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Multiple Breakdowns of Super Bowl XLVIII: Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks (Video Clips)





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Always get a good laugh from the videos done by +ThatsGoodSports 

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How does Broncos QB, Peyton Manning, Read a Play

Break It Down: How Broncos QB Peyton Manning reads a play



When it comes to making pre-snap reads, there may be no one better than Peyton Manning. (Julie Jacobson/AP)

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Watching Peyton Manning play the quarterback position is a singular NFL experience. The audibles, the line adjustments, the constant motion of his feet after the snap — it’s all very distinctive and can be incredibly difficult to deal with for opposing defenses.

“He knows what he wants to do when he goes to the line,” Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane said this week. “He knows what he’s looking for. He knows what his options are and everything like that. I think he’s just great at what he does.”

In hopes of providing a little more insight into Manning’s game, I asked Denver third-string QB Zac Dysert at one of this week’s media sessions to walk me through one of the Broncos’ key completions from the AFC title game win over New England. He agreed, though he was understandably a little guarded about specific play calls and audibles with Super Bowl XLVIII just around the corner.

The play in the spotlight: a 2nd-and-20 from the Denver 10 late in the first half. The Broncos led 10-3 at the time, but New England was threatening to get the ball back with promising field position before halftime. Instead, Manning rifled a 26-yard completion to Demaryius Thomas and then took his team down for a field goal.

A refresher on the pass:


The Broncos initially lined up with Eric Decker and Wes Welker to Manning’s left and Thomas and RB Montee Ball to his right. Ball (boxed in orange below) was split out to the far right sideline. As linebacker Dont’a Hightower (white box) started to make his way out to cover Ball, Manning waved

Ball into the backfield.
This was all part of the play call, as opposed to being a Manning audible — Manning eventually faked an inside handoff to Ball before dropping to throw.

“Some stuff’s called, some stuff he’ll do on his own,” Dysert said of Manning’s pre-snap routine. “He’s just trying to get every kind of indicator he can, something from the defense that tells him what they’re doing.”

Pictured below is how the Broncos and Patriots actually lined up for the snap (you’ll notice Ball now next to Manning).

The Patriots had a four-man line, press coverage outside on the Broncos’ three receivers, two linebackers and two deep safeties. Hightower slid back into his usual spot after Ball motioned; Manning, meanwhile, pointed out Collins as a possible blitzer.

“Where the linebackers are can dictate where the safeties are going to go,” Dysert said of the process at this point, “but it just helps you, little things that help you identify the coverage before the snap.”


Often the main focus for Manning before the snap: safeties. Here, both of New England’s safeties were at least 12 yards off the line of scrimmage.

“He’s [looking] more at the safeties than linebackers,” Dysert said. “Pretty much at the snap is where they’re going to move. You can identify just by the positions of the linebacker where they’re going to go. Maybe if [the safeties] are backed up, you can plan for blitz … things like that.”


Hightower’s shift out to mark Ball tipped off Manning here, too, part of the reason the Broncos lined up with their running back outside of Thomas in the first place. With Hightower responsible for Ball and the Patriots playing tight on the remaining receivers, it allowed Manning to pick out Collins as a likely blitzer.
“We know they do a lot at the line of scrimmage, and our challenge for our own players is to make sure we take care of us first and our assignment,” Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said this week. His team faces the task of slowing Manning on Sunday.

Here, the Patriots left some gaps, which is a crushing mistake against Manning.

Ball released out of the backfield after the play-action, which drew Hightower up in coverage. Behind the Patriots’ collapsing linebacker, Thomas ran a deep slant route against cornerback Alfonzo Dennard. Meanwhile, most importantly, safety Kyle Arrington stepped up on the fake to Ball, then hovered around the 20-yard line as fellow safety Steve Gregory backpedaled.

That sequence was the key to this whole play, according to Dysert.

“You want to go away from rotation [of the safeties] most of the time. Whatever they do, you go off them and do the opposite of what they do,” Dysert said, pointing at Arrington’s positioning. “For Peyton, he probably just needs a little opening to make it through, he’s so accurate.”


The safety movement combined with a slip by Dennard left Thomas with some room downfield.

“He’s pretty open … good route by DT,” Dysert said.


“It doesn’t matter what the ball looks like, it’s always in the right spot,” Thomas said. “That’s the main thing with [Manning]. I still remember the first day I was throwing with Peyton, throwing the ball. It probably wasn’t the prettiest ball, but it was always in the right spot and it was easy to catch. I’ve never had a quarterback like that, so I enjoyed it.”

Also worth noting: Collins was a non-factor as a blitzer, even with Ball running a route (and thus being unavailable to help as a blocker). Denver’s line plus tight end Julius Thomas easily corralled the Patriots’ five-man rush, which provided Manning with a comfortable pocket.

And that’s a variable on this play that ties back to Manning’s pre-snap read and adjustments.

“As a talent evaluator for college and even free agency, the toughest thing to evaluate is process,” Denver QBs coach Gregg Knapp said. “‘Can the guy process in the pocket during the heat of battle?’ [Manning] might be one of the best I’ve ever been around that can process, ‘OK, I’ve got these tools to use, and in 10 seconds I’ve got to make a decision and execute in less than four.’

“That trait he has is so special because it’s not like he’s up there audibling all the time. It might look like it sometimes, but he likes to be given direction. You know, ‘Give me this play and maybe one adjustment.’ But then he also has a tool kit available that if he wants apply, say, ‘I’m going to use this play or this protection change.’ That’s easy to do as a coach. You can create a lot of that stuff in the classroom, but can a guy process and apply it? He does, impressively.”

Seattle will test Manning’s abilities Sunday. ”They’ll try to disguise things longer than other teams,” Dysert said.

The Seahawks' also do not shy away from using the incredible Earl Thomas as a single-high safety and cramming their other 10 defenders within a compacted area near the line. Being able to counter with his trio of receivers, two pass-catching running backs and tight end Julius Thomas should give Manning a chance to solve the Seahawks’ conundrum.

