take a big step from emerging in one of the toughest divisions in the +NFL, the NFC North Division.

From the AFC, the "Hoodie" always keeps the "Patsies" around. The credit goes to the "Hoodie" more than Brady. Remember Cassel, peeps? In fact, we still question the validity of what should have been deeply investigated and perhaps like the "shady" +NCAA , stripped of their trophies.... #SpyGate (enough said). Story for another day. Please don't provide anything other than they have failed to win one since then and that on any normal prep week without visual evidence of a walk-through (as close to a blueprint of a game plan as one can attain) of the #GreatestShowOnTurf and a loaded +St. Louis Rams squad. I don't know how the NFL were able to mussel up true professionals, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, and Holts opposite deep threat WR, Isaac Bruce, but somehow they have. 

Jamaal Charles (25) of the KC Chiefs led the NFL
in all purpose yards after week 9
Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated (AP)
Their is your introspective on teams emerging as +Super Bowl contenders. Other clubs from the AFC, include the very well coached, lead, and clutch +Kansas City Chiefs along with the sporadic, but very talented +Cincinnati Bengals (who we relate to the Detroit Lions) in many respects. #GoOrange #Broncos #BroncosCountry #BroncosCr3w.

We are only 50% of the way through the regular season though, so a lot has yet to happen. Who will be the froth rising to the top of a golden ale and who will be just a few bubbles with a flat taste. #TimeWillTell as we like say. Carolina, although they are on the road, have a chance to make a big move and statement this weekend as well. The trip to the west coast will more than likely be a bit too much, but do not discount the way the Panthers are playing on defense. With the steal of the first round playing like it on their interior defensive line, #3 overall defense in the NFL. Star Lotuleilei, has proven to be an anchor in the trenches (where football is almost always won) from the former +University of Utah standout. A drastic change to last years Panthers. An interview with Cam Newton shed some light on what this young kid has inside of him and that he may have the intangibles to be remembered in a very good light. #TimeWillTell

Monday, November 4, 2013

Elway, Del Rio Emphasize Stepping Up, Little Change

Broncos Plan to Build on Fox's Blueprint and Know There is Work, Growth to do

Englewood, CO: Broncos Interim Head Coach, Jack Del Rio spoke to the media Monday after the +Denver Broncos Head Coach, John Fox, went to a Charlotte hospital after experiencing light headedness and dizziness while golfing during their bye week. Just announced as the Head Coach, as the most likely choice was Del Rio this morning. It is as a result from Coach Fox having today, a "prolonged" aortic valve procedure came early as Fox planned on having the heart procedure after the season. Broncos are 7-1 and coming off of their bye week with a visit to the +San Diego Chargers coming up this Sunday. Speculation as to who would be handed the 'keys to the Ferrari', which includes the record setting offense, Peyton Manning, very stout, and talented Broncos team. Broncos are about to set sail on what could end up the most important stretch of games they have had this season, @SD, vsKC, @NE, @KC (3 of 4 on road as well as overall record of 20-6 of the 3 teams). Fox went to the hospital Saturday and two day of speculation ended this morning with the announcement from Exec. Vice President, John Elway, that Del Rio is stepping in as Interim Head Coach for the Broncos. 

The Broncos held their scheduled press conference today with Elway and Del Rio answering questions regarding the sudden change, that everyone is pulling for Fox and will stay in tune with him and the doctors regarding his progress personally and as well as aspects of the team. Del Rio stepping in for Fox until Fox is able to return, summed up the new responsibility that he has as well as others within the organization. Del Rio said that they need to, "Be good at communicating. Being organized, and guys knowing what is expected of them and those are things Coach Fox has done a great job of and I will just continue that." Del Rio knows that they have a good thing going and to keep things synced up is to build on it as they would normally. From week prep, practice, having a lot of the same philosophies as Coach Fox, and build on to what has already been established. They have a good thing going, the Broncos should hope to continue to work with as little of a change as possible. Remain focused with "... all eyes on the field." Del Rio suggested. The overall impression from the presser was minimal change and stepping up as a franchise, coaching staff, captains, and players are as little of a change as they can make. Top to bottom, stepping up as a whole. 

