Monday, April 7, 2014

Piece Number 4 of the Mile High Welcoming Committee for 2014 NFL New Year: Broncos WR, former Steelers' WR, Emmanuel Sanders

Welcome to the VIP section, we often refer to as, "Mile High Club," Mr. Sanders. In his first couple hours of being introduced he tabbed the term and to our relief (after witnessing social medium disasters of players tweeting out a general everyday chat with Richard Sherman or a Vince Young (BACKUP QB) tweeting "Dream Team..." Sander not only, placed an appropriate term but it also will not have return flack or extra motives by the trollers of the great +Denver Broncos by coining Dove Valley, +Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and the other aspect of the organization, "Wide receiver heaven..." Thank you, Emmanuel for not posting or saying something to tee off the Steelers or any other zealous franchises out there. A superb addition! And kept the Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, Chargers, and 49ers away! :) twitter (Original)