How successful Manning is may depend on how well he can diagnose situations before the snap. As Dysert, Knapp and plenty of Denver’s previous opponents have stated, few NFL QBs are better in that regard.

Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson (Draft Facts)

Did anyone else notice the average price of a car for Russell Wilson? Haha - Awesome #30303 !! :D

Colorado's Tallest Peaks Renamed after Denver Broncos Players for Super Bowl Sunday

Colorado's tallest peaks temporarily renamed after Denver Broncos players

Name change effective Super Bowl Sunday only
Longs Peak View From Loveland
(Photo courtesy: Lorri Simpson)
Regular Photo Size

DENVER - Seattle and Denver are betting food, art work and smoke alarms on the Super Bowl. Now Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is taking Super Bowl hoopla to new heights.

He announced Wednesday that's he's temporarily re-naming Colorado's highest mountains for each member of the Denver Broncos. The mountains will go by their new names for one day only -- on Super Bowl Sunday.

The state is home to over 50 mountains over 14,000 feet, called "14ers" by locals.

Hickenlooper re-named the tallest mountain, Mt. Elbert, for Peyton Manning while Zane Beadles and other members of the offensive line are getting the Collegiate Peaks range. Capitol Peak, considered to be the most difficult to climb, was temporarily renamed for Champ Bailey. Longs Peak went to long kicker Matt Prater.

In his proclamation, the brewpub pioneer also takes a dig at Seattle, noting that it makes some "OK beer."

Here is the full list of the temporary names released by the governor's office:

- Mt. Elbert: Peyton Manning - Mt. Elbert is the tallest mountain in Colorado
- Mt. Massive: Terrance Knighton - AKA POT ROAST
- Mt. Harvard: Zane Beadles - He, along with others on the offensive line, are as formidable as the line of - Collegiate Peaks
- Blanca Peak: Mitch Unrein - He blocks and tackles
- La Plata Peak: Jacob Tamme - Just as this is an impressive peak among the Collegiate Peaks, this tight end is an impressive addition to the offense
- Uncompahgre Peak: Steven Johnson - His defense is straight forward and uncomplicated
- Crestone Peak: Steve Vallos - Like this peak, which is surrounded by other looming 14ers, this center is the rock of impressive offensive lines
- Mt. Lincoln: Winston Justice - His name itself, and his humanitarian work in Uganda and Haiti, reflect the name of this majestic peak
- Grays Peak: Eric Decker - Grays and Torreys are right next to each other, like the dynamic duo of Decker and Thomas
- Torreys Peak: Demaryius Thomas
- Mt. Antero: Malik Jackson - This defensive end watches everyone's back
- Castle Peak: Duke Ihenacho - Because only a duke could vanquish a castle-like offense
- Quandary Peak: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - His coverage proves to be a quandary for opposing quarterbacks
- Mt. Evans: Nate Irving - This linebacker forms an imposing backdrop to opponents just like this peak does to Denver
- Longs Peak: Matt Prater - He kicks ‘em long (set an NFL record with a 64-yard field goal vs. Tennessee)
- Mt. Wilson: Shaun Phillips - Leads the Broncos in sacks this year and will be taking down Russell Wilson
- Mt. Shavano: Marquice Cole
- Mt. Belford: Andre Caldwell - Like this peak’s inclusion with other Collegiate Peaks, he joins an imposing offense
- Crestone Needle: Brock Osweiler - At 6 feet, 8 inches', he makes all opponents appear as thin as this 14er
- Mt. Princeton: Manny Ramirez
- Mt. Yale: Louis Vasquez
- Mt. Bross: Jeremy Mincey
- Kit Carson Peak: Aaron Brewer - His long snaps find their path just as Kit Carson found paths through the frontier
- Maroon Peak: Mike Adams - He maroons opponents due to his tackling prowess (posted a game-high nine tackles and intercepted a pass that led to a Broncos touchdown in Houston)
- Tabeguache Peak: Chris Kuper
- Mt. Oxford: Chris Clark
- Mt. Sneffels: Zac Dysert - In the shadow of Manning, the QB may be sniffling for not playing, but is tops nonetheless
- Mt. Democrat: Tony Carter - Working on a second degree in political science
- Capitol Peak: Champ Bailey - Rated the most difficult peak on
- Pikes Peak: Joel Dressen - A Colorado Mountain for a Colorado State University Ram and only player on the roster to graduate from a Colorado university
- Snowmass Mountain: Wesley Woodyard
- Mt. Eolus: Sione Fua - An eloquent name, like this peak
- Windom Peak: Ronnie Hillman - This running back runs like the wind
- Challenger Point: Montee Ball - He was a challenger for the Heisman Trophy in 2011
- Mt. Columbia: Orlando Franklin
- Missouri Mountain: Sylvester Williams - He was born in Missouri
- Humboldt Peak: Knowshon Moreno - He "bolts" off the line (Ranked fifth in the NFL in scrimmage yards at 1,586) and tied for fifth with 13 scrimmage touchdowns in 2013. Became the first player in franchise history to record 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in a single season in 2013
- Mt. Bierstadt: Robert Ayers - Just like the way that Ayers makes tackling look easy, this peak is one of the easiest peaks to summit
- Sunlight Peak: Omar Bolden - He is known for his power of positive thinking and is not blinded by any sunshine in his tackling prowess
- Handies Peak: Quentin Jammer - This defensive player is known for giving a hand to his teammates and those in need through his Jammer Family Foundation helping foster teens
- Culebra Peak: Michael Huff
- Ellingwood Point: Britton Colquitt - He would be able to land a punt on this point
- Mt. Lindsey: Paris Lenon
- Little Bear Peak: Trindon Holliday - He’s 5 foot, 5 inches, but is as tough as they come
- Mt. Sherman: Wes Welker - Let’s see Richard Sherman cover Wes
- Redcloud Peak: Virgil Green
- Pyramid Peak: Danny Trevathan - Like the Pyramids of Giza, Danny Trevathan's defense is a wonder of the world. He posted a team high 129 tackles, beating his next closest teammate by 44 and is 11th best in the league.
- Wilson Peak: Brandon Marshall
- Wetterhorn Peak: Vinston Painter
- San Luis Peak: Kayvon Webster
- Mt. of the Holy Cross: David Bruton - His alma mater is Notre Dame
- Huron Peak: C.J. Anderson - Another impressive peak included in the Collegiate Peaks, he is a fine addition to the offense.
- Sunshine Peak: Julius Thomas - because he always makes himself available to find the sunshine through the defenders and make the catch

Terrance Knighton Explains Origin of "Pot Roast" Nickname

Jim Corbett, USA TODAY Sports

January 28, 2014
(Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY Sports)
NEWARK – No more satisfying way to begin Media Day morning than with a heaping helping of "Pot Roast'' for breakfast.

