Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Belichick Whines About Welker - Fox's Gatorade Bath: Broncos even Execute that With Precision

Great video clip from the link below that shows the precision with which the Gatorade bath dumped on Coach Fox is done with a great performance! Haha :D

Fox's Gatorade Bath

Not much to remark on this except the hit was entirely legal as confirmed with +FOX Sports, Mike Pereira as to it being completely within the rule book. Belichick and Saban reveal sour loser traits often. Onto Super Bowl 48 and the task at hand. Bill, Brady will be in Boston, and the furthest from the +Denver Broncos minds. Also want to point out the players the Broncos lost in their loss at Foxborough earlier this year. Didn't hear the Broncos make a whisper about how badly that game went down. Also how badly, Aqib Talib had been beaten by Thomas in the first quarter and a few times the ball didn't go his way. Lose with dignity Coach Bill Belichick.