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Broncos fans fill up space as camp opens, sign 3 players to minicamp tenders

Roster total is now 90. Jason Butt

The Denver Broncos made several roster moves on Monday, which included signing wide receiver Greg Hardin, safety Charles Mitchell and linebacker Chase Vaughn.

Hardin is a rookie free agent out of North Dakota, who totaled 3,583 yards and 32 touchdowns in college. Mitchell was a sixth-round draft pick by the Falcons in 2012 that was recently released by Denver before being brought back after a tryout.

Vaughn has played professional football in the Arena Football League, United Football League, Canadian Football League, and the Indoor Football League. He attended college at Colorado State-Pueblo.

The Broncos now have a roster of 90 players.

Denver also announced that it waived punter Steven Clark and defensive tackle Mister Cobble, along with putting defensive end John Youboty (Achilles) on the +NFL waived/injured designation.

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Broncos give $12,500 signing bonus to Isaiah Burse, highest of all Denver CFAs

Broncos give $12,500 signing bonus to Isaiah Burse

+The Denver Post

Want to know which undrafted free agent has the best chance to make the +Denver Broncos’ roster this year? The money says receiver/returner Isaiah Burse and former Colorado State linebacker Shaquil Barrett have the best odds. They got the largest signing bonuses among the Broncos’ 14 undrafted players. And don’t fall asleep on former +Michigan State receiver Bennie Fowler.

Former Colorado State running back Kapri Bibbs, meanwhile, is a considerable underdog. He tied for the second-smallest signing bonus at $2,000. Then again, in 2011 the Broncos a +Kansas Jayhawks defensive back named Chris Harris to a $2,000 signing bonus.

A 15th undrafted free agent, receiver Greg Hardin, is finishing up at North Dakota and won’t report until Monday. The signing bonuses for 14 Broncos undrafted free agents who have signed:

Player, pos., signing bonus
1. Burse, Isaiah WR …… $12,500
2. Barrett, Shaquil LB … $10,000
3. Fowler, Bennie WR …… $7,000
4. Clay, Brennan RB ……. $5,000
4. Young, Lou DB ………. $5,000
6. Renner, Bryn QB …….. $4,000
6. Sullen, Jordan DB …… $4,000
8. Thompson, Juwan RB ….. $3,500
9. Cobble, Mister DT …… $3,000
10. Anunike, Kenny DE ….. $2,500
10. Sterling, Aslam T ….. $2,500
12. Bibbs, Kapri RB ……. $2,000
12. Latta, Greg DE …….. $2,000
14. Clark, Steven P ……. $1,000

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Demaryius Thomas Pays a Visit to the Sunny D Contest - has a few "88 Club" members reveal their inner-Baybay with hair clippers


Fox, Coordinators Enjoy a Night to touch on all things Broncos

Fox, Coordinators Talk All Things Broncos

Gray Caldwell
Editor, / Team Media
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The "A Night with the Coaches" event took place Tuesday night at +Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

DENVER -- On Tuesday evening, Sports Authority Field at Mile High got a little taste of football.

Thanks to +U.S. Bank and +Del Frisco's, Broncos suite holders and sponsors got a chance to spend "A Night with the Coaches."

Head Coach John Fox, Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio, Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase and Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Rodgers each chatted with emcee Dave Logan and took questions from the crowd at the exclusive event. +NFL, AFC West Division, Denver Broncos Coaches and two Broncos HOF Members were all there.

Topics broached included Denver's additions through free agency and the draft, a Week 3 matchup with Seattle, construction at the team's Dove Valley headquarters and even pushing back the extra point. Broncos signed Fox to 3 year extension this offseason.

Original Photo Courtesy & Rights: Denver Broncos (AP)
Below are the highlights from the night's Q&A.

