Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Key Matchups: AFC Championship Game


AFC Championship: 5 Key Matchups by the +Denver Broncos

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- Parental Advisory for a few implied words below -

All in all, savor this moment and accomplishments. Lifelong Denver fans from here since '77, '83, '88 (Uncanny how much those seasons meant to the history of the beloved Denver Broncos). We have had the fortune of making 6 Super Bowl trips. The Divisional Round has proven 'dicey' in franchise history, but the AFC Title Game at Mile High has proven to be a big factor for the Broncos historic success once the Lamar Hunt Trophy is up for their taking. Attending the game or not attending, please be safe, win with grace ;) and take defeat like a civilized person. ** If alcohol lessens that ability, than simply do not drink. Now to leave off on an uplifting note: And CHEER, make sure your voice is lost, AND get pretty f****ng LOUD if there was a day to do it. No matter score, situation, make Sports Authority Field at Mile High RUMBLE everytime #12 takes the field. Make sure their practices were not a recreation of the stadium noise by any stretch of the imagination. Psss - bass, lower sounding frequency is the most effective sound when attempting to communicate (over it) despite not necessarily revealing increased decibel levels. "O" or "U" > than say, a higher pitched 'ahhhh...' Now let's go help our boys kick some BostonBradyBelichick @$$!!!

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Five Key Matchups: AFC Championship Game