Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Final Four Fox Sports Discusses Championship Weekend

Broncos CR3W is Excited to get +New England Patriots for an odd, rare Visit to Mile High 

(something of which should be inquired as to how the 'schedule' (Mr. Goodell, Kraft) has +Denver Broncos going to NE next season for 3rd straight season.

Back to THE task at hand of course. Only thing that focus is on is the Patriots and what can be done to limit them better on defense, especially regarding 3rd down efficiency. Broncos showed that moving the ball is possible from the earlier meeting and we surely hope that the stripes from the +NFL are up to the task. Especially regarding #PASSINTERFENCE that the Patriots get away with but their opponents do not. If Talib is grabbing, rubbing down, arm-barring, holding, pulling, running through WRs, TEs, RBs is not being flagged every time the ball is thrown his way, then their opponent should never get a flag as well. Hopefully they officiate this game correctly and call the Pats D for their holding, chucking, illegal contact, pass interference AND holding on their O-Line, the Pats should expect a pretty mad Broncos team that blowbacks the reality of an even field without refs making things happen. Allow the players to play with movement they intended the rules to be made. What did the city of Denver or the Broncos do to former Colorado alum, +Ephraim Salaam is it #ManningEnvy and #CryBradyHeroism. He never rides the back of Manning. He really is not very good at giving insight behind the obvious viewer. Thompson talks about Seattle like a litlle girl. Need to get Conway and Arrington in on better segments. It is an irony that the Patriots ground game is not discussed regarding the Colts defense, Bills when running the ball lately and an inept Colts run game, Bills offense. 30th in the NFL vs run. Moreno went for 240+ on a career high. Think the Broncos will force the Patriots to either stick to 7 in the box or committing an eighth and then Denver has the 4 Horsemen plus the best screen game in the league and an extremely versatile running back that brings the ideal type of mentality to that offense and team. Keep up the last 3 games emphasis! #Broncos #Chargers #SDvsDEN #NFLPlayoffs #AFCChampionship.