Saturday, November 30, 2013

Game 12 Broncos CR3W addition to Playlist


**Parental Advisory:Explicit Lyrics**

Latest addition to +BRONCOS CR3W #HorseTrackPlaylist features +ScHoolboy Q, talented up and coming emcee in his creation #Situations. #BroncosCR3W gives a holler to Schoolboy Q to keep doing his thing. The west coast #JazzHop #UndergroundHipHop vibe is what the genre was in desperate need of from '06 - '10 for the most part albeit there has been great work in that time frame as well. Just was lacking a solid amount of substance.

#BroncosCR3W #Game12 #DENvsKC

We do not reserve the rights to this creations and share it under the conduct and code of Common Creations allowing artist to collaborate or reshare as long as proper attribution is followed and adhered to. Neither do we claim that the youtube channel does or does not reserve the rights to this artistic piece as well.

Schoolboy Q and the +Denver Broncos are not affiliated in any production manner as well regarding this musical track. Courtesy of: Schoolboy Q, a very good album, #Setback for hip hop or music fans that enjoy all music when good music is produced. In our opinion.

Children of 13 yrs of age and younger, do not listen unless you have adult consent.