Friday, May 29, 2015

We've faith Broncos will adapt just fine despite Clady injury

"Ty's a very athletic young man. That's a lot to ask of a very young player, but we've got a good month here of work," Kubiak said of the rookie. "We felt like, when we drafted Ty, he was athletic enough to play on both sides."

Kubiak indicated that 2014 third-round pick Michael Schofield is an option at both tackle spots.

Excerpt from writer Michael Weseling article

If there is a man for the job and working out offensive line situations, it's our beloved new Head Coach, Gary Kubiak. Hate to say this but, we did see a degradation in protection from Clady last year. Could've been the protection schemes and the defenses gameplan that attacked a very pass happy offense. We cannot deny wondering if the Achilles and Lisfranc injury has taken its toll, which is too often, and unfairly, overlooked by us, supporters and fans.

Despite that, we want Clady to be back at full strength and a healthy, speedy recovery and back in Mile High Orange as soon as possible!

Photos Courtesy: Denver Broncos  (AP)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kubiak Believes that 2 pt conversion will increase in value from the PAT rule changes made by NFL

Posted by Michael David Smith on Pro Football Talk of NBC Sports 

Does the +NFL's new rule moving extra point kicks back 13 yards make much of a difference to how teams assemble their rosters?

It does according to Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak, who sees NFL teams signing players specifically for their ability to score on two-point conversions.

“I think there [are] going to be two-point specialists from the standpoint of how you go about doing it. Coaching, those are things that you work on,” Kubiak said, via +Lindsay H. Jones of +USA TODAY Sports. “You probably practice those things during camp. It’s not very much and, all of a sudden, it becomes part of the game. That’s a big part of practice. It’s going to change the way you go about doing things. I know that.”

The player most often named as a potential two-point specialist is Tim Tebow, whose presence on the +Philadelphia Eagles' roster has some thinking that Chip Kelly must have some two-point conversion tricks up his sleeve.

The morning after a Great Memorial Weekend

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vance Walker has Chance at Redemption: Plus, he chose Mile High over Seahawks (+Denver Post)

Vance Walker brings value, versatility in attempt to rebound with Broncos

Defensive end was used sparingly with Kansas City Chiefs last season

Original story by +Troy Renck of +The Denver Post

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Vance Walker sits on the bench against the Denver Broncos at +Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sept. 14, 2014. (Doug Pensinger, +Getty Images)

Mar 12:
Broncos sign DE Vance Walker to two-year, $4M contract

Mar 11:
DE Vance Walker to visit with Broncos this week

Vance Walker found obscurity in Kansas City.

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. The Chiefs chased Walker in free agency last March, turning him into their prized offseason acquisition, and almost immediately he became lost on their depth chart.

Walker played well. If he played. He started twice and logged more than 20 snaps in only three games. Seen as a catalyst to an evolving defensive line mix, he turned into a casualty, released after one year.

"I dealt with that when it happened. It's an unfortunate situation. I can complain about it, but I've let it go months ago," Walker said last week.

For the Broncos, Walker's inability to crack the Chiefs' rotation might be the best thing to happen for them. He remained a productive, if sparingly-used player, last season. The Chiefs guaranteed Walker $3.75 million on a three-year, $13.75-million contract. The Broncos  kept him from signing with the Seahawks when he agreed to a two-year, $4-million contract with a $1.5-million signing bonus.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Peyton Manning Appears on the late night Legend, Dave Letterman's, last "Late Show" Episode

Broncos' Peyton Manning on David Letterman's final 'Late Show'

+Denver Broncos Quarterback will be among many paying respects to longtime late-night host

Original story by: 

The lineup of guests set to appear on David Letterman's final "Late Show" episode, which was being taped Wednesday afternoon at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, has started to leak out.

One name on that list: Peyton Manning.

WATCH: Peyton Manning appears on final "Late Show with David Letterman"

The Broncos quarterback, who has appeared on Letterman's show multiple times over the years, is in New York and will be among the many paying their respects to the longtime late-night host.

RELATED: Denver sports stars who have appeared on the "Late Show"

Manning became friendly with Letterman during his days as the Colts' quarterback, as Letterman is from Indianapolis. Manning felt it was important that he honor "The Late Show" host in his final show.

Letterman, 68, is the longest-running late night talk show host in history, at 33 years. Last April, he announced that he would retire as host this May, passing the reins to Stephen Colbert.

Peyton Manning and David Letterman. (John Paul Filo, CBS)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NFL Owners vote 30-2 to move the PAT back to the 15 yard line as well as a couple other wrinkles

SAN FRANCISCO -- As expected, NFL owners on Tuesday voted 30-2 to approve a change in the rule governing extra points after touchdowns
The owners considered three proposals but ultimately approved a rule change endorsed by the competition committee. The new rule pushes the kick back to the 15-yard line and leaves the two-point conversion at the 2-yard line.

It also makes the play "live," meaning the defense could return a blocked kick or a turnover on a two-point play for two points.

The New England Patriots proposed snapping the ball from the 15 for a one-point kick or placing the ball at the 2-yard line for a two-point try. According to the Patriots' proposal, a team's choice was not final and was subject to change following a timeout or penalty.

The Philadelphia Eagles proposed snapping from the 15 for the kick but moving the ball to the 1 for a two-point conversion. The Eagles also wanted the defense to be able to score points if it returned a turnover on the two-point conversion to the other end zone.

Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith pointed to the high rate of success of extra points as a reason for the change.

Washington and Oakland were the only teams to vote no. The rule change will be reviewed after one year.

