Friday, May 16, 2014

Churchill Downs requesting for some of Welker's winning's (money) back..?

Best of Luck, +BRONCOS CR3W believes onus is on Churchill Downs, do not worry Mr. Welker is at least our impression here...

Original Photos:

California Chrome's victory in the Kentucky Derby provided some big bucks on a bet for +Wes Welker, according to

The +Denver Broncos wide receiver was at Churchill Downs for the first leg of the Triple Crown. The report says Welker sent a member of his entourage to the window to collect. He received $57,193.90.

The track, however, now says that the tote machine malfunctioned, causing an overpayment of $14,858.55.

And to prove you can't win for winning, Churchill reportedly wants its money back.

TMZ reports that the track has reached out to the person who received the winnings and asked for the extra dough back.