Denver Broncos star defensive tackle Terrance Knighton has become a rising star and was a popular attraction for Tuesday's Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day coming off his fourth-down sack of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game.

"I've only had Pot Roast twice,'' Knighton said. "My rookie year in Jacksonville. And the second time was last week when I took the whole defensive line out to a Denver restaurant.

"We had Pot Roast and Pot Roast egg rolls.

"Maybe I can get a Chunky Soup commercial or something like that.

"Who knows?

"There's a lot of things you can do with Pot Roast.

"Hopefully, somebody can up with an idea and I'm open to it.''

So how did the 6-3, 330-pound, fifth-year defensive tackle come by his moniker?

"It was on a flight coming back from Seattle my rookie year in Jacksonville,'' Knighton said. "It was a six-hour flight. Guys were tired. The plane was dark and the lady was walking down the aisle, saying, "Pot Roast? Pot Roast?'

"And I'm like, 'Right here.' My teammate behind me said, 'You say that like that's your name?'

"He said, 'I'm going to call you Pot Roast from now on.' I said, 'Yeah, whatever.'

"So it stuck to me.'''

Knighton paused before adding, "It was either that or Shrimp Alfredo.'''

One of the key players in the Super Sunday trenches is a ton of fun.

About 100 pounds and nine years ago, the 27-year-old Knighton was a 6-2, 235-pound wide receiver at Windsor High in Hartfield, Conn.

"I miss catching touchdowns,'' Knighton said.

That's OK. He's gotten pretty good at sacking quarterbacks after he beat guard Logan Mankins and dropped Brady for a key sack when the Patriots went for it on fourth-and-3 from the Broncos' 29 late in the third quarter in their win to reach the Super Bowl.

Knighton had some fun with the heralded battle between himself and Seattle Seahawks power back Marshawn Lynch, who just inked a deal with "Skittles.''

"People are saying, it's Pot Roast versus Skittles,'' he said.

"I'm going to have fun with it. My family loves it. Fans love it. My coaches love it.

"If I get a sack this game, I've got a little special sack dance. It's something to do with Pot Roast.

"You'll see.''

H/T - Original +USA TODAY Sports Article Founde Here:

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Manning Takes it all in on Super Bowl Media Day

Manning Appears to be more calm, focused, and his usual "Enjoying the Moment" of Being back in the Super Bowl with his new team, the +Denver Broncos 

NEWARK, N.J. – Peyton Manning played along. Manning is known for being very serious about football, but as we know from commercials, “Saturday Night Live” and some of his press conference answers, the Broncos quarterback has a personality too. On … Continue reading →

Broncos CR3W mid-Super Bowl Week Addition (theme) to Horse Track Playlist: "Movin About my Ways"

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Boston Mayor Wears Broncos Jersey

LOOK: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh loses bet, wears Broncos jersey

By Will Brinson | NFL Writer - January 27, 2014 7:02 pm ET

The Broncos defeated the Patriots and, like any fan worth his salt, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had to pay up.

Walsh made a bet with Denver mayor Michael B. Hancock that involved the loser sporting a jersey of the opposing team.

This was the result:

Kudos to Walsh for not welching on the bet and having some fun with it.
H/T to +CBS Sports Network writer Will Brinson

Original Link Found Here:

Broncos legend TE, Shannon Sharpe, Classic Video "We are Killing the Patriots..." :p

It might be a bit late after becoming AFC Champions, but definitely worth posting and putting in the archives. +Denver Broncos great TE, #ShannonSharpe with one of the greatest caught on air lines to be produced from a +NFL sideline.

Broncos vs Seahawks - NFL Network 'Playbook'

Always enjoy Baldinger's insight. It is pre-season but they're certainly things Peyton knows and does pre and post-snap that is why +BRONCOS CR3W believes +Denver Broncos are making this their destiny. "Destiny is Chosen" - This team has that veteran mix with great youth to keep it contained during a very long, arduous week. That's before even the long game day it is. #BroncosUp

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Broncos Fans, You Have It (Better Than) Good

Over the Past 37 Years, Your Team Has Been One of the Top Franchises in All of Pro Sports


COMMENTARY | Yeah, this two-week wait for the Super Bowl tends to drag a little.

After all, there are only so many times Richard Sherman's psyche can be analyzed, Peyton Manning's legacy can be broken down or the looming battle between the Denver Broncos' top-ranked offense and the Seattle Seahawks' No. 1-ranked D can be dissected.

But here's something that's not debatable: Broncos fans should be living and loving every minute of the build-up to Super Bowl XLVIII. They need to savor every sound bite, revel in every rumor and cherish each close-up on NFL Network.

After all, many Orange and Blue backers might not realize how truly good they have it.

Sure, most know the Broncos are making their seventh Super Bowl appearance -- matching the New England Patriots -- and might have heard that only the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys (with eight apiece) have more.

But consider that of the 28 other remaining NFL teams, 19 of them haven't made it to a Roman Numeral game even half as often, with three or fewer appearances apiece. That, of course, includes the four franchises -- the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars -- which have yet to play on Super Sunday at all.

Having married a Browns fan, I'm reminded of this constantly during football season.

In terms of Super Bowl wins, only 18 of the 32 current franchises have accomplished the feat, and 11 -- including the +Denver Broncos, of course -- can boast of multiple Lombardi Trophies.

