Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Does Chiefs Move Indicate Bowe will not Play at Broncos (UPDATE)

Kansas City sign WR to practice Squad

Rashad Ross recently signed to the Chiefs 53 man roster
Photo Courtesy & Rights From Kansas City Chiefs (AP)
The +Kansas City Chiefs sign WR, Rashad Ross, to practice their squad. With this in mind, and particularly the timing of this, is it too early to presume the Chiefs intend on being without Dwayne Bowe in the critical clash visiting the +Denver Broncos on Sunday night (Kickoff at 6:30 pm MST on +NBC Sports). Might be too early but considering most teams on a bye week would make this type of move earlier. More than likely the Monday/Tuesday of either the bye week or after the bye. Until it is validated although, we can speculate on fair grounds the Chiefs are prepping to be without Bowe. 

This move could also indicate that they are only preparing for Bowe to be unavailable later in the season, and they are adding another WR to their roster to assess, if or when Bowe is not on the active roster. The Chiefs release guard Chandler Burden so they do not have to release a player or make one inactive from their current roster setup. Adding Ross to the squad as well as having Frankie Hammond, another WR, gives them the player they would have wanted, if Bowe was suspended in the future. Why now, so they are assured to have Ross because any NFL club could bring him on when he was not on a roster. 

Speculation and all, the flipside to the Chiefs simply acquiring Ross instead of not getting him, should Bowe not be on the field this season, and not particularly this week against the Broncos. That said, this could mean the Chiefs are internally suspending Bowe this week with hopes of a lesser disciplinary action by the +NFL and +Roger Goodell when they address Bowe's arrest.

It is nothing out of the ordinary, but coincidences hardly occur in this fashion. As we often do, signing off with, ~"Only time will tell..."

November 13, 2013
1:33 pm MST

UPDATE:     The Associated Press reports the Bowe will play against the Broncos (

After all this move coincides with future anticipation from the Chiefs of feeling short-handed at WR, but we feel that the Chiefs did so knowing that Bowe will not be active at some point this season. This is just our viewpoint and not confirmed by any sources or reports. We do not want to speculate and do not blame the Chiefs for keeping Bowe active until a verdict is reached about his arrest and proven guilt, Bowe's innocence should remain a justified point of the story. Unlike mass media reporting, that basically says a person is guilty by simple accusation is one the biggest flaws in #BigMedia and unfair to those that do get arrested. The neglect to validate the story and at least say their innocent until a verdict is reached is something we feel the FCC should look at very seriously as well as public arrest records online that make reputations of innocent or undeserving people destroyed and in this era that 'flow of information' exists mightily, it is a social issue that cannot continue to hurt those that do not deserve accusations and deserve privacy.