Saturday, February 8, 2014

Believe and never lose hope with these guys

 Thank You to the +Denver Broncos

Few really sit back and take a piece of this season really spectacular. They lost in the big game because they're youth was deer eyed minus a few guy was that they played well and showed plenty of glimpses especially knowing you're roster will be more experienced and probably faster at some speeds (hybrid) that can run for special teams. Not to begin negatively, but whether the special teams coach , but also knowing one thing and the great times that we had as fan members and this team could booty make us anti pride for the season they gave us. The guys that stepped in & played great overall, but a big factor that worried us so much was the losses on injury we sustained, and it showed. Clady The BEST tackle in the +NFL, Von Miller, the BEST DE/LB in the game. Rahim Moore, one of the smartest and one of the best safety's in the game. Chris Harris, THE BEST slot corner in the +NFL.

By allowing so many early mental errors and TURNOVERS made this tilt too much. To play offense and defense its extremely tough once put in the spot they put themselves in. But, and a BIG ONE, +BRONCOS CR3W ultimately still believe that a FULL BRONCOS SQUAD AT THEIR BEST (No safety, no turnovers and keeping the situation where the run game still was relevant) oust as good off football team as there is. Saw enough there with so aspects that they will want to improve on and get deeper, A capable part time DE. Unsure if Ayers is gonna be around if they find someone in the draft. We believe that Malik Jackson showed enough there to move him in if they add someone that can play Malik Jackson's level on the D-Line as far as holding his gap on run and getting into the QB backfield every so often. The defensive line took its toll this year. 3 of the 4 starters on the D-Line were lost for the season. The extra snaps took their toll on the shortened rotation. Von Miller is a game changer and when he is right, which he started to show right before he got hurt. He started to hit peak form around Week 12 versus New England. Clady is of that caliber to. Demaryius, Julius, Wes, Louis Vasquez, Terrance Knighton, Danny Trevathan, DRC level of players and then some. Chris Harris is there as well, especially for a guy that can play inside or out. For these injuries to happen when they did. All the love in world for Paris Lenon, he actually filled in admirably, but there was a reason he was called off the streets, his career had been a long and successful one. If you can make a career long in that league, that's a successful one in our book. Minimum or higher pay. The average NFL career is just under 3 years. Clearly, a success if you stay for awhile.

May God Bless as the Broncos work to return to the Super Bowl game and not look so deer-eyed in this spotlight. Seattle, by simple percentages, will not go to this game with all but ONE injured starter from their opening day roster if they do it again. Highly doubtful they're that fortunate with health. #BroncosCR3WBelieve ALWAYS in our boss in #Orange and that it will only make it sweeter when that #LombardiTrophy is theirs. Not to disgrace or be sore, but the Broncos beat themselves early, and the pressure just soaked with errors they won't repeat given another go. The so called #LegionOfBoom didn't harness the Broncos a much as the Broncos offense did it to themselves by fickle turnovers AND another game where the special teams coach made bad decisions (major factor in each loss they had this year with Fox and JDR..., bigtime), and a massive deficit that lent right into one feeding into that situation. Broncos will not suffer such deep losses in all likelihood (by simple percentages).

Won more games this year than the previous and winning that all important, one more, will come to this clubs way. Some great youth mixed with their talent that now realizes what it takes, and Peyton is the BEST player in the league to do it with and make it the most likely. Not up to hearing the skewed accolades and guys who are completely bias like Heath Evans, McGinest and the whole #DisneySports media entity. We'll be back, rest assured! Many #Broncos just entering peak and will be tough next several years. Hopefully Clady, Wolfe, Moore, Vickerson, Miller, Harris, Koppen, Moreno, Q. Carter ALL can be successful and swift in their paths back to full health and the draft picks, FA class come in to contribute to a VERY DEEP team. #VonMiller was missed badly of the edge, even more with Wolfe, and it hurt Phillips and the rest to inherit more. They'll be alright.

#BroncosCR3W believe that the slightest mindset shift in the NFL and the Broncos competition towards Seattle for being Super Bowl XLVIII Champions will greatly benefit the Broncos. Whereas the last two season, although there is no Lombardi to show for it, they've been treated like the #SBChamps the last 2 seasons. Imagine Decker wants to be in Denver, but Denver (Melo??) knows a wife can influence that big time. Caldwell can be a very good receiver if they go that route. There is also a fairly deep WR draft class this year. Trust in John and a Peyton. They'll fight for this spot as much as anyone will! Believe that!!

Credit to the +Seattle Seahawks on winning #SB48. A well deserved victory. #Congratulations on your first Lombardi. You earned it. It's tough to evade negativity and trolling while discussing sports on any sort of a digital medium (whatever format). Don't cluster all Seahawks' fans or really any sports teams followers by the 10% that averages out to make most teams supporters look a bit out there, to say the least. Most of their fans support their team as any teams group wants, and they are most classy people that are not of the Sherman mold but more to the Russell Wilson mold. Sherman will learn one day by example of Revis, Bailey, Deion... Apologies, but he is NOT the closest thing to Deion Sanders since Prime. That honor goes to Champ Bailey, Darelle Revis. We'll see how Sherman manages when he experiences a less than stellar pass rush... We were very pleased to see Demaryius went off and expected him to be slowed by that defense. Confirming one thing, With Peyton tossing the ball, Demaryius really cannot be stopped even when the coverage is set to do so.

To them & all of the NFL, rest assured, the #BRONCOS feel that was theirs to lose/win & they'll be even better for this today and moving forward. Best franchise and fans in the NFL will find out their legends finish it the perfect way once on that direction and cohesion..