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On bouncing back from last season: 
"When you don't win your last game -- there's only one team that gets to experience that, and we want to be that team. That's our goal. That's really our No. 1 goal. It starts the minute that game's over. Whether it was the first year -- losing in the playoffs at New England -- whether it was two years ago losing at home against Baltimore or whether it was losing the Super Bowl -- I know that was a big disappointment for everybody in this room -- but you learn from it and you try to improve from it. We've worked very hard. I think it's probably been the most productive offseason. I think our team is even more hungry than it was the previous two years. Luke Richesson, our strength coach, has told me, 'Coach, I've never in my years as as strength and conditioning coach seen a team work this hard.' So our guys are at it already and have been for the last three weeks. We're in what we call Phase Two. Our coaches have them now, and it's an incredibly good group. I think we've improved the talent level. We've gotten a lot of the injured folks we lost along the way a year ago back, and I think people will like what they see."
On whether the matchup with Seattle is Denver's biggest regular-season game in 2014: 
"It'll be a very important game. I really can't think of a much bigger stage than to lose to Baltimore in the playoff game here at home a year ago and then to open the NFL season on Thursday night in front of the world -- that was pretty big. But they all count the same. I know it sounds like coachspeak, but it's really true. They don't count as two losses; you don't get two wins. It's one game. I don't think that early in the season it's going to define our season. They're all big -- you only get 16 of them. Down the road, they have implications. Just like every year, this year our goal will be to win the AFC West, to win our division, because when that happens you're guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Again, this year -- just like every year -- we'll try to create home-field advantage, which I think was a huge thing this past season. Then, ultimately, winning and hoisting that Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy, and this year it will be in Arizona, is our goal."
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On free agency:
"I had a wish list. I said, you know, if I could make it happen it would be a dominant rush end, a strong safety that will come up and really strike fear in an offense and really be a tone-setter, and a premium corner. I said, that would be my wish list. There's no way we'll get that done, but I'd love to see that happen. Any way you can make that happen, Mr. Elway? But John pulled it off! You've got to be kidding me! That was outstanding! But no, it was a great collection. Our offseason has been one where, as Coach Fox said, as a football team we want to improve. Every year you look to improve. We made a choice to go after a couple star players and made it happen. I'm not sure how we pulled it off, but that was a good get. And that was the beginning, because we obviously had the draft as well. But those free agents coming in here, they're all mature guys, they've all kind of cut their teeth already, they're all proven players in this league and they're going to plug in real well for our defense."
On adding that much talent:
"When you have guys like DeMarcus (Ware) and Von (Miller), if you have just one, they can slide protection to that guy. When you have two, it makes it very difficult to slide protection. And if you're too busy fanning out to protect them both, then you're vulnerable to things up the middle and other places. It gives you an opportunity to put more pressure on the offense. And then from a coverage standpoint, having a guy like Aqib (Talib), he's a premium corner. He's a guy that can go out and match up on the top wideout of any other team. So having that kind of guy on the roster allows you to then put a player of his caliber across from a talented wide receiver and not feel the need to provide a safety over the top all day."
On the defensive scheme:
"The idea is to not let the quarterback get comfortable. What helps a quarterback not be comfortable is to have corners that can cover and defensive ends that can rush. Then they make every design that you have look a lot better -- that's just the way it is. So good coaching goes hand-in-hand with good players, and then you can have great production. We expect to be a great defense."


On adding Emmanuel Sanders and the growth of Montee Ball:
"We were extremely happy Emmanuel (Sanders) lasted as long as he did in free agency. We were a little bit surprised -- he was our top guy. It was one of those dialogues back-and-forth with Coach Fox, John Elway -- I'd get a text every once in a while, 'Hey, I think Emmanuel's back in this.' When we signed him, that was a big signing for us and filled a big void for us. We see him being a big contributor. We have four veteran guys at the wide receiver position that we're very excited about, then obviously the young guy (second-round pick Cody Latimer) is coming in. Then with Montee (Ball), he developed probably better than any other player that we had last year as far as making huge strides. Montee came in, it took him a minute to realize what was going on -- that's why Knowshon (Moreno) played so much earlier. We balanced it out, then Montee really came on and was big for us late in the season, and in the playoffs he was really good. He really carried a big load for us."
"We expect big things from him this year."


On pushing back the extra point:
"They're going to tinker with it a little bit in the preseason. We'll see how it goes. I'm not sure it's going to change the game as much as it may change some head coaches' decision-making in the preseason to maybe try out a few two-point conversions. We'll see if we can an extra period during practice to work on those things. We'll see. I really don't think it will change all that much, but certainly with rule changes, fourth down seems to be a focus."
On the team's returner in 2014:
"There are some guys we have on our team who have done it. Emmanuel Sanders has done it. +Wes Welker has done it. Omar Bolden was our returner at one point. Andre Caldwell went to the house against Tennessee and it got called back. There are some options with guys who have played in this league. (Bradley) Roby, our first-round pick, has done kickoff return. We picked up a free agent that we liked, Isaiah Burse from Fresno State, who had some production. So there are some options. We'll see how it plays out."
"It'll be an exciting battle for us in training camp."
A couple Denver Broncos Icons, Hall of Famers, came by as well. (Floyd Little & "Zim")
Original Photos Courtesy and Rights: +Denver Broncos

