Friday, November 1, 2013

Rod Woodson, Steelers Hall of Famer, Believes Terrell Davis belongs in Canton

Many believe Davis is Hall-worthy, but before Jerome Bettis, Woodson's longtime teammate?

As some may have noticed a pattern and if not, it will emerge as one every time the subject of the +NFL Hall of Fame arises. This is one of the subjects that #BroncosCr3w will be very consistent mentioning when it is regarding the +Denver Broncos greats, #TerrellDavis and #RodSmith. Davis and Smth both belong in the HOF! We may disagree about Bettis not being one as well, considering his accomplishments and longevity. However, we do agree with Woodson that if there was one player to pick, it would be Davis over Bettis. 

Before +Pittsburgh Steelers  fans start getting offset by these remarks about this, one would find it difficult to believe they can argue about this and make the same case that Steelers greats, Bradshaw, Stallworth, and Swan all belong as well if they want to say that dominating an era is less important than longevity and numbers. You look at the numbers of the groups of the 70's Steelers when free agency did not exist and effect NFL rosters with the turnover fans witness every off season. The turnover back then was about 6 or 7 years worth in the 70's. Much of the reason dynasties could stay in tact in the sports world decades ago.

Left: Lynn Swann (88) and Steelers teammate John Stallworth (82),

NFL Hall of Famers
Broncos great franchise record holder,
 WR Rod Smith (80)


Bradshaw is not a QB that took your breath away with any statistics except the Super Bowl wins that they achieved together. The same can be said of his WR's and fellow Hall of Famer's, Lynn Swan and Robert Stallworth. This is not a criticism. These three players are sure fire Hall of Fame caliber players in my book. It's tough to defend one side without proving the argument wrong in other examples. Hypothetically, if it were a discussion between fans of each side or casual sports fans of each or anyone really.

                                    WR Quick Comparison: Career Stats
Playing Career
1974 - 1982 (9 yrs)
1974 - 1987 (14 yrs)
1995 - 2006 (12 yrs)

Rod Smith had career statistics, the greatest WR in Broncos history, setting all the receiving records in franchise history. His numbers almost equal that of Swann and Stallworth put together. Stallworth had a better case regarding stats and accomplishments to Swann, if playing longer is included in the criteria as well. Both won 3 Super Bowls together. Longevity is not the question here, but production and name recognition because of the 70's "Steel Curtain" dynasty. Do not dismiss Rod's two rings as well though.

On the flip side, Bettis is the one that has the career numbers and seasons on Terrell Davis, but Davis dominated his tenure at RB as arguably the best player in the NFL. The second Super Bowl season, Davis was 1 of 4 players in NFL history to break 2,000 yards rushing (there are 6 of them now) Terrell Davis would have had many more successful years if the Broncos rushing numbers were to be an example after he retired from injuries he was never able to recover from. He was a special player to watch when he played, and he was maybe even more special off the field when in the spotlight. 

Epitomizes Jerome Bettis (36) rough and rugged
style of running 
that he thrived off of for
years and opponents dreaded
Terrell Davis (30) Running in game against 
Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII

Davis has always been and continues to be a great ambassador for the game which is considered for the selection process. Gale Sayers, (991 carries for 4,956 yards) who some consider the greatest RB to play in the NFL, had numbers that equaled less than Davis (1,655 carries for 7,607)  and no championships. Another significant factor to consider, Broncos great RB, Floyd Little (1,641 carries for 6,323 yards) was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Terrell Davis owns the franchise records for rushing TD's, rushing Yards and the titles not too mention. Many compare Davis and Sayers careers largely due to the fact that they both played for 7 years in the league, the majority of their stats came from 4 years of playing (Davis) and 5 years (Sayers) before fading out of the league because their bodies would not abide. The last 3 years for Davis produced little and the last 2 years for Sayers produced even less. Sayers average an impressive 5 yards per carry over his career and an astounding 6.2 yards in 1968. He only broke the 1,000 yards rushing twice while Davis did 4 times. Sayers played 14 games a year whereas Davis played 16 games a year.

                            RB Career Statistics Quick Comparison 
Playing Career
1993 - 2005 (13 yrs)
1995 - 2001 (7 yrs)
1965 - 1971 (7 yrs)

All the players listed in this article belong in Canton, Ohio, with the highest honor you can earn as a person involved in the league, usually a player's honor. The ones responsible for voting Hall of Famers in are the, "Football Writers of America," and current Hall of Famers that have received the award. 

It did take 15 years to get inducted for the Steelers WR's. Stallworth went in one year before Swann. Perhaps it will take a bit of time, 5 years or so, for Davis to get voted in. If the case can be made for Sayers, Swann, Stallworth then one can certainly be made for Davis. If the case can be made for Bettis, then it certainly can be for Smith as well. All of them belong, and hopefully each one is given the deserved honor such as the NFL's HOF. Davis, of the five players discussed on the Broncos and Steelers, is the only one with a Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP & Offensive Player of the Year award.

** The TD's are their total touchdowns rushing/receiving, passing and special teams. Which really only was significant for Sayers. He added about 15 TD's from kickoff returns/punt returns as well as receiving a decent amount. He did pass for one as well. ** Source for TD stats: Football Outsiders