Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eli Manning says brother, Peyton, stole "Omaha" from him - (Huff Post)

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During the +NFL playoffs, +Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning put Omaha on the map in a different way, shouting out the city's name at the line of scrimmage. But his younger brother, +New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, claims Peyton wasn't the first in the family to call attention to Nebraska's largest city. "I think he stole it. It's a word we've used a lot. I think it means a similar thing there in Denver. It's okay we're always trying to help each other out. I've taken some plays and some tips from Peyton over the years," Eli told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Wednesday. When asked why he shouts "Omaha" instead of the name of a city like Los Angeles, Eli said "it's just one of those words that rolls off the tongue." +The Huffington Post