Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Peyton Manning played with torn right quadriceps (yep plural) since Week 14 (Adam Schefter Reported)

As reported by +Adam Schefter first, of +ESPN 

Pssss... to anyone reading, I, staff member of theCR3W(r) of +Denver Broncos believes Kubiak is coming to town and Elway has complete confidence in Osweiler over the next couple seasons. Going to get younger to patch up a few minor deficiencies. Ones that are not necessarily personnel problems at all, but was the coaching. It was especially glaring in the losses and even some of the wins that Fox is of the old school and he can rally a group together and inspire but as far as gametime coaching tact, skill appears to be good, but not great. For a Lombardi, need great in the big games especially at Mile High. 

I am not an idiot though, the doors are WIDE OPEN for Peyton and Gase to finish what they started 4 years ago. Alike Mar believes, I do believe this move will take them over the top. The right coach, a fiery one, one with an edge, almost ab EGO when it comes to calling plays, but very humble and intelligent, great at adjustments and putting players in the best position to succeed as one unit. I really. I believe Gase is the guy for the job and it is who is number 1 on Elway's list. Elway effect!! Love Elway's fire! Shanahan? It is not that far fetched tbh.

I will also add that it is fairly impressive, to say the least, that "The Sheriff" was one game from random and unbiased scheduling, to repeating for a 3rd straight #1 seed in AFC. When you win at that level, divisional round home losses are unacceptable. Its the reason they have the highest home winning pct in the AFC, maybe it was the +NFL. Follow up on that statistic, we'll do. We won't be given the chance to play +New England Patriots in Mile High next year because of the consecutive seasons has taken notice. Lame, but we'll get past it because Broncos CR3W sticks through the good and bad as that is what supporters and fans should do. If not, take that negativity to someone elses house, always cause for optimism and belief for all those that love the +Denver Broncos.
Magic happens at Mile High and this team. There is a mentality and belief and the Broncos exhibited it so well in the regular season, but in the last 3 post seasons, that was a bit overwhelming to the Coach and it filters down. Players can feel that. Fox is as chill and resolute as anyone. Perhaps too resolute for a team that has a giant target on their back. They have to get an edge and swag back or in essence, they need to do the same as they do in the regular season, carry that same mental edge and that no one can stop you. Kinda sounds like 59?! Next to 58 and 54, behind 98, 92, and in front of 43, 26, 25, 29, 21. Those numbers should be bringing to anyone they face. OL is the link that needs replaced and strengthened. Quicker and stronger in the interior of it especially. ONE UNIT