Sunday, January 11, 2015

This is an omen to make the tough call, Mr. Elway! Want a Coach that plays to win instead of 'not to lose?'

Todd Bowles will change the mentality of this team to play like it had nothing to lose instead of the other way around. Cannot win playing for the beautiful Lombardi trophy, on your heels, not to make a mistake out of being on the attack. Or? Do you want to play to win the Lombardi in the only way you can. Attacking the other team? John Fox is not your coach to win with all the chips out. Belichick will completely do anything new in order to advance in playoffs. Harbaugh, Paganos. If not Bowles, then Pagano, the +Chargers DC, if not him, then Mike McCoy, who we really want back in the organization would be worth the compensatory picks. Dan Quinn, the +Seattle Seahawks DC.

Love ya Foxy, but two playoff divisional round losses in MILE HIGH and the team played timid, not to make mistakes, instead of putting the inferior team on its heels on the road, the stakes rise and the Broncos seem like they are just trying to sneak it out instead of crushing the team across the line of scrimmage. Bowles exemplifies that perfect!

If Elway is paying attention. He failed on the OL personnel moves (lack of). Exposed in center of line since NE loss. Peyton was always throwing before he wanted to because of the rush, blitzes almost exclusively in the area of 2 gap DT's.

Every coach would line up to have the reigns to this team. +BRONCOS CR3W wants a coach that isn't afraid of losing and plays to win. Not playing games to 'not to lose.' The Baltimore heart crushing loss 2 years ago is another perfect example. 39 seconds left and we kneel on it to go into OT despite having the best record in the NFL and highest scoring offense. Three conservative post season losses and two at home and one in SB, please please go get the Cardinals DC, Bowles or someone with a similar philosophy in regards to getting after the opponent. Dropping Von Miller is great but the fact he wasn't rushing the #1 passing QB this season more often than not, says everything we need to know about JDR and John Fox's approach.

They approached the season with all this talent thinking to not get to fancy with schemes and/or plays because of the talent, but there comes a point where vanilla and 3 and outs effect this club and then they play tight. Need someone that makes this roster play loose and aggressive! Someone to fortify and stop the blitzes that Peyton would burn teams for doing if an offensive line does a great job. Have to expect the defensive holding and pass interference to be overlooked in the playoffs and run the damn ball down the Colts throats. This game should be the end of this staff, as harsh as that sounds. If we want this club to do damage in the post season, there has to be a different coach and mentality...

He is the most promising coordinator in the game. What he does with that defense and going after it. He'd rather foo down paying on the attack than sit on his heels. Sounds like the opposite of the current coach in Denver.

We want an aggressive mentality, like NE or SEA, that pulls it all out when it's all on the line. Defense was trying to keep teams in front of you. Bowles, wants to move the ball backwards, even with his defense.

Coaching and addressing the OL are musts or they'll have the same results. Bless Trevathan, Irving, and Brandon Marshall back to health. That heart, edge, emotion of Trevathan was evidently missed by this unit all year. Similar to Beadles edge playing left guard, Woodyard's leadership was sorely missed. OL was exposed more following the Super Bowl.

Regarding, the Coach, we need a younger gamer that BRINGS IT on gameday. Maybe somebody that relates to the younger players, too? I think the sign is blaring from my take regarding the last 3 losses in AFC Playoffs. Note have seen the pattern 3-straight times. A team timid, and not with it all out on the line. It's the best way to lose big games. Team collapses in the spotlight following their coach into battle.

Need a new message in that locker room. Fox and JDR just kept saying, go ahead Andrew, pick us apart despite are insane size, speed on defense, we'll play on our heels.

Setting this, Elway had no choice not to change the environment at the teams facilities & headquarters.

OL was a bust and Elway thought it would not backfire, but Beadles was missed terribly. Got to get Bowles!!

Only "pro" from losing is that he is still available and interviewing. Not for long. Think of the mindset the Pats play with, while it feels very different under Fox. Great guy but not a playoff coach that will go full assault. He is too conservative. Defense was in prevent from the start. Look what happened when pressure was brought with turnovers. Blown call on fumble in third was huge and those 4 pts the Colts got from the refs. Still, we think this can be a blessing on disguise. Never really felt like Fox was the coach to take team all the way. Always had doubts, regardless of success, with Fox doing the necessary risks and tough calls to go on the aggressive.

Why isn't this team on the aggressive from the opening kick??? This faction of Broncos CR3W doesn't want to go through a full off-season, draft, and great record, playoff berth, only to see them play cautious and on their heels against a team that will take that game because they are there "TO WIN." Bowles is the perfect guy at the perfect time for this team to embrace his traits and concepts.

Todd Bowles, looks to be the former Defensive Coordinator of the +Arizona Cardinals shortly, with an Head Coach position likely to be offered by a number of teams. (Photo Courtesy - +Sports Illustrated - IMG)