John Fox (right) and Jack Del Rio (left of Fox) having a laugh
at "Meet the Coaches" last May

Photo Rights: (AP)
Del Rio will remain the defensive play caller on game days. A unit that ranked #5 in the NFL last year had struggled in the first 6 games of the year, especially defending the pass. They have started to show some improvement, improving steadily over their last two games. Coincidentally when Von Miller returned from suspension. Del Rio emphasized, "We're just going to come in here and work at the process day in and day out." He did say that as a Head Coach he will be involved in the offense and obviously inside the QB's head and perspective as an adjustment that he will be making obviously overseeing the entirety of the team. Del Rio feels confident in the staff, captains, and leaders to be able to come together, not remaining, but continuing to grow as a unit that has had an excellent season thus far.

Del Rio spent several seasons with Coach Fox at Carolina before rejoining him last year as the Defensive Coordinator in Denver. Regarding the responsibilities and what is needed from team captains, such as Wesley Woodyard , "Everybody talked about that today, even the young guys, we need everybody to be at their best and that is what being a football team is all about. Each guy doing his part, each guy growing throughout course of the year. As a football team, you want make steady improvement throughout the course of the year." 

Del Rio, having done the head coaching thing before with the +Jacksonville Jaguars, making two playoff appearances and having seen what the Jaguars have accomplished since he left makes his tenure their all that more impressive when he was the Head Coach. Del Rio emphasized, "There is a lot of growth in front of us that we feel we can accomplish. We don't really need anybody to do more than they're capable of, just do their job to the best of their ability and that's what we're asking."

Business as usual, but business from a championship caliber team is not as usual for most. Fortunately, by the work of the franchise and a testament to the job they have done assembling a really good coaching staff, they are able to lean on such a reliable guy, leader, and coach as Del Rio.

Note: There was no timetable put on the time expected for Fox to be out and return stated. To no surprise as the operation was performed only today, and the doctors monitoring and Broncos organization ensuring it is done at the absolute right time. Expect no official statement regarding this probably closer to a week or less than when he does. This part is just of my own thoughts and opinion.

Del Rio Confirmed as the Broncos Interim Head Coach

Denver Broncos in Good Hands under Del Rio's Watch

Broncos name Jack Del Rio (left) Interim Head Coach
while John Fox (right) has heart procedure
Phoro rights: Denver Broncos (AP)
It has become official. The +Denver Broncos has name Del Rio the (logical) Interim Head Coach. Del Rio has the experience and probably allows the transition to be as seamless as possible. Next Man Up is becoming a frequent metaphor in the Mile High City. Del Rio will resume his responsibilities as Defensive Coordinator, which includes play calling for the defense if that is meant to remain exactly the same.

If such a situation had to happen, it came at about as good of a time as possible because it allowed the players to come into a different, adjusted mindset without the suddenness of it happening in the middle of prep week as the other possibility. Neither is one that we would wish at all. Hopefully the captains, vets, and leaders of this team can take the reins and keep the train going without much of a hiccup. Silver lining, things happen for a reason, Miller's humility and learned lesson from his suspension maybe brings the defense that Del Rio oversees together as Del Rio takes on additional responsibilities. Food for Though. #Broncos #BroncosCr3w. Broncos are fortunate to have the experience that Del Rio has as being head coach of an NFL team and doing it in pressure situations over his career. Keep the nose to the grindstone Broncs!

Del Rio is uniquely garnered with his own experience as Head Coach (Read on with

Sources Speculating that Broncos Defensive Coordinator to be Named Head Coach

Broncos Captains Speak with Fox before Team Activities start this morning

Despite no confirmation or named sources within the Broncos organization, the Denver Post, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and even the AP NFL beat writer all reported that Jack Del Rio of the Broncos, Defensive Coordinator, will be named the Interim head coach while John Fox handles his medical operation and recoups for what is expected to be 4-6 weeks time frame. 