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Rookie Number Assignments for the Draft Picks - Sized for Gear

The +Denver Broncos rookie numbers have been assigned: #DenverBroncos

Denver Broncos video link: Rookies Getting Geared Up (Broncos TV Video)

Roby - #29

Latimer - #14

Latimer, after the Draft and CFA Finalized, getting
fitted at the +Denver Broncos facilities for equipment
(AP Photo: Denver Broncos)
Schofield - #79

Barrow - #57
Paradis - #61

Nelson - #47

+The University of Oklahoma LB in 2013, Corey Nelson ( +The Associated Press )

Churchill Downs requesting for some of Welker's winning's (money) back..?

Best of Luck, +BRONCOS CR3W believes onus is on Churchill Downs, do not worry Mr. Welker is at least our impression here...

Original Photos:

California Chrome's victory in the Kentucky Derby provided some big bucks on a bet for +Wes Welker, according to

The +Denver Broncos wide receiver was at Churchill Downs for the first leg of the Triple Crown. The report says Welker sent a member of his entourage to the window to collect. He received $57,193.90.

The track, however, now says that the tote machine malfunctioned, causing an overpayment of $14,858.55.

And to prove you can't win for winning, Churchill reportedly wants its money back.

TMZ reports that the track has reached out to the person who received the winnings and asked for the extra dough back.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Denver Broncos predicted to finish with best record

Andrew L. John, The Desert Sun
Photo: +The Associated Press 
With the 2014 +NFL draft complete and mini-camps set to begin, the countdown to the upcoming season is under way. And now we have our very first look at projected win totals for all 32 teams, according to Football Outsiders.

The statistic-based analytical website has been projecting win totals for several years now, and has a track record of mixed success. Last season, the website correctly predicted five of the eight division winners and eight of the 12 playoff teams.

RELATED: DVOA predictions | Strength of Schedule | 2015 NFL mock draft

Using advanced statistics, Football Outsiders also predicted the +Washington Redskins and the +Houston Texans, the two worst teams in the league record-wise, would both win their respective divisions. Injuries ravaged what could have been a good season for both teams but, in hindsight, it’s hard to imagine either of those teams making the playoffs with a healthy roster, let alone winning their division.

So who is Football Outsiders projecting success for this year? Let’s take a look.

It’s no surprise that the website is projecting the +Denver Broncos to have the best record (12-4) in the league this year. The team fell just short of a Super Bowl victory and returns Peyton Manning, Von Miller and a host of other elite players.

The top team in the NFC? The +New Orleans Saints, with an 11-5 record. Drew Brees, Sean Payton and Co. won 11 games a year ago and lost at Seattle in the divisional round of the playoffs.

The other two division winners are projected to be the Super Bowl winning +Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, who should have a healthy Aaron Rodgers ready to go. Both teams are each projected to win 10 games, as are the +New England Patriots, the +Philadelphia Eagles and the +Indianapolis Colts.

Here is where I start to get a little skeptical. Football Outsiders has the +San Francisco 49ers only winning nine games, the same amount as the +New York Giants. I understand the uncertainty of +Colin Kaepernick, and that he perhaps could miss games following a sexual assault investigation, and that the Niners have a top 5 strength of schedule. Still, nine games is a hit for a team that talented. After all, the Broncos and Seahawks also have one of the tougher schedules in 2014.

On a personal note, I’m surprised the Bears — after the offseason they’ve had — are only projected to win eight games. Full disclosure: I’m a Bears fan. call me partial and even biased, but Chicago’s roster is too talented to not improve upon last year’s record. The +Chicago Bears’ SOS is average. NFL draft insider Todd McShay has released his early 2015 mock draft based on Football Outsiders’ projections. Check out the first round of his mock draft to see where every team is expected to finish this year. 

Eli Manning says brother, Peyton, stole "Omaha" from him - (Huff Post)

+Icon Sports Media
During the +NFL playoffs, +Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning put Omaha on the map in a different way, shouting out the city's name at the line of scrimmage. But his younger brother, +New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, claims Peyton wasn't the first in the family to call attention to Nebraska's largest city. "I think he stole it. It's a word we've used a lot. I think it means a similar thing there in Denver. It's okay we're always trying to help each other out. I've taken some plays and some tips from Peyton over the years," Eli told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Wednesday. When asked why he shouts "Omaha" instead of the name of a city like Los Angeles, Eli said "it's just one of those words that rolls off the tongue." +The Huffington Post 

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Congrats to "Bubba" and his wife on their 2nd Anniversary!

