Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Texans Interested in Osweiler?

This is picking up probably way too much momentum and airwaves for a simple tweet from one person, but may as well point it out since it cannot be entirely dismissed. Texans are probably looking for a QB competition and obviously had him rated pretty high when the +Denver Broncos drafted him. Could have something to do with Jim O'Brien being the new head coach and that would make much more sense. To go the +FanSided way or +Bleacher Report maybe the Broncos are trying to trade up or down or for more picks something +BRONCOS CR3W mentioned earlier. That nabbing some extra picks for this years draft or if the Broncos have addressed needs, priorities via free agency & draft, maybe they add some future draft picks and use the deep class on the rookie free agent market also. Who knows? Time will tell. We think almost every player is up for potential trade or interest to all clubs and pointing this out is just a leak that caught on because of the +Houston Texans owning the first pick overall and the questions surrounding their draft pick and who it will be and at what position? Kubiak was loyal to Schaub, but we do believe O'Brien probably sees Schaub more of a patch-over.

Osweiler, +Denver Broncos (AP)

Was told that one of the teams interested in Brock Osweiler was the Houston #Texans