Sunday, November 24, 2013

Broncos CR3W #7 (Elway) Keys to Week 12 at New England

  1. Takeaway differential is always the biggest key to every game and this will remain at the top. 
  2. Stop the Patriots Run
  3. Pressure Tom Brady and minimize his completion to target rate to Gronkowski to 50%. (Overall, keep the Pats offense to 5 yards or less per play throughout the game. Total yards is irrelevant compared to the latter and takeaways when some teams run 20-30 more plays per game than other teams.
  4. Balance on offense. Stay within the 60% - 40% range of pass to run or vice-versa. Don't throw more than 60% or run less than 40%
  5. Overwhelm the +New England Patriots secondary even though Julius Thomas is inactive. Silver lining would be ideal if we saw +Wes Welker redemption against a team that did not appreciate their best offensive player aside from the hyped #Brady.
  6. Protect Peyton Manning. Limit the hits. Hard to expect a repeat performance from last week where Manning did not hit the turf but getting close would be ideal.
  7. Combine these into one: 3rd Down efficiency on both sides of the ball. Red zone efficiency. Score TD's over FG's on offense. Force FG's over TD's on defense. And include 4th down into this as some FG attempts might not be considered because of the cold, windy conditions tonight.