Will this be a 10th year straight an undrafted (college) free agent makes the Denver Broncos Roster?

Will the variable (or variables) be right for one or more?

Denver Broncos Add CFAs After 2014 NFL Draft

Contributions from:
Gray Caldwell & Stuart Zaas, +CSN Chicago+The Denver Post+BRONCOS CR3W

Follow Broncos CR3W on twitter
A look at the college free agents that the Broncos agreed to terms with after the 2014 NFL Draft.

Kapri Bibbs of Colorado State University races down the field against the University of Nevada at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins on Nov. 9, 2013. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)
After the draft, the +Denver Broncos agreed to terms with 15 undrafted free agents including a defensive tackle named Mister Cobble. The 15 won’t sign until Monday, at which point the Broncos will have to make two roster cuts in order to reach their offseason 90-man roster limit.

The prize of their undrafted class is Fresno State slot receiver/returner Isaiah Burse and Colorado State linebacker Shaquil Barrett. The Broncos also signed Colorado State running back Kapri Bibbs and North Carolina quarterback Bryn Renner.
+BRONCOS CR3W loves the situation and opportunity that is there if "Bibbs" is up for the taking. Truly believe, it is his if he has what it takes to succeed at a level few can perform at, mentally or physically, let alone both...

Bruce from Fresno State could potentially make an impact as a returner/special teams figure. Like we said, this years rookie class, even into the CFA's is deep and one of the deeper classes in draft history.

Colquitt has a very talented punter coming in to challenge who has been very good at spotting his kicks and placing opponents at the 10 or less with only a few touchbacks.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- After the Broncos selected six players in the 2014 +NFL Draft, the personnel department's work was far from done.

In the few hours following the announcement of Mr. Irrelevant, signifying the end of the draft, the Broncos agreed to terms with 15 college free agents to the roster.

While these players went undrafted, it should be noted that in each of the past nine years, a college free agent has made the Broncos' opening-week roster. Last year that player was running back C.J. Anderson.

There are currently several players on the Broncos' roster that originally entered the league as undrafted free agents. That list includes starters such as tackle Chris Clark, punter Britton Colquitt, cornerback Chris Harris Jr., kicker Matt Prater, safety Duke Ihenacho and wide receiver Wes Welker.

See below for the players the Broncos agreed to terms with as college free agents:

Player: Kenny Anunike
Position: DE
School: +Duke
Notable: Totaled 148 tackles, including 26 for a loss and 15 sacks, in 54 career games for the Blue Devils.

Player: Shaquil Barrett
Position: LB
School: Colorado State
Notable: Totaled 246 tackles, 18 sacks and 32.5 tackles for a loss in 38 career games for the Rams.

Player: Kapri Bibbs
Position: RB
School: Colorado State
Notable: Tied for No. 1 in the country in rushing and total touchdowns with 31 and ranked sixth with 1,741 rushing yards in his lone season with the Rams in 2013, where he transferred from Front Range Community College via Snow College. Snow College has produced some gems for collegiate football and also produced some NFL talent over the years. Star Lotuleilei from +University of Utah is a recent example.

Player: Isaiah Burse (This guy produced in college fairly well. Good hands, quick, gotta like that it almost subconsciously tells the reader, "Isaac Bruce." Talk about a guy, like Rod Smith, that never really has gotten his due for being such a productive, HOF caliber player, wide receiver. Something to be said of "One Franchise players," too. That why players that are drafted or signed by their original club, the club should be rewarded for having minimal impact on salary cap. Veteran FA's should hit their cap, but if scouting and the organization can make it a success with "homegrown" talent, they should have every opportunity to pay their market value and not suffer for succeeding as a team, player & organization that developed and won alongside one another. #FoodForThought. The mega-rich can't outspend others on caps for FA's is the main purpose for the league. For the players, they get paid market value with original club, Reward them for creating the team, players, success, and chemistry from the "get-go."
Position: WR
School: Fresno State
Notable: Fresno State’s all-time leader in all-purpose yards, Burse caught 209 passes for 2,503 yards with 15 touchdowns and averaged 22.5 yards on kick returns and 11.9 yards on punt returns with a pair of punt-return touchdowns for the Bulldogs.

