Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Record Setting Sunday

AFC WEST CHAMPIONS & CLINCHED 1st Round Bye at 12-3 after 16 weeks

  • John Fox is the first coach to win 3 straight AFC West Titles in first 3 years
  • +Denver Broncos are first team to have 4 players wit 10 or more receiving TD's: Baybay Thomas, Eric Decker (Broncos franchise record for receiving TD's in first 4 seasons), +Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas. Decker tied the record at 50 with an extraordinary catch and Julius Thomas caught the record breaking TD with a Peyton Manning-like pass (nearly flawless placement, pitch, and touch on pass meeting Thomas in full stride for catch)
  • Broncos are also the first team to have five players on the same offense with 10 or more TD's when Knowshon Moreno is included for rushing and receiving TD's. This is all in NFL history.