Friday, March 21, 2014

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Some have asked after recent articles. Mind you, we don't care for much of the ratings of algorithms and computer rankings because there is a human element to sports that can't be ranked by a machine. The classic human, machine, sci-fi cliche. It is why ratings of athletes have never proven very accurate. The stats, the 40 time, size, etc and then there's is "sports psyche, competitiveness, comfort, work ethic, handling pressure, not making a dumb public comment by drunk texting or whatever the fraction of a moment was. We do like to read this site's rankings on certain levels. They are some very high expertise forums about computer ratings, statistical analysis, and even spread betting. There is 3 amongst us that would take first and like to hear what others see through their eyes though, much more.... Can't say that enough. With sensible ones, of course.

Here but they stick to more of a team based analogy which we think matters more. Football isn't about one or two guys. Its about the 45 on offense, defense, and special teams as well as our own aspect of the team or group is turnovers that includes all those that touch the ball and the defense. Turnovers in our opinion is the most important statistic in sports, all of sports where it is a possible statistic. Just food for thought.

We read up at +Pro Football Reference on occasion. It's much more affiliated with statistical analysis with any network. Fox Sports and MLB was it's true kicking point and ESPN for Football but it is not endorsed or used every lil' pitch by writers of the +NFL and +ESPN like (cough, cough) +Pro Football Focus and the embarrassment to our intellect, player ranking often used. It's like trying to sell the BCS for football, just doesn't add up no matter how you pitch it ESPN. Now let's move on. DisnESPN = Shady, simply said.

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We ready it becuase of the simple explanation of some of their stats analysis and what their rating numbers mean?