Player: Steven Clark
Position: P
School: +Auburn
Notable: Named a semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award after averaging 42.6 yards per punt and only allowing five returns during his senior season in 2013.

Player: Brennan Clay
Position: RB
School: +The University of Oklahoma
Notable: Rushed for 1,913 yards on 379 carries during 46 career games with 13 rushing scores for the Sooners.

Player: Mister Cobble
Position: DT
School: +Kentucky Wildcats
Notable: Made 84 career tackles 35 career games for the Wildcats.

Player: Bennie Fowler
Position: WR
School: +Michigan State
Notable: Caught 93 passes for 1,341 yards and 11 touchdowns in 44 career games for the Spartans.

Player: Greg Hardin
Position: WR
School: +University of North Dakota
Notable: Caught 221 passes for 3,583 yards with 32 touchdowns in 42 career games with North Dakota.

Player: Greg Latta
Position: DE
School: +Purdue
Notable: Made 12 tackles with one sack and one pass breakup in his lone season with the Boilermakers in 2013 after transferring from College of the Desert.

Player: Bryn Renner
Position: QB
School: +North Carolina
Notable: Ranks third in school history with 8,221 passing yards, 668 completions and 1,005 pass attempts during his career with the Tar Heels.

Player: Aslam Sterling
Position: OL
School: +Kansas Jayhawks
Notable: Started 24 games at Kansas after transferring from Nassau Community College, where he started every game during his two years there.

Player: Jordan Sullen
Position: CB
School: +Tulane Green Wave
Notable: Made 96 tackles, including 2.5 for a loss, in 45 career games for the Green Wave.

Player: Juwan Thompson
Position: RB
School: +Duke
Notable: Carried 274 times for 1,251 yards with nine touchdowns in 49 career games with the Blue Devils.

Player: Louis Young
Position: CB
School: +Georgia Tech
Notable: Made 134 tackles with four interceptions and 12 pass breakups in 49 career games with the Yellow Jackets.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What's your thoughts on the Draft and the First few Rounds by our Beloved Denver Broncos, Broncos Country & CR3W?

P.S. +BRONCOS CR3W is elated with the talent that still sat at the top in Rounds 1 and 2. LOVE the 4th rounder from +LSU Football. Roby will grow to be a man and show his incredible talent and explosive athleticism. Hard to say the second rounder from +Indiana University Football, Latimer can be a poor man's "Baybay" Thomas and that is a great thing! Practically impossible to mimic Demaryius. Things have gone better in Mile High the 2014 Offseason than anywhere in the +NFL. Very lil room to improve on a Lamar Hunt trophy and they've found a way to do that, and more. "Elway Effect" Let's get to work!

Denver Broncos Draft CB Roby in First Round

Contributions from +Marleigh Crews 

Gray Caldwell

Editor, +Denver Team Media
Follow Gray on Twitter

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- For the fourth consecutive draft, the Broncos have gone defense with their first pick.

With the 31st overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Broncos took former +Ohio State Buckeyes cornerback, +Bradley Roby.

The 5-foot-11, 194-pound defensive back was a starter in all 37 games he played throughout his tenure with the Buckeyes.

For his career, he intercepted eight passes and broke up 36 more, ranking third in school history with 226 interception return yards. He returned two of those for touchdowns and scored a total of five touchdowns on defense and special teams.

At the NFL Scouting Combine, he registered a 4.39-second 40-yard dash, and told reporters that he "definitely" believes he can be a shutdown corner at the next level.

"I think that’s something I bring to the table to any team and I plan to show that to whatever team drafts me," Roby said.

He was named All-Big Ten by coaches and media and a third-team All-American by Athlons in his final collegiate season after notching 69 tackles, 16 passes defensed -- including three interceptions -- and two blocked punts.

He joins Aqib Talib, former +Kansas Jayhawks CB, as the second cornerback the Broncos have added this offseason.

