Monday, November 4, 2013

Del Rio Confirmed as the Broncos Interim Head Coach

Denver Broncos in Good Hands under Del Rio's Watch

Broncos name Jack Del Rio (left) Interim Head Coach
while John Fox (right) has heart procedure
Phoro rights: Denver Broncos (AP)
It has become official. The +Denver Broncos has name Del Rio the (logical) Interim Head Coach. Del Rio has the experience and probably allows the transition to be as seamless as possible. Next Man Up is becoming a frequent metaphor in the Mile High City. Del Rio will resume his responsibilities as Defensive Coordinator, which includes play calling for the defense if that is meant to remain exactly the same.

If such a situation had to happen, it came at about as good of a time as possible because it allowed the players to come into a different, adjusted mindset without the suddenness of it happening in the middle of prep week as the other possibility. Neither is one that we would wish at all. Hopefully the captains, vets, and leaders of this team can take the reins and keep the train going without much of a hiccup. Silver lining, things happen for a reason, Miller's humility and learned lesson from his suspension maybe brings the defense that Del Rio oversees together as Del Rio takes on additional responsibilities. Food for Though. #Broncos #BroncosCr3w. Broncos are fortunate to have the experience that Del Rio has as being head coach of an NFL team and doing it in pressure situations over his career. Keep the nose to the grindstone Broncs!

Del Rio is uniquely garnered with his own experience as Head Coach (Read on with