Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Broncos WR, Demaryius Thomas, AFC Offensive Player of the Week

After Stellar Play in Week 10, "Beybey" Honored

The +Denver Broncos explosive and super talented WR, Demaryius (Beybey) Thomas, received the AFC Offensive Player of the Week from the +NFL. The nickname comes from his mother, and he has shared that in interviews on +NFL Network amongst others. Congratulations to Thomas, a well-deserved honor and in many ways, a bit of a surprise that it was the Broncos first WR to win the honor since Brandon Marshall had 21 receptions in 2009 against the +Indianapolis Colts. That is not necessarily when taken into account Tebow's half-season plus, but last season with Manning and even the passing numbers that Orton had with Brandon Lloyd. Back to the present though, more of another surprise is the Peyton Manning has won it only twice this year. We're talking about the record setting offense through 9 games in NFL history. Broncos offense continues to set records, stay the course, and added to a great job, last week. The offense had zero penalties against the +Chargers. Only 2 on defense and 1 offsetting penalty on special teams. Obviously repeated that is difficult, but they were efficient and did not hurt themselves much aside from one turnover.

Thomas had 7 receptions for 108 yards to go with 3 TD's of 11 yards, 7 yards, and 34 yards. Thomas joined WR +Wes Welker and TE Julius Thomas with 9 TD's on the season. The third trio in NFL history (and only played just over half of their season) to have 9 receiving TD's or more, apiece. The 3 TD's scored by Beybey tied a franchise record for receiving TD's in a game that has been done 12 times by 9 different players.

Article from Broncos about the award.