After the pick, Executive Vice President of Football Operations/General Manager John Elway gave his thoughts on the newest Bronco.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Broncos have set up well to add Balance, Depth for Draft

+Denver Broncos

2013 Record: 13-3

Key player departures: CB Champ Bailey, C Chris Kuper, G Wesley Woodyard, LB Robert Ayers, WR Eric Decker, RB Knowshon Moreno, DE Shaun Phillips, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Free-agent acquisitions: CB Aqib Talib C, Safety T.J. Ward, DE DeMarcus Ware, WR Emmanuel Sanders, C Will Montgomery C

Positions of need: RB, LB, G

Analysis: Denver is admittedly all-in for a Super Bowl in 2014. John Fox received a new three-year extension, and John Elway was also extended and given more power within the front office. This will be the third year with Peyton Manning at QB and there is no guarantee that there will be a fourth. After setting every major offensive record in 2013, the Broncos entered Super Bowl XLVIII very confident, but Seattle was younger, faster and more prepared, which resulted in a 43-8 drubbing of the aging, one-dimensional Broncos.

Elway won two Super Bowls late in his career in large part because the Broncos were so balanced. The defense has gotten a facelift with the additions of big names like Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware in free agency -- and it could add another piece in the draft, such as Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier -- but the offense seeks that balance the late-90s teams had. Denver has to find a way to run the ball effectively and replace the production of Knowshon Moreno. That will be the responsibility of Montee Ball and likely someone selected in the upcoming draft (+Washington HuskiesBishop Sankey or +Arizona Wildcats Ka'€™Deem Carey would work). Manning was sacked only 18 times last season -- the lowest among all QBs that played a full season -- and with Kuper retiring, along with the departure of Zane Beadles (+University of Utah Utes), offensive line is going to be a focus in the draft. Keep an eye on guards David Yankey (Stanford) and Xavier Su'€™a-Filo (+UCLA Bruins), as well as center Weston Richburg from +CSU Rams.

Images of Welker passing some Benji's out after the Kentucky Derby

+NFL +Denver Broncos WR +Wes Welker with some fresh winnings at the Kentucky Derby +Texas Tech University

Photo Courtesy: @Jeff Novak

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peyton Manning speaking with David Letterman about his neck Surgery (Full Length)

+Denver Broncos prolific QB of the +NFL record setting offense last year discusses his neck surgery. (Full Clip of Aired) -Former +Tennessee Vols

David Letterman and Peyton Manning Talk about "Omaha!", Goodell

+Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning, having a good laugh about "Omaha," with The Late Show on +CBS with David Letterman. +BRONCOS CR3W loves what Letterman says about Belichick 'bringing his own mics...' Hahahaha! Funny, but sadly true +New England Patriots

Welker Sharing Benefits of Sports: Athletic, Health Education, Lifestyle

Broncos' Welker shares benefits of sports

+Wes Welker paying a visit to +Texas Tech University, his alma mater and
dropping insight with the head coach, Kilff Kingsbury (
Contributions, H/T
(AP Pro Football Writer)
The Associated Press Sports 

NEW YORK (AP) -- Wes Welker recognizes all the benefits he's gotten from sports. He believes anyone can prosper from them.

So the star receiver of the +Denver Broncos has joined the Global Alliance for Health and Performance, a movement to promote and develop a healthy, high-performing lifestyle using best practices from sports.

''I've experienced all the ups and downs firsthand,'' said Welker, heading into his 11th +NFL season despite being undrafted out of Texas Tech in 2004. ''Understanding all the emotional hits and how to come back from them, as well as the physical. No one ever really talked to me about it, now it all kind of makes sense to me.

''I understand the edge you have to have on the field and the energy you get from it, and from just working out. Bringing that energy to whatever you are doing, every single day.''

The aim of the alliance is to make that happen for everyone, from elite athletes to the guy who sits on his couch on Sundays watching Welker catch touchdown passes.

Jack Groppel of Johnson & Johnson's Wellness and Prevention and co-founder of the Human Performance Institute recruited Welker. Groppel believes the benefits from learning how professional athletes not only train and recover, but harness that energy can provide lessons for everyone.

''We've learned how athletes are merging energy and performance better,'' Groppel said. ''About their emotional toughness, their resilience. How focused they are. They are aligned to a mission and it really matters to them.''

Being active is critical, whether it's Welker working out on his own or with the team or the average Joe and Jane getting some exercise. Groppel notes how studies show students who get up from their desks to perform some physical activities, whether at recess or during gym time, perform much better afterward.

The alliance calls that ''taking a page from the sport science playbook to improve health and productivity.''

His program emphasizes daily progress and how to achieve it, rather than simply getting through the day and on to the next one. Athletes tend to have an achievement mindset all the time, and others can learn from it.

