Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Brock Osweiler plays well, Broncos win, now does he keep the job?

Get ready for Osweiler-Brady Bowl I next week. Probably, anyway.

The +Denver Broncos can’t go back to Peyton Manning next week, can they? There’s the question if he’ll be healthy enough to play with a significant foot injury, but quarterback Brock Osweiler might have made that point obsolete.

Osweiler was very efficient, the Broncos’ run game came to life and Denver won at the Chicago Bears, 17-15. Osweiler had a 127.1 rating in the game, completing 20 of 27 passes for 250 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Manning’s rating this season is 67.6.

Osweiler did things in the offense that Manning hasn’t been able to do. The bootleg pass was back, a staple of Broncos coach Gary Kubiak’s offense through the years. His rushing offense also relies on the threat of the quarterback keeping the ball on outside zone run plays, and that has been missing. With Osweiler’s mobility, the Broncos passed their season average for rushing yards in the third quarter. The Broncos, 29th in the NFL in rushing yardage and also with a lackluster 3.8 yards per carry coming in, had 170 rushing yards as a team on Sunday.

H/T - +Yahoo Sports: What a way to turn 25,begin the prime of your career, Mr. Osweiler.