Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Broncos can Adjust: Have plan if Beadles "Situation" is Unfortunate :(

Hopefully Beadles Situation is simply better with the Broncos than "The Situation" in general...

While it breaks +BRONCOS CR3W's heart, the fact of the matter and the unfortunate mantra we have for +NFL is "situational" is the measure of success. As great of a draft pick and impactful starting Left Guard for the +Denver Broncos the reality of the "situation" is that the cost to retain him is high on their priority list, and the options they have to input a quality player in that spot, the reality of the 'situation,' The cost does not measure up to their priorities, needs, assets, and ability to maintain the high standard of play and consistency as Beadles is why he is potentially not going to be in Orange next season. 

Zane Beadles, alum +UTES CR3W (right), with Coach Fox during
Fox's surprise Thanksgiving visit after heart surgery in 2013 season.
Photo Courtesy: +Denver Broncos 
Numerous options are open to the Broncos despite taking a 'small' risk at losing depth at the offensive line group. They also have some returning from injury that add back to the depth they had previously. Despite the safety debacle in the Super Bowl, Manny Ramirez was an excellent Center for the Broncos last year. A natural fit would be the Supermen of offensive lineman, Clady and Vasquez. We all know where Clady will set up his brickwall, Vasquez has proven capable to play either guard position, we can imagine if he was as excellent as he was as a Right Tackle vs the +Indianapolis Colts last year when Franklin was out. He did not allow a sack, not commit a penalty. Safe to presume he could play Left Guard just as dominantly. Ramirez can play RG, C as he's shown so he could move over and fill in capably. Playing the best football of his career. Also, Chris Clark who filled in admirably at Left Tackle, might be better suited for RT or LG. Move in one spot seems to fit his strongest attributes and not facing the speed rushers as often. 

We haven't even delved into the extremely deep draft class it is this year at really all positions. It is safe to presume a mid round C, OG draft pick would be potential for starter or a solid security blanket and refilling the depth at that group. Dan Koppen, who missed all of last year, has mainly played Center his whole career and had a great season before this last one with the Broncos. He could be the Center if Ramirez fits the mold to their plans or potentially even Koppen (depth from injury, similar to Clady). They've also got a couple practice squad players, a path Chris Clark took to be a success. Undrafted, as well.

During the league's scouting combine this past week, Denver Broncos executive vice president of football operations/general manager John Elway gave a clear, unvarnished opinion of how the team will approach its own group of soon-to-be free agents. 

Fortunately, the Broncos, and football's success
is how they handle situations. Unfortunately, for
the Denver Broncos lifelong John Elway fan, his
situation to the Broncos is more akin to the "#DB"
'Situation' from Jersey Shore.
Not needed, unnecessary, untimely ending, &
a neccessary conclusion.
The successful result in the Beadles 'situation' is one where if he stays, it is not a difference in market value or Broncos needs, priorities foremost are solidified from their perspective. Specifically, DE (DT hybrid if need be), Safety, CB (today's NFL, always a priority), Draft has some extremely talented prospects at  these positions it appears as well as RB, WR. After the top or the froth is skimmed, TE might have the least depth in the draft. A position, the Broncos appear fine with All-Pro Julius Thomas. Gerrell Robinson could see some snaps as a pass catching TE if Tamme and Dreesen go. Virgil Green may be ready to be a piece of that pie. A position the Broncos appear okay at if they go after one late in the draft or undrafted rookie FA. Their is potential for undrafted FA's this year to make the roster and be impactful as a 2nd day draft pick might be. DB, WR, S, OL, DL specifically this year. 