Meanwhile, the list of 14 teams without Super Bowl victories includes the Seahawks and nine franchises which have been in existence for all 48 years of the Super Bowl era.

In fact, there are 67-year-old fans of the Arizona/St. Louis/Chicago Cardinals franchise and middle-aged Lions backers who have never witnessed their teams win a league championship. Ten other franchises haven't captured a league crown since the 1960s, and seven others - the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings, Texans, Jaguars and, yes, the Seahawks - haven't won any at all.

Think some of those fans would be griping and grousing about the Jersey weather if their teams had Groundhog Night plans at MetLife Stadium this year?

In the meantime, the Orange and Blue have treated Broncos Country to an almost unparalleled run of success since their first Cinderella Super Bowl season of 1977.

Over that 37-season span, the Broncos have had 23 winning campaigns, made 20 playoff appearances and won 13 division titles. Their overall .599 winning percentage (370-248-1) is matched only by the Steelers (373-250-1, .599).

Since '77, no NFL team has made more Super Bowl trips -- the Patriots' seven have all come during this span as well -- and, in fact, only the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers (an amazing 16 NBA Finals appearances) and the New York Yankees(9 World Series berths) have made more championship appearances than the Broncos over the last 37 years in the four major professional sports leagues.
Wayne Gretzky's Edmonton Oilers and the Boston Celtics -- predominately in the Larry Bird Era of the 1980s -- also have made seven championship series showings since '77.

How's that for big-time company?

In short, the Broncos' organization has been a model of success -- most notably after current owner Pat Bowlen took over in 1984 -- but most of the credit belongs to a pair of Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks. John Elway, who guided the Broncos to five Super Bowls, is a 10-year Canton vet, while Manning, currently looking to put a cherry atop the best QB season in league history, will be a first-ballot selection five years after his retirement.

Also including the yet-to-be-enshrined Brett Favre and Tom Brady, there have been only 21 modern-era (careers predominately running 1960-present) Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks -- representing 16 franchises -- and two of them have taken snaps from center in the Mile High City. Not bad for a franchise lost out here in the wilderness of country's forgotten time zone.

In the meantime, for those of you who call Broncos Country home, just realize how good you have it and be sure to treasure every moment along the way -- particularly during this current two-week Super Bowl wait.

If you don't, I'm pretty certain there's a Browns, Lions or Cardinals fan out there who would be more than happy to switch replica jerseys.

Ken Pomponio has spent the past 25 years as a sports journalist who has been published extensively in print and online. He's been an avid follower of the Denver sports scene since early childhood, and can be found on Twitter @kenpomp.

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Super Bowl XLVIII Storylines Start with Peyton Manning

10 Biggest Factors for Super Bowl XLVIII (ESPN - Clayton)

Who's No. 1? In Super Bowl XLVIII, aces are wild.

The Denver Broncos had the No. 1 offense in the regular season. The Seattle Seahawks had the No. 1 defense. Both teams were the No. 1 seeds in their conferences.

And the No. 1 story is Peyton Manning, returning to the Super Bowl for the third time and trying to earn his second ring. For the NFL, it doesn't get any better than that.

In the big picture, it's also an amazing shift. About four years ago, the AFC West and NFC West were the two worst divisions in the league. John Elway, who made the Broncos a Super Bowl contender as a player, has proved to be equally successful as a front-office executive.

He signed Manning, produced 13 regular-season wins in two consecutive years and now is hoping to get another ring.

Pete Carroll completely turned around the Seahawks, modeling the rebuild on his restoration of USC into a national power. He's going for his first Super Bowl win as a coach.

Here are the 10 most important questions for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Continue to Read article on ESPN...

High Octane Broncos Offense can Grind it out too


Who: Broncos (15-3) vs. Seahawks (15-3)
When: Sunday, Feb. 2, 6:30 p.m.
Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.
Line: Broncos by 2
TV: Fox

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — After hurrying Denver’s quick-strike, high-octane offense through a record-shattering regular season, Peyton Manning has turned the Broncos into a slow-grinding, clock-eating machine in the playoffs.

Denver’s three most time-consuming drives of the season have all come in the last two weeks, helping to render opposing passers short-tempered sideline spectators.

In dispatching the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots, Manning 'dinked and dunked' his way downfield.

“To keep Tom Brady on the sideline is a good thing,” Manning said after directing two epic drives in Denver’s 26-16 win in the AFC Championship.

Denver’s downshift, some of it by design, some due to circumstance, has thrown a new wrinkle into an already formidable test that Seattle’s stingy defense will have to prepare for in the Super Bowl.

After averaging seven plays, 65 yards and just over 3 minutes, 10 seconds on their 71 touchdown drives during the season, the Broncos have doubled the time to 6:23 in the postseason and the touchdown drives have averaged 12 plays and 79.4 yards.

With a wealth of receivers in Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, +Wes Welker and Julius Thomas and a rejuvenated running back in Knowshon Moreno, the Broncos are the first team in NFL history to sport five players who each caught 60 or more passes. Each member of this quintet also reached the end zone 10 or more times, something that’s never been done before.

Offensive coordinator Adam Gase capitalized on all that firepower, Denver’s altitude and Manning’s deciphering of defenses at the line of scrimmage to ramp up the Broncos to breakneck speed with a no-huddle offense that created mismatches in 2013 after taking over from the more conservative Mike McCoy following last year’s playoff upset.

The +Denver Broncos scored an NFL-record 606 points. Their 37.9-point average was the highest of the Super Bowl era and second only to the 1950 Los Angeles Rams, who averaged 38.8 points.

The Broncos could have beaten that mark, too, had Manning not sat out the second half at +Oakland Raiders in Week 17 after guiding Denver to a 31-0 halftime lead.

Taking away the three field goals backup Brock Osweiler led the Broncos to this season and Denver’s five return touchdowns, Manning’s offense accounted for 565 points in just over 453 minutes on the field.