Fox spoke to Broncos Executive VP, John Elway, via the telephone to discuss the adjustment and operation of the Broncos day to day activities, game day objectives, adjustments, and responsibilities added to staff members and obviously who will be the Head Coach for the AFC contending Denver Broncos. 

Patrick Smyth, the Broncos media relations manager, said no coach had been decided on by yesterday afternoon. Arnie Stapleton, football writer of the AP reports.

The Broncos captains are, "... going to have to take the reins," Fox said about regarding his absence and missing presence. Lindsay Jones spoke to him via telephone in a brief interview. Here is the write up on it. Still no specific indication as to who they are expected to name as head coach. Reports keep on writing that it is expected for Del Rio to get the gig, but no specific facts or sources named. We will continue to stay on top of the events and as to who is named for the position as information is released this morning out of Dove Valley.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coach Fox to Miss Time due to Heart Procedure: Releases Statement (Update)

Who will be the Interim Head Coach for the +Denver Broncos?

Broncos Head Coach, John Fox (right)
congratulating Wes Welker (83)
Photo Courtesy: Denver Broncos (AP)
+FOX Sports, Jay Glazer, reports that Broncos Head Coach, John Fox will have aortic heart valve surgery and is expected to miss anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months has been reported. We expect it to be more along 4-6 weeks per reports from Fox Sports. Coach Fox told Glazer, "It's something I've known I've needed to take care of for a while. It's ironic this happened when I came to meet with the surgeon. I was hoping to wait, but it's better to be smart about this." 

Agreed, Coach Fox, agreed. May he be well with this procedure and in getting back as soon as he is physically and mentally ready. The question now is, who will be the "Interim" head coach for the 7-1 Broncos. A unique situation for a team that is in contention. Normally interim is reserved for a team that is preparing to make changes due to lack of success on the field, but that is certainly not the case with the Broncos. Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio, makes the most sense to the outside world, but how much does the Broncos Executive Vice President, John Elway, want to alter the coordinator aspects of one of sides of the ball? The question that Fox, Elway, and Broncos President, Joe Ellis, probably already have a good feel for what they will do. Del Rio was a long tenured Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars with a good amount of success during his tenure. Both Del Rio, and Offensive Coordinator, Adam Gase, are the play callers for the defense and offense. 

Broncos Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio
Photo Courtesy: Denver Broncos (AP)
Broncos Offensive Coordinator,
Adam Gase (left) with Peyton Manning (18)
Do they go ahead and choose a coordinator and affect the play calling aspect of game days or leave that untouched? The play calling for the Broncos offense with Gase and its intricacies, would make one expect the Broncos to not want to affect the game day aspects of their record setting and explosive offense. Specifically the play calling that Gase takes on for the up tempo offense under QB, Peyton Manning. Offense that is playing so well, one would imagine the Broncos will not want have it be altered or deterred from. Considering that the defense has started to play better football, top 15 in the league over the last few games, maybe Del Rio's responsibilities are to not be altered as well. If that is the case, do the Broncos turn to a staff assistant that doesn't oversee play calling on either side of the ball? 

Broncos RB's Coach, Eric Studesville, one time
Head Coach for Broncos last 4 games in 2010
Photo Rights Courtesy: (AP)
That would lead one to think a staff assistant, such as Eric Studesville, RB's Coach and Offensive Assistant for the Broncos. Studesville was an Interim Head Coach in Denver after Josh McDaniels was let go for the final 4 games of the 2010 season, his first season with the Broncos. He earned his first win as Head Coach against Houston that season. Coach Fox kept him on staff during the coaching change and has remained on the Broncos as RB's coach since. A question that in sports the answer awaits within, "Only time will tell."

