Monday, December 30, 2013

Polish Off Some Silver!

Appropriately, Peyton Manning and the Broncos took a 31 - 0 lead with a 6 yard TD Pass to Baybay (Demaryius)Thomas with 13 seconds left (in the first half). It only took 29:47 of game time for Peyton Manning and the +Denver Broncos to put up 31 points, toss 4 touchdown passes and have 266 yards passing. Second straight week with zero turnovers and getting one or more on defense! The last play of the half for the Broncos offense was a Peyton Manning to Baybay Thomas 6 yard TD connection that set a +NFL record by a team. Single season scoring record and the first team ever to put up 600 points or more in a regular season. Adding to the records this potent offense has put up this season. That would be the last act for them in the regular season as Brock Osweiler, and many back up players started the second half. Would've have been interesting to see how much Manning may have added to the record totals they had accomplished already, but ensuring health on a roster that has suffered some big losses due to injury, reps for the youth, and back ups on the roster, it is not worth a record to any of them if they do not come out of this rested, as healthy, and as focused as possible. Peyton broke the single season passing yards record, quite appropriately, on the same play that was his last of the regular season. The 6 yard TD pass to Baybay, also was the one that did the topping of Drew Brees passing yards record set in 2011. Peyton surpassed it by 1 4,477 passing yards with his last throw of this regular season.


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