AP Photo: Peyton Manning, Knowshon Moreno

Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno has carried
the ball 479 consecutive times, without a fumble
 That’s 1.25 points per minute. 

Scoring doesn’t come as easily in the playoffs, however.

The most prolific team before this season was the 2007 Patriots, who scored 589 points, an average of 36.8, in the regular season and then averaged just 22 in the postseason, losing the Super Bowl 17-14 to the New York Giants.

While the Broncos have scored on 10 of their 14 drives this postseason, not counting the two possessions that ended in victory formation, half of those have been field goals by Matt Prater after promising drives stalled at their opponents’ 27, 9, 17, 2 and 35.

In the regular season, they had 71 touchdown drives and 25 field goals.

That accounts for a lot of their dip to a 25-point scoring average in the playoffs.

Yet, they’re in greater control and their defense is better than it’s been all season, yielding just 17 and 16 points after allowing 24.93 points per game in the regular season.

Credit Manning for keeping the Broncos on the field for an average of 35 minutes, 35 seconds to his opponents’ 24:25.

Philip Rivers, whose +Chargers led the league in time of possession and had controlled the clock for more than 38 minutes in both of their regular-season matchups against Denver, watched helplessly as Manning converted 9 of 13 third downs in their divisional playoff game.

Manning had a tone-setting, 14-play, 86-yard touchdown drive that took 7:01 to start the scoring, then staved off San Diego’s furious fourth-quarter rally by converting two key third down passes to Julius Thomas to chew up the final four minutes.

“If we got it one more time, I believe deep down that we would’ve tied that thing up,” Rivers said after San Diego’s 24-17 loss. “Those are all a bunch of what ifs.”

Against +New England Patriots, Manning directed drives that lasted 7:01 and 7:08, covering 93 and 80 yards in 15 and 13 plays, respectively.

It was quite a change for the Broncos, who kicked off the NFL season against +Baltimore Ravens with a 24-yard touchdown that took all of 5 seconds, one of Manning’s record-tying seven that night.

Demaryius Thomas’ third-quarter TD Sunday capped a drive that took almost as long as those seven TD drives in the opener combined.

“Usually we score fast,” he said. “But we had a 13-play drive and I got to the sideline, that’s all everybody was talking about. I didn’t know. I just knew we scored.”

AP NFL website:

Follow AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Melendrez Stapleton on Twitter:

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Broncos CR3W latest addition to Horse Track Playlist (Theme for Weekend Prep)

Peter King (Sports Illustrated) One on One with "Duke of Denver:" Elway

What Else can one say About +Denver Broncos Heart & Soul, John Elway?

+BRONCOS CR3W has witnessed this franchise become one of the most successful, prominent, valuable +NFL franchises largely because of this guy's ability on the field, but also doing what he has done as the Executive Vice President of the Broncos.

+USA TODAY Sports takes a look at the Super Bowl - Video - Denver Broncos vs. +Seattle Seahawks : Super Bowl XLVIII

Sound FX of the Broncos clinching Super Bowl berth vs Patriots

Watch the video ‘Sound FX’: Denver Broncos clinch Super Bowl berth on Yahoo Sports . Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos put on a football clinic to defeat the New England Patriots and advance to the Super Bowl. Get an inside look at all the best sights and sounds from the AFC Championship Game.

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Super Bowl XLVIII: There's More to Denver Broncos Than Peyton Manning

Here Are 3 Understated Reasons Why the Broncos Are a Win Away from Winning it All


By Ken Pomponio 23 hours ago

COMMENTARY | Peyton Manning monopolizes the headlines, the MVP discussion and even the off-field commercial time, Demaryius Thomas garners recognition as one of the game's premier pass-catching talents and Champ Bailey captures the sentimental vote with his first Super Bowl appearance in his storied 15-year career.

But the Denver Broncos' determined drive to East Rutherford, N.J. has been fuelled by a number of factors - some just not as obvious as others. Here are three of the more understated reasons why the Broncos will be playing on Groundhog Night with nothing less than the Lombardi Trophy on the line:

Offensive line: The NFL's Best? 
Broncos Offensive Line and their Superb Play in the playoffs with
their offensive skill players and Peyton Manning wk 16 at Houston.
Photo Courtesy: +Denver Broncos (AP

When the Broncos lost All-Pro left tackle Ryan Clady to a season-ending foot injury way back in Week 2, many felt the Broncos' high-scoring express was doomed to hit an early roadblock.

Not only has that hasn't happened, but right tackle Orlando Franklin, right guard Louis Vasquez, center Manny Ramirez, left guard Zane Beadles and left tackle Chris Clark have emerged as arguably the NFL's best offensive line. The meticulous, game tape-devouring folks at Pro Football Focus think so, assigning their highest overall OL grade in the league to the Orange and Blue quintet.

The stats back that up.

The Broncos -- admittedly with a big assist from Manning's decisive decision-making -- allowed the fewest sacks (20 in 16 games) in the league while also paving the way for the eighth-ranked ground attack (117.1 yards per outing).

In the postseason so far, those numbers have gotten even better with the Broncos having yet to surrender a sack -- and allowing only a single QB hit -- in 79 Manning drop-backs. Meanwhile, Denver's rushing yards per game has improved to 120 per contest.

Terrance Knighton: Pot Roast Simmering

Of the Broncos' splashy off-season free-agent acquisitions, the signing of this four-year starting defensive tackle with the Jacksonville Jaguars barely created a ripple.

Yet fresh off his celebrated and timely fourth-down sack of Tom Brady in the third quarter of the AFC Championship Game, the 6-foot-3, 335-pound force nicknamed "Pot Roast" is quickly gaining national acclaim.

Knighton started all 16 regular-season games and finished with 31 total tackles, three sacks, five tackles for losses, seven QB hits, a fumble recovery and even an interception, but he's stepped things up a notch in the playoffs with seven total tackles (tied for second on the squad), including six solo stops and has been a big reason why the Broncos are allowing a NFL postseason-leading 64.5 rushing yards per game so far.