One big aspect to keep in mind is that Coach Fox expects to remain involved with what is going on with the Broncos, as he recoups from his surgery and that Fox, Elway, and Ellis probably already have an idea and indication as to whom will be chosen. That is, if they already have not made their decision. The Broncos resume regular preparation and practice on Monday, after their bye week is concluded for week 9 of the NFL's season. Expect an announcement to come from the Broncos today, Sunday, November the 3rd, or Monday, November the 4th, at the latest.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breaking News: Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox Taken to Hospital

Broncos Head Coach, John Fox, hugging Broncos
WR, Demaryius "Beybey" Thomas (88) 

Fox in Hospital after experiencing symptoms of a Heart Attack

+ESPN's +Adam Schefter reports that the Denver Broncos Head Coach, John Fox, had symptoms of a heart attack and has been taken to the hospital. The +Denver Broncos organization reports that Fox should be OK. As to the extent of this horrible news and what it will do regarding his participation in his teams upcoming schedule, games, and the remainder of their season. 

Updates will be posted as more news is released about the situation. Above all, Coach Fox's health status. All of our thoughts are with Coach Fox, his family, and the Broncos family (organization). May it be precaution and not very serious. Regardless, Fox's health is most important and the only concern that matters in the scope of things and what is best for his health. A return to the sideline, after being signed off by the care of the hospital and doctors overseeing him, is the best news that could come from this. That is, if it remains Fox's personal wishes and desire to do so.

The Broncos are on a bye this week, fortunately, so that any game prep is not being affected by this. A meaningless aspect really, when it comes to the health of anybody. In this case, the Broncos Head Coach, Fox.

UPDATE: Coach Fox did not have a heart attack. It was much more of a precaution and described as Fox being slightly 'spooked' when he became lighting headed while golfing.

Vic Lombardi recently tweeted:

Taking this into account, +BRONCOS CR3W expects Fox to be ready to resume the Broncos season and preparation after the bye week end. That is speculation on my behalf is all.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Chiefs Visiting the Broncos is Moved to Prime Time

After originally shutting down an attempt by +NBC​'s Sunday Night Football to move the +Kansas City Chiefs​ versus the +Denver Broncos  game on Nov. 17th to primetime, +CBS​ Sports, have changed their minds. Cannot specifically say why, but the league had probably been applying pressure after the last few prime time games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights, the games being discard were some of the lower struggling clubs in the league.

For whatever reason or the case, the Week 11 matchup has been moved to primetime on NBC. The Chiefs are the most surprising team in football as the lone remaining unbeaten team in the +NFL​ and are 8-0 with a game lead on their division rival, the 7-1 Broncos. These two teams do not like each other.

They'll have a week in between before playing one another in KC, the second of their matches, in week 13. Obviously big games for both sides vying for the division crown and perhaps top seed in the AFC, if not a bye week in the first round of the playoffs, if a team is one of the top two seeds. #Broncos #KCvsDEN #BroncosCR3W

*Denver Post reported*

Chiefs at Broncos moved to prime time on SNF in most likely gamer off the week in week 11 on November 17.

Rod Woodson, Steelers Hall of Famer, Believes Terrell Davis belongs in Canton

Many believe Davis is Hall-worthy, but before Jerome Bettis, Woodson's longtime teammate?

As some may have noticed a pattern and if not, it will emerge as one every time the subject of the +NFL Hall of Fame arises. This is one of the subjects that #BroncosCr3w will be very consistent mentioning when it is regarding the +Denver Broncos greats, #TerrellDavis and #RodSmith. Davis and Smth both belong in the HOF! We may disagree about Bettis not being one as well, considering his accomplishments and longevity. However, we do agree with Woodson that if there was one player to pick, it would be Davis over Bettis. 

Before +Pittsburgh Steelers  fans start getting offset by these remarks about this, one would find it difficult to believe they can argue about this and make the same case that Steelers greats, Bradshaw, Stallworth, and Swan all belong as well if they want to say that dominating an era is less important than longevity and numbers. You look at the numbers of the groups of the 70's Steelers when free agency did not exist and effect NFL rosters with the turnover fans witness every off season. The turnover back then was about 6 or 7 years worth in the 70's. Much of the reason dynasties could stay in tact in the sports world decades ago.

