Saturday, December 28, 2013

NFL says Record Tying TD Pass called Complete was Incorrect Upon Further Review

Not so fast about record tying TD pass, says +NFL

Not gonna say this is much of a surprise from our end, regarding last week's game involving the Denver Broncos visiting the Houston Texans. When the replay was shown on the broadcast to the 50th TD Pass by Peyton Manning to Eric Decker, it is a catch that we expected to be overturned, especially in regards to how replay has played out for the +Denver Broncos this season and in regards to Coach Fox it seems he gets lil' leeway. That could be our own personal view veered a little biasedly. This was no doubt a great snag and pass, the catch was really quite amazing but Decker did readjust his grip on ball upon stepping out in our opinion. Anyone that might or is going to sweat over it much, is stressing on remedial, almost pointless banter. Seeing as the Broncos finished the game with a comfortable lead and doubt it would have affected the Broncos and chances are that Peyton Manning would have thrown a TD within a handful of downs later. Just food for thought if you have enjoyed Peyton Manning's ascension to the record this year and his remarkable play, or if you have not. A decent read...

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By Ryan Wilson |
December 27, 2013 3:43 pm ET

Eric Decker of the Broncos hauls in (still gaining control) the TD pass
being discussed in this article. Peyton Manning's 50th TD of this
season. Specifically tying the NFL TD record. (USAtSI)
As he had done on seven previous occasions this season, Peyton Manning threw at least four touchdowns in Sunday's victory over the Texans. This time, though, it also meant Manning set the single-season touchdown mark, which now stands at 51 with one regular-season game remaining.
But according to Texans' interim coach Wade Phillips, the NFL admitted this week that Manning's 50th touchdown -- a fourth-quarter 20-yard pass to Eric Decker -- shouldn't have counted.
Like all scoring plays, the touchdown was reviewed at the time -- and upheld. But the league informed the Texans that, in retrospect, the play should have been ruled an incompletion because Decker was juggling the ball as he went out of bounds.

"Poor Manning," Phillips joked, via's Tania Ganguli. "He thought he broke the record."
Manning's record will stand, obviously. But even if he was stuck on 50, the Broncos face the Raiders this week and we feel comfortable in writing that Manning could muster at least one touchdown against Oakland's 24th-ranked defense (he had three when the teams last met in Week 3).
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