Friday, November 8, 2013

Setting up for Super Bowl Trips

Broncos & Seahawks Have Retained Many Preseason Prognostications

Peyton Manning (18) & Russell Wilson (left) after
preseason match up (Seattle won 40 - 10 in PRESEASON)
Photo Rights: USA Today (AP)
A good read from +ESPN's Jon Clayton. Good insight. +Denver Broncos and +Seattle Seahawks looking to be considered the favorites for many pundits out there. +BRONCOS CR3W has the #Broncos and +San Francisco 49ers has the slight favorites to come out of the AFC and NFC. With the dark horse label going to the surging +Carolina Panthers. One asterisk to the NFC especially, is that if the +New Orleans Saints or the Seahawks get home field advantage for the playoffs, then they take the 'label of favorite' to emerge from the NFC. Other considerations include the +Chicago Bears and +Detroit Lions who square off against one another this Sunday, in Chicago. The winner of that game could take a big step from emerging in one of the toughest divisions in the +NFL, the NFC North Division.

From the AFC, the "Hoodie" always keeps the "Patsies" around. The credit goes to the "Hoodie" more than Brady. Remember Cassel, peeps? In fact, we still question the validity of what should have been deeply investigated and perhaps like the "shady" +NCAA , stripped of their trophies.... #SpyGate (enough said). Story for another day. Please don't provide anything other than they have failed to win one since then and that on any normal prep week without visual evidence of a walk-through (as close to a blueprint of a game plan as one can attain) of the #GreatestShowOnTurf and a loaded +St. Louis Rams squad. I don't know how the NFL were able to mussel up true professionals, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, and Holts opposite deep threat WR, Isaac Bruce, but somehow they have. 

Jamaal Charles (25) of the KC Chiefs led the NFL
in all purpose yards after week 9
Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated (AP)
Their is your introspective on teams emerging as +Super Bowl contenders. Other clubs from the AFC, include the very well coached, lead, and clutch +Kansas City Chiefs along with the sporadic, but very talented +Cincinnati Bengals (who we relate to the Detroit Lions) in many respects. #GoOrange #Broncos #BroncosCountry #BroncosCr3w.

We are only 50% of the way through the regular season though, so a lot has yet to happen. Who will be the froth rising to the top of a golden ale and who will be just a few bubbles with a flat taste. #TimeWillTell as we like say. Carolina, although they are on the road, have a chance to make a big move and statement this weekend as well. The trip to the west coast will more than likely be a bit too much, but do not discount the way the Panthers are playing on defense. With the steal of the first round playing like it on their interior defensive line, #3 overall defense in the NFL. Star Lotuleilei, has proven to be an anchor in the trenches (where football is almost always won) from the former +University of Utah standout. A drastic change to last years Panthers. An interview with Cam Newton shed some light on what this young kid has inside of him and that he may have the intangibles to be remembered in a very good light. #TimeWillTell