Left: Lynn Swann (88) and Steelers teammate John Stallworth (82),

NFL Hall of Famers
Broncos great franchise record holder,
 WR Rod Smith (80)


Bradshaw is not a QB that took your breath away with any statistics except the Super Bowl wins that they achieved together. The same can be said of his WR's and fellow Hall of Famer's, Lynn Swan and Robert Stallworth. This is not a criticism. These three players are sure fire Hall of Fame caliber players in my book. It's tough to defend one side without proving the argument wrong in other examples. Hypothetically, if it were a discussion between fans of each side or casual sports fans of each or anyone really.

                                    WR Quick Comparison: Career Stats
Playing Career
1974 - 1982 (9 yrs)
1974 - 1987 (14 yrs)
1995 - 2006 (12 yrs)

Rod Smith had career statistics, the greatest WR in Broncos history, setting all the receiving records in franchise history. His numbers almost equal that of Swann and Stallworth put together. Stallworth had a better case regarding stats and accomplishments to Swann, if playing longer is included in the criteria as well. Both won 3 Super Bowls together. Longevity is not the question here, but production and name recognition because of the 70's "Steel Curtain" dynasty. Do not dismiss Rod's two rings as well though.

On the flip side, Bettis is the one that has the career numbers and seasons on Terrell Davis, but Davis dominated his tenure at RB as arguably the best player in the NFL. The second Super Bowl season, Davis was 1 of 4 players in NFL history to break 2,000 yards rushing (there are 6 of them now) Terrell Davis would have had many more successful years if the Broncos rushing numbers were to be an example after he retired from injuries he was never able to recover from. He was a special player to watch when he played, and he was maybe even more special off the field when in the spotlight. 

Epitomizes Jerome Bettis (36) rough and rugged
style of running 
that he thrived off of for
years and opponents dreaded
Terrell Davis (30) Running in game against 
Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII

Davis has always been and continues to be a great ambassador for the game which is considered for the selection process. Gale Sayers, (991 carries for 4,956 yards) who some consider the greatest RB to play in the NFL, had numbers that equaled less than Davis (1,655 carries for 7,607)  and no championships. Another significant factor to consider, Broncos great RB, Floyd Little (1,641 carries for 6,323 yards) was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Terrell Davis owns the franchise records for rushing TD's, rushing Yards and the titles not too mention. Many compare Davis and Sayers careers largely due to the fact that they both played for 7 years in the league, the majority of their stats came from 4 years of playing (Davis) and 5 years (Sayers) before fading out of the league because their bodies would not abide. The last 3 years for Davis produced little and the last 2 years for Sayers produced even less. Sayers average an impressive 5 yards per carry over his career and an astounding 6.2 yards in 1968. He only broke the 1,000 yards rushing twice while Davis did 4 times. Sayers played 14 games a year whereas Davis played 16 games a year.

                            RB Career Statistics Quick Comparison 
Playing Career
1993 - 2005 (13 yrs)
1995 - 2001 (7 yrs)
1965 - 1971 (7 yrs)

All the players listed in this article belong in Canton, Ohio, with the highest honor you can earn as a person involved in the league, usually a player's honor. The ones responsible for voting Hall of Famers in are the, "Football Writers of America," and current Hall of Famers that have received the award. 

It did take 15 years to get inducted for the Steelers WR's. Stallworth went in one year before Swann. Perhaps it will take a bit of time, 5 years or so, for Davis to get voted in. If the case can be made for Sayers, Swann, Stallworth then one can certainly be made for Davis. If the case can be made for Bettis, then it certainly can be for Smith as well. All of them belong, and hopefully each one is given the deserved honor such as the NFL's HOF. Davis, of the five players discussed on the Broncos and Steelers, is the only one with a Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP & Offensive Player of the Year award.

** The TD's are their total touchdowns rushing/receiving, passing and special teams. Which really only was significant for Sayers. He added about 15 TD's from kickoff returns/punt returns as well as receiving a decent amount. He did pass for one as well. ** Source for TD stats: Football Outsiders