Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Broncos CR3W Members Optimistically say, "Good Riddance - Orange Julius..."

Good thing he did not get a big contract then, Peyton is busting it with torn quads and Rodgers can hardly step on foot...? Pot Roast could benefit once DeMaryius gets his. Julius must not like Peyton's off-season work ethic. Get his check and get paid, elsewhere, please.

Original Link - H/T BSN Denver

Not to mention, as great of a "Wide Receiver," is, he is vulnerable and a liability in the "Passpro & Runpro" aspects with Thomas' arsenal of skills. With Kubiak at the helm and the zone blocking scheme as the heart of the offense, Thomas' value is not as high for the +Denver Broncos moving forward, in our opinion. Granted, he would have been a big playmaker on play action, when opposing +NFL teams are forced to load the box, and bite on the run fake; hoping to "contain" the run game since it is extremely hard to "stop."

It has been proven year after year since Terrell Davis proved he is a Hall of Fame caliber player and Kubiak went on to make Arian Foster one of the NFL's best and Justin Forsett for the +Baltimore Ravens as a journey man who had one of the best seasons of any RB last year and Forsett's best individual season after 7 years mainly as a backup RB as a +Seattle Seahawks player before Baltimore.