In short, a full serving of Pot Roast has been exactly what the Broncos' defense has needed on a defensive front which entered 2013 without Elvis Dumervil and lost its senior leader, fellow DT Kevin Vickerson, three quarters of the way through the season.

Danny Trevathan: Strength on the Weak Side

The Broncos' linebacker corps has had quite the up-and-down season. Von Miller has been out, in and, now, back out again, while Wesley Woodyard and Paris Lenon have split time in the middle with mixed results.

Meanwhile, the one constant has been on the weak-side, where second-year player Danny Trevathan, a 2012 sixth-round pick, has started all 18 games and has been a stabilizing and productive presence. His 948 regular-season defensive snaps -- 84 percent of the Broncos' total defensive plays -- were second only to cornerback Chris Harris.

Trevathan, who led the mighty Southeastern Conference in tackles his junior and senior seasons at Kentucky, also paced the Orange and Blue in tackles this season with 124 -- 84 unassisted -- and tied for the team lead with three interceptions, making him one of only seven players league-wide to record at least 120 tackles and three picks.

In the playoffs, he's picked right up where he left off, leading the squad with 12 tackles -- 11 unassisted -- in the two games so far.


Ken Pomponio has spent the past 25 years as a sports journalist who has been published extensively in print and online. He's been an avid follower of the Denver sports scene since early childhood, and can be found on Twitter @kenpomp.

Denver Broncos 5 to Watch: Marshawn Lynch

Andrew Mason (Independent Columnist)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- As Marshawn Lynch goes, so go the Seahawks.

Since he joined the team five weeks into the 2010 season, he has played all but one game. In the 65 games (including playoffs) he's participated, the connection between his performance and that of the Seahawks is clear. Productive performance from Lynch turns an average ledger into one of the league's best -- the eighth-best record overall since he joined the team.

The Seahawks are …
11-1 when Lynch rushes for at least 120 yards, and 29-24 when he doesn't;
10-4 when he averages at least 5.5 yards per carry, and 30-21 when he doesn't;
+Seattle Seahawks #BeastMode RB,
Marshawn Lynch
9-0 when he scores at least two touchdowns and 28-10 when he scores at least once, and 12-15 when he doesn't score at all;
13-1 when he touches the football at least 25 times, and 27-24 when he doesn't, although this is misleading, as his touches are most often connected to the game situation.

The difference is stark in the postseason: when Lynch breaks the century mark in the playoffs, the Seahawks are undefeated, punctuated by his memorable performance in a wild-card stunner over the defending champion Saints there years ago. When he was held in check by the Bears a week later and the Falcons two years later, Seattle lost.

Lynch has recently earned more attention for his reticence at talking to the media, a marketable nickname ("Beast Mode") for which he owns licensing rights and his voracious consumption of Skittles than his actual running, and that's a shame. a

But he should be getting attention for his continued excellence -- and his persistent ability to avoid being brought down. According to, no running back created more missed tackles in 2013 than Lynch, who was credited with 75 on his 301 carries in the regular season. Lynch was second in the league in this statistic in 2011 and 2012, forcing over 50 missed tackles each season.

But the Broncos may be in position to stop Lynch. No one had more success at defusing Lynch in 2013 than the Carolina Panthers in Week 1, mostly because their defensive line, particularly their young tackles, was strong enough to win its share of one-on-one duels at the line of scrimmage.

Terrance Knighton may play an even bigger role in Super Bowl XLVIII than he did against the Patriots. Either he will draw double-teams, which frees up the linebackers to potentially have lanes they can fill, or he can break through to the backfield by winning one-on-ones. As long as Nate Irving, Danny Trevathan and Paris Lenon can be in position to make sound tackles, the Broncos' stout run defense could be the toughest that Lynch has seen in months.

But Lynch might be the toughest running back the Broncos have seen, as well, proving that the Broncos offense-vs.-Seahawks defense duel is not the only strength-vs.-strength matchup lurking on Groundhog Day.

(Original Link to this article, click here)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Look at the Seattle Match up for the Super Bowl

* We personally think the phrasing of this piece is quite bad as he "could" and has earned the right to choose whatever his heart pleases * He also said in a presser this season that if he continued to perform physically and at a high level with the team success, he would probably continue as long as he is allowed? * 

An adequate clip and article to introduce those that are not very familiar to Seattle. The original link is within the subtitle from the +USA TODAY Sports 

Peyton Manning put together the greatest season by a quarterback in NFL history but has one more bit of history to achieve — becoming the second-oldest QB to win a Super Bowl.

Super Bowls are won more than ever by top-tier quarterbacks, as six of the last seven Super Bowl MVPs have been signal callers. Yet only five of 47 Super Bowls have been won by a quarterback 35 or older.

H/T +USA TODAY - article link here:

A Few Signs in Mile High Calling Out Sherman :)

We's stop for a visit and grab an item if were in need.

Broncos Savoring up as "Team of Destiny" (ESPN Clip)

While Seattle is just blossoming into a perennial Super Bowl contender, the Broncos understand their championship window with Peyton Manning under center is quickly closing, writes Jeffri Chadiha.

DENVER -- The deeper the Denver Broncos play into this season, the harder it is to pick against them.

There's simply something to this team that goes far beyond its mind-boggling offensive statistics or the star power of its quarterback. It's the Broncos' mental toughness, their unyielding belief that they can weather whatever challenges come their way. Now that they've drawn the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Broncos are looking even more like a team about to claim its third championship in franchise history.

For all the great things Seattle has accomplished this season, the Seahawks are arriving at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is the year when Peyton Manning and the Broncos get to savor being the team of destiny, the squad that can thrive even when chaos hovers all around them. They've lost key starters on their offensive line. They watched their best defensive player tear his ACL before the regular season ended and their best defensive back suffer the same fate in their first playoff game. Oh yeah, Broncos head coach John Fox also missed a month of work after undergoing open-heart surgery.

