Monday, January 20, 2014

Broncos with two Weeks to cap off Showing "Football's" Biggest Asset: Ability to Bounce Back from Adversity

Gotta Love These! +Denver Broncos Country & +BRONCOS CR3W Members 

C annot wait for 4 BIG (smart, physical) Quarters to unfold and reveal what (probably all) many of them (us) believed for a long time now. This team has a legend's bookmark to stamp. Destiny is for the one that makes it and they've prepared and conducted as such for last two seasons. There is absolutely a challenge ahead, but one that if played more to their game to the others game they can come out as the victor and #SuperBowlChamps. Just gives ya chills, doesn't it? :) Broncos can and hopefully will continue that stifling Rush D against a TOUGH run game, protecting the ball would be significant factors, & the line play on offense, specifically passpro, would lead them to a very likely victory. 
Can't say enough about #PotRoast!!

Over/Under on #PotRoast said 1000 times over the next 2 weeks on network broadcasts? Knighton seems molded for these moments and games. No denying he is a #BOSS. (JDR, a #BOSS himself), Elway knew to sign him. And the O-Line forming the pocket for guys that go upfield often (slide them right by a sidestep of Manning and open the field up for him. All 5 are playing as a unit, 5 links to a chain, synced in to each other. :D First 3 draft picks and 3 big free agent additions have been excellent in picking up right where the team was at and showing/playing like that bond created. #GoOrange #GoBroncos #AFCChamps #SoundlessInSeattle