Welker is more the ''everyman'' who succeeded among superstars in the sport. At 5-foot-9, 185 pounds, he's hardly imposing physically. He had to prove himself just to make an NFL roster with +Chargers , then in +Miami, +New England Patriots, and built himself into a solid contributor.

Then he went to New England and became a pass-catching machine, an All-Pro and a regular in Super Bowls - three so far.

Fans can relate to Welker like few other NFL players, and may embrace his message about what keeps him physically, mentally and emotionally sharp.

''Physically being trained, my body gives me confidence mentally, too, when I feel that way,'' he said. ''You get the mindset that 'nobody can touch me.'

''Emotionally, you understand how to regulate your emotions. If I dropped that pass, OK, it happened, now we won't let it happen again and you are on to the next play.

''There are peaks and valleys and you handle that by staying on your task through preparing physically, mentally and emotionally. Remember what is your 'North Star,' why you do what you do.''

Of course, most people won't succeed on Welker's level, but there's plenty to achieve from sports in general.

''Healthy behaviors are created with every individual on a team, which then creates a healthy organization,'' Gropper said. ''There's so much we can learn from sports and the science of sports.''

Monday, May 5, 2014

Welker being very charitable at Kentucky Derby. Of course, he's a Denver Bronco! The Man, Wes Welker!

Broncos receiver Wes Welker randomly passes out $100 bills at Kentucky Derby

Photos from @MarcBlandford
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Denver Broncos receiver +Wes Welker won big at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday and was happy to share the wealth.

For the Win has the story of Marc Blandford, who was watching celebrities leave Churchill Downs after Saturday’s 140th Run for the Roses when Welker was coming down an escalator with a friend and police officer and holding a large stack of money.

“I said ‘Wes Welker, how ya doing?’” Blandford said.

After that, Blandford tells For the Win that Welker started handing out $100 bills to the group Blandford was with.
“He said he just won the Kentucky Derby and proceeded to walk down the line until the police officer stopped him,” Blandford said. “I think six of us ended up with $100 bills.”

“Everyone was pretty much freaking out,” Blandford added.

Wes Welker handed out $100 bills after winning big at the Kentucky Derby, fans say


Marc Blandford has been watching celebrities exit the Kentucky Derby for the past decade, but Wes Welker may be the most memorable of them all.

Blandford was at his usual perch when the Broncos’ player came down with a friend and a police officer, carrying a huge stack of money, he said.

“I said ‘Wes Welker, how ya doing?’” Blandford said.

The next thing he knew, Welker was handing the people in the group Blandford was with $100 bills.

“He said he just won the Kentucky Derby and proceeded to walk down the line until the police officer stopped him,” he said. “I think six of us ended up with $100 bills.”

While handing out $100 bills may not be a usually smart thing to do, Welker signed a two-year $12 million deal with Denver in 2013. Which means that for him, making a few fans’ day, may be priceless.

“Everyone was pretty much freaking out,” Blandford added.

Jeff Novak, who also said he’s been a longtime celebrity watcher at the Derby, said Welker seemed ecstatic.

“He just won probably hundreds of thousands of dollars so he just started handing money to people like it was no big thing,” he said.

Courtesy of Jeff Novak (@Jeff_Novak)
Courtesy of @Jeff Novak

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Broncos Pick up Option on Von Miller

Broncos Pick Up Miller's Fifth-Year Option

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The Broncos have picked up the fifth-year option on Von Miller, keeping him in Denver through 2015.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The +Denver Broncos have picked up the fifth-year option for linebacker Von Miller, keeping the Pro Bowler in Denver through the 2015 season.

Miller, rehabbing from an ACL injury that ended his 2013 campaign last December, is the first player in Broncos history to earn a Pro Bowl selection in each of his first two +NFL seasons.

The former Defensive Rookie of the Year, Texas A&M University Aggie and Broncos' single-season sack leader said last month that he is "being patient" with his recovery.

"You want to just wake up and push through it, but it's not one of those things," Miller said. "You've just got to be patient and grind and let your body heal. Everybody's body is different. It just depends on how your body is reacting to the rehab. It's just something that you can't rush. You've got to take your time with it."

Miller said his recovery has gone well so far. He has been running for the past two weeks and has constantly been focusing on the muscles around his injured knee -- "the thighs, quads, abs -- all the muscles that stabilize your body."