NFL place-kickers have converted at least 98 percent of their extra points since 2000. That figure has hovered above 99 percent since 2010, providing little incentive to go for two-point plays. Coaches attempted them after just 4.9 percent of touchdowns last season; they were converted at a rate of 47.5 percent.

There were 41 field goal attempts last season from 33 yards. Only two were missed. The conversion rate for 33-yard field goals over the past five seasons is 92.8 percent (154-of-166). Extra-point kicks are currently from the 2-yard line.

Although it has been proposed as a one-year rule to see how it plays out in 2015, Smith says the intent from the competition committee is that rule change stays a part of the game for the long haul.

"We tried to add some skill to the play, which is the reason why we moved it back to the 15," Smith said. "And then the other element is how do we create a more exciting play? And so to give the defense an opportunity to score, it adds an element there, as well as obviously incentivizing teams to go for two.

"So our hope is what we've done is we've added skill to the play, and then we will also see some increase in the attempts to go for two. We just felt like it was a play that was almost a ceremonial play, the way it has languished here recently."

And Troy Vincent, in charge of NFL football operations, noted that placekickers can handle such an alteration. "The kicker's a skill position now,'' Vincent said. "We're not trying to take the foot out of the game.''

NFL kickers are not necessarily on board with the change.

"What did the NFL really accomplish?" said kicker Jay Feely, a 14-year NFL veteran, via Twitter. "It's still nearly automatic (90%vs 99%) but greater risk of injury to Oline."

NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent acknowledged their concerns.

"The feedback that we got when we adjusted the field goal at the Pro Bowl didn't go over too well," Vincent said. "But they understand. The kicker is a skill position now. They are extremely accurate. We are not trying to remove the foot out of the game."

Brady to Kraft, "I'm Innocent and had nothing to do with the AFC Championship Deflated Balls..."

+New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft continues to lash out against the +NFL for its Deflategate punishment because he has unwavering trust in his quarterback.

Kraft, who’s already in San Francisco for the NFL Spring Meeting -- where he’ll be face-to-face with commissioner Roger Goodell and the other 31 team owners -- told the’s +Peter King that he believes Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had no knowledge of deflated footballs.

“Yes. Because we had the discussion: 'If you did it, let’s just deal with it and take our hit and move on,'” Kraft said. “I’ve known Tommy 16 years, almost half his life. He’s a man, and he’s always been honest with me, and I trust him. I believed what he told me. He has never lied to me, and I have found no hard or conclusive evidence to the contrary.”

Click for Rest of the story by +Doug Kyed from

Many Many issues with this whole dynamic Mr. Kraft?! If Kraft is so peeved and apparently what we would call, "... on the defensive," why would you restrain Ted Wells' investigation by not letting him speak to the ball boys. How come Kraft suspended them after the ruling. This is what PR experts for big kahunas like Kraft and companies like +Gillette and professional franchises like the Patriots' would do in circumstances to abuse the 'due process' by civil, criminal, and even the +NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell.

How come these ball boys were not made available to the appropriate people immediately? How come Tom Brady, if he were innocent, go against all sensibility and complete and utter logic (even by +University of Michigan standards) and give up access to his phone and email to prove his innocence beyond any shadow of a doubt immediately and lay it to rest?

Photo Courtesy: Simon Brunty +Sports Illustrated
Brady might be out of touch with a normal person's perspective, given his celebrity status and sense of 'entitlement' (something that is a very common theme amongst the Patriots franchise). Practically have earned the name "PatsGate" to be linked to every accomplishment Belichick has made, Brady's, and your own name, Kraft? Even a bigtime player such as yourself is not that untouchable.

Shall the members and fans that love the game of football, NFL, and +BRONCOS CR3W just stop there? The timing and your actions tell us that you are on the defensive over something that was committed and it was not utter innocence and coincidence that it was the Patriots that have come under fire for breaking and bending the rules several times. The only other team that committed similar acts, was the +Denver Broncos, who faced punishment and came clean with their own breaking of the rules. Broncos were under the lead and acumen of Josh McDaniels, who was the former Patriots Offensive Coordinator, prior to his position in Denver. Whom is back as the current Patriots Offensive Coordinator. Glad Bowlen said that was the last straw and kicked McDaniels to the curb!! Mile High will be ever so grateful to not be tarnished like their rival in New England.

No such thing as coincidences from where we sit. Brady, whom apparently is above and worthy of bending the rules just like your Head Coach, is considered a role model by only 61% of avid NFL supporters. That is a daunting number. A number that is below even Charles Barkley when he spat on a fan playing in the +NBA for the +Phoenix Suns and said, "I am not a role model," blatantly, loud, and clear. It certainly is sufficient enough. How about Belichick? Who went on the complete offensive after the AFC Championship game versus the +Indianapolis Colts and said that he does everything to account for margin of error so that they do not fall under any fault of breaking the rulebook and the operation of NFL teams prior to, during, and after games??

There are more holes in all 3 of their stories and press conferences than the +PGA TOUR's US Open and +Augusta National Golf Starting to acquaint this franchise and team to the likes of Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Floyd Landis. The question is do we place these guys amongst the likes of the previously mentioned athletes and competitors? Or does he go amongst perhaps a player like Nelson Cruz of the +Seattle Mariners in +MLB, Justin Gatlin, of the United States Olympic Track & Field team, that faced their punishment and came back to succeed by following the rules and not violating them? Appears the answer has already been served as you and your coach and QB will deny what appears to be utter obvious attempts at undermining the game and those that play within the lines and rules,,, 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DeMarcus Ware comes in at #87 on Top 100 Players list!

A bit lower than expected, we want D. Ware up 50 spots, tbh! We'll take it, of course! Go Broncos!!