Sunday, January 19, 2014

AFC Championship Preview: Denver Broncos Five to Watch (Links) vs New England Patriots

+BRONCOS CR3W Lucky #7 - Elway Keys to the Game

+Denver Broncos vs +New England Patriots Graphic Preview of the AFC Championship at +Sports Authority Field at Mile High 


* Line of Scrimmage - How the lines play vs the run but also pick up blitz schemes.

* Third Down and Redzone Efficiency on defense. Followed up by offense. They really both intertwine, but dissecting why is like talking to time travel.

* Physicality on the edges  - Be physical on their cornerbacks. Contain and do not allow bigger plays and no special teams gaffs.

Limit the first downs on their first downs. Patriots like to speed the game up and after a big gain, they like to go right after another quickly. "1 minute drill tempo."


5 Patriots to Watch as written by Denver Broncos. (click on name for more insight)

1 - LeGarrette Blount

When the Broncos and Patriots met Nov. 24, LeGarrette Blount was buried on their depth chart; he carried the football twice. On his second snap, he fumbled after gaining 9 yards, and he didn't see the field after that.

2 - Aqib Talib (He actually might be the  #2 key/variable regarding officiating from our point of view) An extremely good DB on New England. Physical and big, but he often is generously allowed to play too "grabby" and "holdie." for what the rules are and are applied to others in same position. This is why we mention the physical nature of the WRs/TEs and play outside the rules conceptually and use the size, strength and speed they possess. What a lovely day it looks to be for ball. :D

The Broncos and Patriots share more than just a ticket to the AFC Championship Game and the presence of future Hall of Famers at quarterback. Their defenses share the same problem: they've been reshuffled beyond recognition because of injuries, particularly in the front seven.

3 - Julian Edelman/Danny Amendola (Patriots WR's)

Because Danny Amendola signed with the Patriots within hours of Wes Welker's departure in free agency last year, the two were always going to be connected, even beyond their slot-receiver skills and shared alma mater, Texas Tech.

4 - Tom Brady

The mention of the name "Tom Brady" doesn't require any adjectives. The same thing can be said for Peyton Manning, which helps make Sunday's game arguably the most anticipated conference championship in recent NFL history.

5 - Chandler Jones

More than a few eyebrows arched when the Patriots took defensive end Chandler Jones with their first-round pick in 2012. But as has been the case myriad times in the 21st century, a perceived Patriots draft gamble was proven right.
The No. 21 overall pick emerged with 11.5 sacks this year, and along with defensive end Rob Ninkovich, gave the Patriots pass-rushing threats on both sides of the defensive line.