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Peyton is Chill with the Chill: Believe It or Not

Despite What the Mainstream Says, Peyton & Broncos 

Show no Concern 'Bout Cold

Adam Gase with QB Peyton Manning
Photo Courtesy (ESPN - AP)
Peyton Manning and +Denver Broncos teammates are not making the cold weather topic that has churned the mass media into a frenzy about the 'forever' knock on Manning and his so-called kryptonite, the cold weather. Watching the sport over the years has brought us to one conclusion about the media. Especially the sports media founder and central focus of its news, messages, and sources, +ESPN, loves to make a specific aspect if it can be used as a topic of discussion to stir the pot over reporting it in the middle. Doing the middle is not exciting, does not get people riled up to agree or disagree. Much as to why most segments have a pair or duo that disagrees on all subjects. Manning in the cold, in this case, as the "common denominator," such sports media corporations will beat the subject as long as they can dangle it in front of the audience. 

The fact of it is, the media never touches on the subject of many of those games took place at New England, during their "SpyGate" dynasty run and put a lot of losses on teams playing in cold. Despite having inferior defenses in Indy his whole career as well. Most that smart would realize, the cold will affect the game, but it affects the offense in almost every football team and helps the defense. Has nothing to do with Peyton Manning. Kickers will attest to what the cold does to kicking. Take into account that Peyton has not had a home stadium until the last two years where he has won in cold weather and lost a heartbreaking double OT playoff game to the eventual Super Bowl champs and then lost in OT when it could have gone their way easily, and it was not at home. Also need to mention that Peyton is 2-1 in cold weather games at home. That further supports the winning % of a home team to a road team. Cold affects football entirely, but we feel exactly the same about the weather as Broncos Offensive Coordinator, Adam Gase does:

"It can be as cold as you want it, but the wind has always been the biggest factor any time there are cold conditions." Gase continues about the cold, Peyton Manning, and calling plays, "I’ve never really asked him about it. It’s something we don’t really get into. I know if it’s a windy condition game, I might in my head think we should run the ball more just so I’m not putting the fact that we’re throwing the ball—and then an element of the game can affect our passing game. But for the most part the cold is not an issue for us in the passing game. It’s anytime you get a condition of wind, that’s when I see that it’s hard for the passing because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”
We agree, the cold is not an issue unless wind is involved. The perfect example of this was the decision in the Patriots game, in week 12's OT, to take the wind and kick to the record setting Broncos offense. Granted if Knowshon is nicked up, or Ball does not fumble, we believe Bellichick regrets the choice. The Broncos dominated that OT period for the most part as well. The wind will affect play in the cold. Rain, moisture, or snow without wind is not nearly as bothersome this if for certain. Video Clip of Gase discussing this and more, click here:

Manning: I'm not a different player in the cold

Watch the video Manning: I'm not a different player in the cold on Yahoo Sports . Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning responds to the notion that he struggles in the cold, claiming that the weather is not a factor for him or his team.

The 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

A lasting image of the Bucs first win in 40 degrees or less.
Ronde Barber (20) take a pick six back vs Donovan McNabb (5)
en route to a Super Bowl ring.
Photo Courtesy: Sports Illustrated
A great point of reference are the +Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their legendary defense from the late 90's to mid 00's. The Bucs were a team that had a few shots in the post-season (also this was when they still were in the same division as the +Green Bay Packers and Hall of Fame QB, +Brett Favre. Similar statistics and knocks on the Bucs. Insinstintly For at the time, they had not won a game below freezing in the entire franchises existence. Granted, just like Peyton's career in Indy, the games they played were obviously on the road and for the majority of the Bucs expansion in the late '70's, they had not been a competitive franchise consistently until their defense built around hall of fame players and Tony Dungy as the Head Coach. It was never touched upon until they were playing in games that were of any importance in the middle to late winter. Even then, a road game that was below 40 degrees for the Bucs was not common. Factor in that mean it is a road game for them obviously. The Buccaneers had a couple playoff losses that suddenly turned into this phenomenon that they can not play in the cold, and if they are going to, they won't reach the Super Bowl. 

"A game that is now known as Black Sunday in Philadelphia's sports lore, Tampa Bay won on the road for the first time in playoff history, and in temperatures below 32°F (0°C), in the last football game played at Veterans Stadium. The Eagles were heavy favorites at home going into the game. The Eagles had beaten the Buccaneers four consecutive times, in the wild card round the two previous seasons, and also during regular-season games in 2001 and 2002. During the two playoff losses, both at Veterans Stadium, Tampa Bay had failed to score a single touchdown." (
These streaks were harped upon and harped upon.  Since this game,
it may have not been discussed by big media.

Big media never spoke about the cold weather play again it appears. Unless prior knowledge about this existed, this is probably the first time one has heard of this "knock" on that legendary "Tampa 2" defense.

First off the fact that they would reach against anything in front of their eyes outside of logic and close losses, it was all about the Bucs great defense and the 'cold.' The ultimate irony is when you hear major media with former players, hall of fame players, and coaches that know both teams are in the same conditions. Weather can factor into it, but it will not make for an advantage that the other team will not have, as well. Obviously taking into account the majority of the 'freezing' temp games played in, were in Green Bay and Chicago. The Bucs ended up winning the NFL Championship at Philadelphia in freezing temperatures and went on to win the Super Bowl. They never speak about the cold and Tampa Bay now when all in all, the Bucs were not losing because of cold temps but were growing into the role of being amongst the NFL's best defensive units in a 5 - 10 year span of their history. Even when a club is good, road games tend to go against your record. After a few playoff losses and disappointments, Tampa Bay hired Jon Gruden from the +Oakland Raiders, and the rest is history. 

+BRONCOS CR3W understands it is time to chill with Manning, Gase, Broncos!

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