Friday, May 29, 2015

We've faith Broncos will adapt just fine despite Clady injury

"Ty's a very athletic young man. That's a lot to ask of a very young player, but we've got a good month here of work," Kubiak said of the rookie. "We felt like, when we drafted Ty, he was athletic enough to play on both sides."

Kubiak indicated that 2014 third-round pick Michael Schofield is an option at both tackle spots.

Excerpt from writer Michael Weseling article

If there is a man for the job and working out offensive line situations, it's our beloved new Head Coach, Gary Kubiak. Hate to say this but, we did see a degradation in protection from Clady last year. Could've been the protection schemes and the defenses gameplan that attacked a very pass happy offense. We cannot deny wondering if the Achilles and Lisfranc injury has taken its toll, which is too often, and unfairly, overlooked by us, supporters and fans.

Despite that, we want Clady to be back at full strength and a healthy, speedy recovery and back in Mile High Orange as soon as possible!

Photos Courtesy: Denver Broncos  (AP)