Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Caldwell Staying in Denver, Resigns with Broncos

GLAD that "Bubba" is staying put!! Great resigning and more people will know this guys name after September of the +NFL 2014 season much more.

A move +BRONCOS CR3W absolutely wanted to see happen with one of their "underlyiing" or little talked about priorities that are small but lead to a very very solid move by Elway, the +Denver Broncos with the money they have to work with inside of the salary cap and assuring a decent plan with the position and Eric Decker to cost too much. Still, hopefully they find a surprise way with Decker, but Caldwell is a solid wide receiver, with good hands, two years in the system already, and he can be a kick returner as mentioned many (many) times this year regarding the special teams debacle, known as the 2013 Denver Broncos. Very glad to have Caldwell back, this guy could very well catch 60+ balls next year. 

The Denver Broncos will re-sign wide receiver Andre Caldwell to a two-year deal worth up to $3.45 million, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Caldwell, 28, could fill a larger offensive role in 2014 with the Broncos, who may have to replace free-agent wide receiver Eric Decker.

Caldwell saw limited snaps as the Broncos' fourth receiver last season -- he played 21.5 percent of the offense's plays in the regular season.

A six-year veteran, Caldwell finished the Broncos' record-setting offensive season with 16 catches for 200 yards and three touchdowns.

Caldwell Valuable to Broncos (written on the +Denver Broncos homepage)

Caldwell Highlights Video Link to resigning with Broncos.