Continue to read this on ESPN

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Manning and Brady Post Game - LoL (GIF)

Broncos Fans & Cr3w Members Will See a lot of This Guy the Next Two Weeks

Expect to be quite sick of this guy but very happy he will be on the mic and the focus of the looonngg wait for the Super Bowl and then it flies by the weekend of. Glad he portrayed 'on the field' unspoken rules on camera so Peyton and the Broncos can have a bit of the attention diverted. They've had it for 2 seasons now so it isn't anything they can handle, but it certainly doesn't hurt :D Thanks #ShermtheWorm!

+BRONCOS CR3W #HorseTrackPlaylist latest addition features +A Tribe Called Quest and one of their classic #AwardTour ! Theme for the +Super Bowl 48 Victory!

Belichick Whines About Welker - Fox's Gatorade Bath: Broncos even Execute that With Precision

Great video clip from the link below that shows the precision with which the Gatorade bath dumped on Coach Fox is done with a great performance! Haha :D

Fox's Gatorade Bath

Not much to remark on this except the hit was entirely legal as confirmed with +FOX Sports, Mike Pereira as to it being completely within the rule book. Belichick and Saban reveal sour loser traits often. Onto Super Bowl 48 and the task at hand. Bill, Brady will be in Boston, and the furthest from the +Denver Broncos minds. Also want to point out the players the Broncos lost in their loss at Foxborough earlier this year. Didn't hear the Broncos make a whisper about how badly that game went down. Also how badly, Aqib Talib had been beaten by Thomas in the first quarter and a few times the ball didn't go his way. Lose with dignity Coach Bill Belichick.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Denver Broncos' Defense Steps Up


Broncos with two Weeks to cap off Showing "Football's" Biggest Asset: Ability to Bounce Back from Adversity

Gotta Love These! +Denver Broncos Country & +BRONCOS CR3W Members 

C annot wait for 4 BIG (smart, physical) Quarters to unfold and reveal what (probably all) many of them (us) believed for a long time now. This team has a legend's bookmark to stamp. Destiny is for the one that makes it and they've prepared and conducted as such for last two seasons. There is absolutely a challenge ahead, but one that if played more to their game to the others game they can come out as the victor and #SuperBowlChamps. Just gives ya chills, doesn't it? :) Broncos can and hopefully will continue that stifling Rush D against a TOUGH run game, protecting the ball would be significant factors, & the line play on offense, specifically passpro, would lead them to a very likely victory. 
Can't say enough about #PotRoast!!

Over/Under on #PotRoast said 1000 times over the next 2 weeks on network broadcasts? Knighton seems molded for these moments and games. No denying he is a #BOSS. (JDR, a #BOSS himself), Elway knew to sign him. And the O-Line forming the pocket for guys that go upfield often (slide them right by a sidestep of Manning and open the field up for him. All 5 are playing as a unit, 5 links to a chain, synced in to each other. :D First 3 draft picks and 3 big free agent additions have been excellent in picking up right where the team was at and showing/playing like that bond created. #GoOrange #GoBroncos #AFCChamps #SoundlessInSeattle

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"POT ROAST" was the Special of the AFC Championship


+NFL's AFC CHAMPIONS: The +Denver Broncos  

Lamr Hunt Trophy for the AFC Champions.
Going to be the last step before the +Lombardi Trophy
for the Denver Broncos
LET'S GET THIS STARTED +Seattle Seahawks ! This is not #Kaep this time around :D

Broncos CR3W Horse Track Playlist Addition at Halftime of AFC Championship

LET'S FINISH THIS "CR3W Members" and +Denver Broncos. #MakeItOurTime #FINISH #Broncos #NEvsDEN #AFCChampionship #MILEHIGHMYSTIQUE #MILEHIGHTHUNDER

AFC Championship Preview: Denver Broncos Five to Watch (Links) vs New England Patriots

+BRONCOS CR3W Lucky #7 - Elway Keys to the Game

+Denver Broncos vs +New England Patriots Graphic Preview of the AFC Championship at +Sports Authority Field at Mile High 


* Line of Scrimmage - How the lines play vs the run but also pick up blitz schemes.

* Third Down and Redzone Efficiency on defense. Followed up by offense. They really both intertwine, but dissecting why is like talking to time travel.

* Physicality on the edges  - Be physical on their cornerbacks. Contain and do not allow bigger plays and no special teams gaffs.

Limit the first downs on their first downs. Patriots like to speed the game up and after a big gain, they like to go right after another quickly. "1 minute drill tempo."


Del Rio has Broncos D Primed for Patriots

Del Rio has Broncos primed for Patriots

Jeremy Mincey has no bitter feelings toward Jacksonville for dumping him late in the season, only big thanks. After being jettisoned from the Jaguars for chronic tardiness, the defensive end wound up with the Denver Broncos. He's making the most of his fresh, baggage-free start, playing a big role in getting his new team to the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots (13-4) on Sunday. There's also defensive lineman Terrance ''Pot Roast'' Knighton, who signed with Denver as a free agent, and, of course, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, fired after nearly nine seasons as head coach in Jacksonville. 

(Continue to read from +Yahoo SportsBroncos Defense playing its best and with an explosive offense, their objectives are a formula to winning football games. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NFL Network Preview and ESPN Preview of Patriots vs Broncos: AFC Championship Game

+NFL Network Previews the +New England Patriots visiting +Sports Authority Field at Mile High and the host, +Denver Broncos for rights to represent the AFC in the +NFL Super Bowl New York

This week is why +BRONCOS CR3W loves to cheer every single snap and play for. The chance to watch them achieve the near impossible. It's been a blessing to witness their success, but the ultimate achievement is even savored more. Fully aware of how difficult it is to get to where they stand right now, CR3W members are enjoying this entire thing!

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning Enjoying Preparation Process

There are so many to point out, but a big reason why Peyton is who he is. He simply loves this game and every aspect of competition. Cannot argue against being the #GreatestEver, that's plain and simple. 
(Link to Video Below)

Peyton Manning drops back at +Houston Texans in Week 16.
The Week he broke +Tom Brady's TD record. Original photo (unedited)
courtesy of: +Denver Broncos 
Watch the video Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning enjoying preparation process on Yahoo Sports . Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning talks about preparing for the Patriots' athletic linebackers, his relationship with Tom Brady throughout the years, and the advantage of learning from John Elway.