While he doesn't want to set a strict timetable, he said his recovery is currently ahead of schedule. And though he won't force anything, his goal is to play in every game -- starting with Week 1.

And he's anxious to get on the field with the Broncos' newest pass-rusher, defensive end DeMarcus Ware.

"It's a true blessing. I think it will be great. He's been a leader, he's been consistent for the last nine, 10 years he's been in the league, and I think that he still has a ton of football left," Miller said. "I'm looking forward to his leadership in the locker room, I'm looking forward to him just being healthy and him not just having to do everything on defense, because the Broncos have done a great job of getting big-time players in this year and I'm anxious to get back on the field and play with those guys."
From ATL
"The Denver Broncos have picked up the fifth-year option on linebacker Von Miller. NFL Media's Albert Breer reported Thursday that Miller's 2015 option is worth $9.754 million, according to a team source. Miller is the seventh of the top 10 picks from the 2011 draft to have their fifth-year option exercised."

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broncos Pro Bowl Pass-Rushing Tandem are more Alike than they knew

Denver Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware talks to the media after working out at the NFL football teams training facility in Englewood, Colo., on Monday, April 21, 2014. 
(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Denver Broncos pass-rushers DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller are a lot alike. Both collect lots of sacks, hefty paychecks and plenty of accolades. The two are also on the comeback trail after offseason surgeries following a disappointing season.

Von Miller Excited to Play with Mentor
Ware had his right elbow repaired in February, a few weeks before the Dallas Cowboys released him in a salary cap move after the worst season of the star pass-rusher's career.

Ware amassed a franchise-best 117 sacks for the Cowboys since getting drafted in the first round in 2005, but he got to the quarterback a career-low six times last season and missed games for the first time in his nine-year career with a thigh injury.

He was due to count $16 million against the Cowboys' cap, and when negotiations on a reduced salary failed, he was released. He quickly signed a three-year, $30 million deal in Denver, where he'll play alongside Miller, a native of Dallas who modeled his game after Ware's and who's trying to bounce back from a rough year himself.
Miller's season began with a six-game drug suspension and ended with a torn right ACL on Dec. 22. He finished with a career-low five sacks after collecting 30 in his first two seasons combined.

If both men can regain their health and their previous form, the Broncos should have one of the +NFL's top tandems to go with that prolific offense that carried them to the Super Bowl last year before they got destroyed 43-8 by +Seattle Seahawks.

For now, Denver's new tandem is teaming up in the weight room during organized offseason workouts, critiquing each other's moves and dreaming of pestering passers this fall.

"I'm excited about it," Ware said. "You can't double-team both of us, especially with the big guys in the middle (Terrance Knighton, Kevin Vickerson, Derek Wolfe and Sylvester Williams). Those guys are going to be holding it down, getting the pressure in the middle of the pocket."

Ware said he's not yet back to 100 percent — No. 94 said he's at "about 94 percent" — but that didn't prevent him from getting right to work with his new pass-rushing partner when the team's voluntary offseason conditioning program began this week.

He and Miller did some "ball-throws, abs and a little bit of biceps and triceps" in the weight room and watched tape together in the film room, Ware said.

"Some of the moves that he was doing on tape were some of the moves that I have been doing," Ware said. "I was critiquing him, he was critiquing me and it's just a good thing to know that there are guys out there that look up to you. Now I have an opportunity to shed some advice onto him. He is a great player and I look forward to playing with him this season."

Miller can't wait to play alongside the man he emulated on the football field while growing up in Dallas and attending +Texas A&M University.

"It's incredible. I was a huge +Dallas Cowboys fan," Miller said. "I patterned my game after him. I always said to myself, 'Man, I hope I get to play with DeMarcus one of these days.' You know, it's here. So, it's a true blessing. I think it'll be great."

Miller won't venture a guess, however, as to how many sacks the duo could muster in 2014.

"I don't even want to think about that," Miller said. "I just want to go out there and grind as hard as we can. If we do that, Broncos fans, the Broncos organization, everybody will be pleased with what we do."

He also isn't stressing over his financial future.

The Broncos have until May 3 to exercise a fifth-year option on Miller's rookie deal that would put him under contract for 2015 at $9.754 million. They could decline that option and still keep him in 2015 by placing the franchise tag on him at a slightly higher cost.

"That's why I've got an agent, so I can just focus on football," said Miller, who will make $3.24 million this season. "I know if I just go out there and do everything I'm supposed to do, everything will work out all right."