Friday, November 15, 2013

Are the Chiefs, the Broncos Offensive Coordinator's First Test?

Note: First off, from where we stand and from our opinion, this is not at all the Offensive Coordinator for the Denver Broncos, Adam Gase's first test. The Broncos offense has set records for points scored, average points per game, passing yards, passing TD's, TD's scored, among some other offensive numbers. Suffice it to say that the test, at least the initial test, has been "aced" with flying colors by Gase. Every game in the +NFL is a test. +Dallas Cowboys were that week, The +Chargers last week, and opening night vs. the +Baltimore Ravens as well as every week. If this were to be applied to anyone after 9 games played, this is the +Kansas City Chiefs first test although by our previous statement, we don't feel that way either. Chiefs certainly apply to "first test" this week than the +Denver Broncos.

Video Courtesy of +The Denver Post (AP)