Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Post, Denver: Knowshon Moreno at Parker home and Black Lambo!

Will Knowshon's home be hitting the real estate market? Reebok commercial might help with the sale, if so...?

H/T to +The Denver Post 

Knowshon laces up for a Reebok commercial.
(Fuller Sotheby’s/Special to The Denver Post)
Parker residents Tony and Billie Rollins are looking to sell their 6,319-square-foot home for $1.575 million.

Allowing Reebok to use the property as the backdrop for a commercial featuring Denver Broncos running Knowshon Moreno might help with a potential sale.
Knowshon films a Reebok ad.
(Fuller Sotheby’s/Special to The Denver Post)

Knowshon, a former +Georgia Bulldogs great, films a Reebok ad. (Fuller Sotheby’s/Special to The Denver Post)

After the sporting goods giant received permission to film at the Rollins’ home, Moreno and crew arrived at the property Jan. 3 during the +NFL's, & +Denver Broncos playoff bye week.

According to Fuller Sotheby’s International Reality, which is handling the listing of the home, the commercial is expected to feature Moreno sprinting off the steps of the property’s entryway for a daily run – partially filmed at Colorado Golf Club – then returning to the home and a black Lamborghini.

Knowshon filming indoors.
(Fuller Sotheby’s/Special to The Denver Post)
“Beautiful man, just beautiful,” Moreno will say at the end of the ad while admiring his Reeboks.

The ad is scheduled to launch on YouTube and Reebok’s website in early February in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

“It was really fun watching Knowshon,” homeowner Tony Rollins said in a statement. “We were so pleased they picked our home to film the commercial, especially since it’s up for sale.”

The Rollins’ home, at 5689 Majestic Oak Way, is located in the “Retreat at The Timbers” neighborhood in Parker and features a stone-and-wood beamed entry, four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a four-car garage.

No word yet from Reebok on whether they plan to air the commercial during the Super Bowl broadcast if the Broncos make it to the Big Game. Each 30-second slot is reportedly selling for a record $4 million.

Nike replaced Reebok as the NFL’s exclusive on-field apparel company in 2012.

Now, does anyone blame Knowshon for getting that 100 mph, reckless driving traffic citation when he had this at his disposal?? We, at +BRONCOS CR3W , certainly do not...