Sunday, January 19, 2014

Del Rio has Broncos D Primed for Patriots

Del Rio has Broncos primed for Patriots

Jeremy Mincey has no bitter feelings toward Jacksonville for dumping him late in the season, only big thanks. After being jettisoned from the Jaguars for chronic tardiness, the defensive end wound up with the Denver Broncos. He's making the most of his fresh, baggage-free start, playing a big role in getting his new team to the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots (13-4) on Sunday. There's also defensive lineman Terrance ''Pot Roast'' Knighton, who signed with Denver as a free agent, and, of course, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, fired after nearly nine seasons as head coach in Jacksonville. 

(Continue to read from +Yahoo SportsBroncos Defense playing its best and with an explosive offense, their objectives are a formula to winning football games.