Monday, December 2, 2013

Bigtime Acknowledgment due for Del Rio: "Helluva Job"

Del Rio was the Coach of the last Month in our opinion across +NFL. A position where he will only get noticed if things do not continue as expected. But if JDR handles things and the outcome is similar, the casual observer may not even have a "Double Take" about it. To a job well done! 

Jack Del Rio was 3 -1 and truly as bad as of a lucky bounce can be from going undefeated, whether it was a tie or win at +New England Patriots in week 12. Not taking away from the Patriots. With all the players that had dropped during that game and Rahim Moore, the stretch of games he had on his hands, specifically the two game stretch in week 12, at Foxborough, and at Arrowhead in week 13. They are as difficult of stadiums to play back to back. Are very few other stadiums regarded as tough, but no one can convince us that a different pair of stadiums would be tougher than Foxborough and Arrowhead back to back. Despite the heart crushing loss and all the bad breaks in Foxborough, Del Rio got them to rally for OT in that game was impressive we felt, and to get his club back in focus, even after going down 21-7 early, they dug from that hole and are now sitting in control of destiny. In many respects, if Del Rio was not there when the lowest point of the season came upon the Broncos, they may be looking up at the Chiefs in many respects right now.

This is a tribute to the job Del Rio did in the temporary period of handling the reigns to the Broncos+Denver Broncos fans, +BRONCOS CR3W members can ascertain of the appreciation for what Del Rio did and handled the task at hand. To emphasize and not dismiss, three big interdivisional wins and one interconference loss: @+Chargers (win), vs +Kansas City Chiefs (win), @+New England Patriots (OT loss), @+Kansas City Chiefs (win).