Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peyton Brings Laughs Aside from Prolific QB

A theme I noticed about many comments of his new teammates last year in the Mile High City, with the +Denver Broncos, was the amount of jokes or funny pranks he would pull in the team's meetings and facilities. It's no surprise that he is a superior endorser and sponsor and many of those creative endeavors by the companies he is sponsoring. Many have delivered some pretty epic commercials accompanied by a lot of laughs over his career. Manning works as hard or harder than anyone, but when the work is being put in, it is nice to let loose and have a laugh with the guys that are putting in the time with each other. The word, "bonding," comes to mind and its definition by the "American Heritage Dictionary," is: The formation of a close human relationship, as between friends: "He says he has rediscovered the comforts of male bonding in a Washington men's group" (Marilyn Chase).

Coach Fox returning this week brings that added variable of the "family atmosphere" is back in tact, but so are some of the fun moments and enjoying one another. When you grind out a season as a team and can be integrated amongst each other off the field, in many ways, creates a tighter bond across the team and franchise. What a guy like Peyton Manning brings to a team cannot be undermined and overstated. Some have watch their team could have RGIII speaking at the mic on the other hand?

Peyton Manning, handwriting an RSVP to a wedding
invitation. Very cool #PFM!
These was released on +FOX Sports. Manning did not know the engaged couple personally, but took aside the time to handwriting a R.S.V.P. in reply to their wedding invitation. He just does things that are admirable for us to get out of people we might personally know. Most would expect Manning to toss it aside but took it as an honor as most wedding invites are. Impressive man, not only on the field, but maybe more off of it? Easy to make a case for either. A joy to have an athlete of his caliber to enrich others lives, whether it is just watching him play or more than that. Peyton Manning, sir, you have done your parents beyond proud.