Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coach Fox to Miss Time due to Heart Procedure: Releases Statement (Update)

Who will be the Interim Head Coach for the +Denver Broncos?

Broncos Head Coach, John Fox (right)
congratulating Wes Welker (83)
Photo Courtesy: Denver Broncos (AP)
+FOX Sports, Jay Glazer, reports that Broncos Head Coach, John Fox will have aortic heart valve surgery and is expected to miss anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months has been reported. We expect it to be more along 4-6 weeks per reports from Fox Sports. Coach Fox told Glazer, "It's something I've known I've needed to take care of for a while. It's ironic this happened when I came to meet with the surgeon. I was hoping to wait, but it's better to be smart about this." 

Agreed, Coach Fox, agreed. May he be well with this procedure and in getting back as soon as he is physically and mentally ready. The question now is, who will be the "Interim" head coach for the 7-1 Broncos. A unique situation for a team that is in contention. Normally interim is reserved for a team that is preparing to make changes due to lack of success on the field, but that is certainly not the case with the Broncos. Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio, makes the most sense to the outside world, but how much does the Broncos Executive Vice President, John Elway, want to alter the coordinator aspects of one of sides of the ball? The question that Fox, Elway, and Broncos President, Joe Ellis, probably already have a good feel for what they will do. Del Rio was a long tenured Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars with a good amount of success during his tenure. Both Del Rio, and Offensive Coordinator, Adam Gase, are the play callers for the defense and offense. 

Broncos Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio
Photo Courtesy: Denver Broncos (AP)
Broncos Offensive Coordinator,
Adam Gase (left) with Peyton Manning (18)
Do they go ahead and choose a coordinator and affect the play calling aspect of game days or leave that untouched? The play calling for the Broncos offense with Gase and its intricacies, would make one expect the Broncos to not want to affect the game day aspects of their record setting and explosive offense. Specifically the play calling that Gase takes on for the up tempo offense under QB, Peyton Manning. Offense that is playing so well, one would imagine the Broncos will not want have it be altered or deterred from. Considering that the defense has started to play better football, top 15 in the league over the last few games, maybe Del Rio's responsibilities are to not be altered as well. If that is the case, do the Broncos turn to a staff assistant that doesn't oversee play calling on either side of the ball? 

Broncos RB's Coach, Eric Studesville, one time
Head Coach for Broncos last 4 games in 2010
Photo Rights Courtesy: (AP)
That would lead one to think a staff assistant, such as Eric Studesville, RB's Coach and Offensive Assistant for the Broncos. Studesville was an Interim Head Coach in Denver after Josh McDaniels was let go for the final 4 games of the 2010 season, his first season with the Broncos. He earned his first win as Head Coach against Houston that season. Coach Fox kept him on staff during the coaching change and has remained on the Broncos as RB's coach since. A question that in sports the answer awaits within, "Only time will tell."

One big aspect to keep in mind is that Coach Fox expects to remain involved with what is going on with the Broncos, as he recoups from his surgery and that Fox, Elway, and Ellis probably already have an idea and indication as to whom will be chosen. That is, if they already have not made their decision. The Broncos resume regular preparation and practice on Monday, after their bye week is concluded for week 9 of the NFL's season. Expect an announcement to come from the Broncos today, Sunday, November the 3rd, or Monday, November the 4th, at the latest.


UPDATE: 11/3/13 2:01 AM

Included this statement below

“I sincerely appreciate all of the support from friends, Denver Broncos fans and so many around the league today.

“Although I am disappointed I must take some time away from the team to attend to this pre-existing health condition, I understand that it’s the right thing to do. I have great confidence in our coaches and players, who are fully committed to our goals.

“I look forward to returning to coaching as soon as possible.”