Sunday, December 1, 2013

Broncos #7 (ELWAY's) Keys to Week 13 at Kansas City

This week we are going to really focus on a few keys emphasized and it won't be a surprise to those that ready this or have read one before.

  1. Win takeaway battle! More specifically, do not give them a short field or any reason to get momentum and getting takeaways will keep the gas pedal on the home club, the Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. Do not give the Chiefs defense or special teams any big plays that gives them "free points."
  3. Slow down the Chiefs rushing offense. Charles is lethal, so this will include him catching passes as well.
  4. Force FG's!! The Chiefs offense has really opened up and if DRC is out, this is not a good thing for the Broncos secondary. We fear the loss of Rahim is going to be a difficult adjustment. Jammer may be the guy to call on to play safety instead of Nacho. Love Nacho but he is susceptible in pass coverage and the opponents show it with their game plans.
  5. Score TD's!! Ideally running at a ratio of about 50%pass & 50%run. Methodicallywear their 3-4 front down.
  6. No special teams gaffs!!
  7. 3rd down efficiency and having a better rate of 1st downs converted on third downs and rate of conversions on overall plays.
This is a big game for both obviously. 1st place and the lead to finish division champs obviously rides on this. We do however believe the Chiefs will not finish with 2 losses if they did pull it out. Gulp. Can admit that its not a high confidence level, but they might have a road loss in their cards... NFL law of averages really, but we will see.

Imagine the father figure and leader of any group
rejoining you on your "gameday," but in
between Sunday's
Let's go BRONCOS... Somehow make the plays down the stretch. This is going to be loud for 3 hours and their defense will have a split second on their first steps because of it.

NOTES: John Fox coming back is going to be a serious boost for the team. Its just like having your entire family back or group of associates if you work with a handful of them on everything.