It's unfortunate because Beadles, and the bad timing, situation will possibly lead to an end in what appeared to be a perfect marriage from the loyal, stand up, and great ambassador for the organization for the man that he is, and player. +University of Utah Athletics can attest to the ambassador and player he was as a collegiate player and no doubt, Bowlen, Elway, Ellis, Fox, and Broncos Crew members can attest in his very successful 3 years as a professional and exactly what you hope for when you draft a player. Hopefully he is still in Dove Valley in a month, this much we know! Always will be fond of guys that came in and did it the "Bronco Way" and there's value in that. Hopefully, the situation and time will tell the same. From the outside, though, it appears it is of a different situation.

That is, the team won't approach them. At least not out of the gate. At least not before those players can see if the bank accounts are greener on the other side of the fence.
Zane Beadles winning on and off the field -  Just as he did in college
"I think they have to hit the market, the market sets those," Elway said. "Especially where you look where we are and what we have coming up." 

+BRONCOS CR3W by +Marleigh Crews 

Here is a glimpse into the type of man, Beadles is, appearing on the +Ellen DeGeneres show gives one an idea of who he is and no doubt the local pieces from when he was a +NFL draft prospect a short time ago. 

A video clip about his foundation from +KSL Sportsbeat:

Here is a +USA TODAY Sports article regarding Beadles 'situation."

Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos may turn to Orlando Franklin if left guard Zane Beadles leaves in free agency.

The Broncos have Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomasand Von Miller also poised for free agency following the 2014 season, so that will impact how the Broncos divvy up the checks this time around as well. It also means the Broncos aren't interested in starting the bidding for guys like wide receiver Eric Decker, running back Knowshon Moreno and guard Zane Beadles. And it means, unless the three don't draw much interest in the open market the Broncos have given some consideration to what they would do if they move on.

Beadles' departure would force changes in the offensive line that the Broncos are expected to take on in house. With so many needs on defense, any significant dollars spent in free agency will address issues there. The coming draft class is expected to have a heavy defensive flavor as well.

Up front Beadles has started the last 62 regular season games for the Broncos and has played in every game -- 64 in the regular season as well as six playoff games -- of his career. If he leaves as expected, the Broncos would be inclined to take another look at Orlando Franklin at guard.

While Franklin has spent his time with the Broncos at right tackle, many teams believed he would be a better guard in the NFL when he was drafted in 2011. The Broncos have worked him occasionally on the inside during practice with the idea a move would be in his future.

Franklin is a power player and with Louis Vasquez at right guard, a move to the left guard spot for Franklin would give the Broncos the kind of bulk on the inside they want in front of quarterback Peyton Manning. If the Broncos are going to play as much in three-wide receiver sets as they have in Manning's two seasons behind center they have to be able to stone-wall defenses in the middle of the field.

Manning's post-surgery throwing motion is very pronounced in the lower body, and he needs a well-constructed pocket to get the ball away with his best available velocity on the throw.

Any move to guard for Franklin would mean the Broncos would also need a right tackle to replace him. And they believe that, too, can be done with the players already in their locker room. Especially with left tackle Ryan Clady on schedule to be full speed by training camp -- he recently had the pins and screws removed from his surgically-repaired foot -- the Broncos will have their best lineman back in his customary spot.

"Ryan's doing well," Elway said. "We feel very good about where he is."

Clady's return alone is the balm the Broncos need to address much of the pass protection issues they had at times. This was especially true against the more physical four-man fronts they faced this past season, including in their loss in Super Bowl XLVIII. Clady's return would free them to move Chris Clark, who started for Clady after he was lost for the year in Week 2, to right tackle. The Broncos also feel optimistic enough about Vinston Painter's development to have projected him as a potential starter at right tackle in the future.

Painter, who has spent plenty of post-practice time working with offensive line consultant Alex Gibbs, was a sixth-round pick in last April's draft. The Broncos had to promote him from their own practice squad to the 53-man roster in January when the San Francisco 49ers were set to sign him.

So, the Broncos will still take a look at some guards in the draft, perhaps even a right tackle, but overall with Beadles expected to get his best offer elsewhere, they will be set to quickly respond to that departure with players already on the roster.