Friday, September 4, 2015

Peyton Manning's take on 2015 being his last, "I don't give it much thought"

It really seems like Peyton Manning's retirement will come out of the blue, sometime in the middle of a cold offseason.

Will it be next offseason? Who knows. But Manning has avoided the retirement talk since he came to Denver. He simply will not talk about his future plans and when he might walk away from the NFL. After his play slipped late last season, and the Denver Broncos asked him to take a pay cut, the common thought has been that the 2015 season might be it. But there will be no farewell tour, at least this season.

In a promotional interview for +NFL Sunday Ticket on +DIRECTV, +Yahoo's Evan Doherty asked Manning when he's going to retire.

"I don't have those thoughts," said Manning, who is 39. "I think about playing football to the best of my ability in 2015."

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