Fox Recalls Simple Decision as Biggest of the Season, Let Alone, Perhaps, His Life.

It's a wonder the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos made it this far. Bill Belichick's smarts and Tom Brady's tenacity always seems to trump tribulation. This season, they brushed aside the Tim Tebow distraction and overcame Aaron Hernandez's arrest and the losses of Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo to put the Patriots (13-4) into the AFC championship for the third straight year.

''I'd have been 60 miles out in the woods,'' Fox said. ''They might never have found me.''
Of all the decisions coach John Fox made that kept the Denver Broncos rolling through a drama-filled season, one was an absolute life-saver. Instead of going out on his fishing boat for some solitude during his team's bye week, Fox decided to play 18 holes with some buddies some 200 yards from his offseason home in Charlotte, N.C. ''I'd have been 60 miles out in the woods,'' Fox said. ''They might never have found me.'' Fox had just seen his cardiologist in Raleigh, who told him he'd still be able to delay his heart operation until after the Super Bowl so long as he didn't feel faint or short of breath in the meantime.

Continue to read story, by clicking here:

Obstacles & Overcoming Them Could be what Broncos, Patriots Share Most with Success (AP)

Patriots, Broncos Overcame Plenty of Obstacles

By ARNIE STAPLETON (AP Pro Football Writer)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) -- Embarrassing headlines. Sidelined superstars. Retooled offenses. Shredded defenses. It's a wonder the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos made it this far.

Bill Belichick's smarts and Tom Brady's tenacity always seems to trump tribulation.

This season, they brushed aside the Tim Tebow distraction and overcame Aaron Hernandez's arrest and the losses of Rob Gronkowski,Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo to put the Patriots (13-4) into the AFC championship for the third straight year.

''I'm sure every team is probably at this point overcome a lot,'' Brady said. ''I know Denver has done a lot of those things, too. They've overcome a lot of things and injuries and so forth. It's just part of the NFL football season.

''To get out there and play 16 weeks and really see where you stand at the end of those 16 weeks, getting to the playoffs, play the best teams and see if you can advance. It's certainly not easy to do. It's very challenging.''

Nobody does it better than Brady and Belichick, the best quarterback/coach combo in history with a record 18 playoff wins.

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox
speaks during a news conference
at the Denver Broncos NFL football
practice facility
After last year's stumble against Baltimore in the playoffs, John Fox andPeyton Manning also steered the Broncos (14-3) through a minefield to send Denver to its first conference championship in eight years.

''That shock of what happened against the Ravens contributed to this team being able to be as flexible as it has been and survive the adversity that it's gone through,'' said Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway, who led the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowls in the late 1990s and now leads them from the front office instead of the huddle.

After losing Elvis Dumervil in the infamous fax fiasco when his renegotiated contract didn't reach team headquarters in time, Elway hit the jackpot in free agency by signing Welker and Louis Vasquez on offense and Shaun Phillips, Terrance Knighton and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on defense.

They helped the Broncos weather an injury epidemic that claimed Von Miller, Kevin Vickerson, Rahim Moore, Derek Wolfe and Chris Harris while rendering captains Champ Bailey and Wesley Woodyard backups for most of the season.

Fox overcame his own heart operation that sidelined him for a month and even a player quitting on him at midseason, and Manning set a slew of records, including throwing for 55 TDs and 5,447 yards, to help the Broncos become the first 600-point team in league history.

New England Patriots head
coach Bill Belichick listens to
a reporter's question
during a media conference.
The Broncos did it despite losing exceptional blindside protector Ryan Clady in Week 2 and being anchored by a converted guard who hadn't played a full season at center in 14 years.

So, Manning sits just one win shy of returning to the Super Bowl just two years after he was jettisoned by the Indianapolis Colts following four neck surgeries that strengthened his resolve but weakened his throwing arm.

''You don't take it for granted,'' Manning said, ''especially when you've been through an injury, been through a major change and you're in the home stretch of your career.''

Both the Patriots and Broncos have quarterbacks known as grinders, who elevate the play of those around them because of their meticulous preparation.

The head coaches have very different reputations.

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox
watches practice at the NFL
Denver Broncos football training 
Belichick is known as a mostly dour mad genius - even Manning called him ''the best coach that I've ever competed against,'' and Brady has high praise for the tone he sets.

''We're challenged here on a daily basis by Coach Belichick to show up, do the right thing, always put the team first and I think that's what this team has always been about,'' Brady said.

Fox is the ultimate player's coach whose bounce-off-the-walls energy and enthusiasm were very much needed after Josh McDaniels' troubled tenure - and Elway suggested those qualities only increased after he had his aortic valve repaired in November.

''He's got more energy than anybody I've ever seen,'' Elway said. ''That, to me, is the definition of John Fox: the energy level that he brings. He brings it to the practice field, and it's contagious. I think that's why he was a perfect fit for us.''

Rod Smith, who helped the Broncos win back-to-back titles in the late 1990s and will serve as their honorary captain Sunday, said he's not surprised these are the two AFC teams left standing, battered though they may be, rendering this game in many ways a skirmish among subs.

''Honestly, you have two of the best organizations in football,'' Smith said. ''You have to give it up to Mr. (Robert) Kraft and you have to give it up to Mr. (Pat) Bowlen.''

The Patriots lose players left and right, but with Belichick they're always playing for trophies.

Elway has the Broncos doing the same thing again.

''Everybody thought it was a huge, horrible, financial disaster gamble with Peyton Manning,'' Smith said. ''And he's got those 92 touchdowns in two years. ... So, the organization has done a masterful job.''

Denver Broncos quarterback
Peyton Manning speaks
at a news conference after
NLF football practice.
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning speaks at a news conference after NLF football practice in …
AP NFL website:
AP Sports Writer Howard Ulman contributed.
Follow AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Melendrez Stapleton on Twitter:

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