Sunday, September 20, 2015

Broncos Defense Jumps on Peyton's Rally, Finish Chiefs off

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - After leading the 11th fourth-quarter or overtime game-winning or -tying drive in his +Denver Broncos career and eclipsing the 70,000 career-passing mark, it's easy to see why quarterback Peyton Manning says that Thursday's stunning 31-24 win over divisional foe +Kansas City Chiefs is one he'll never forget.

"To win a division game on the road, [in] a great atmosphere," said Manning. "This place is always just a great place to play football and the crowd was rocking tonight and they were into it. I thought it was two really good teams battling out there and we were real fortunate to come up on top. But this is one that you'll always remember. Certainly the way it ended."

Manning isn't exaggerating about the Broncos' wild ending, either. H/T - +The Denver Post  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Broncos Offense Clicks at right time, defense pounces on its Chances to Stun AFC West foe, Chiefs, in Thriller

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Peyton Manning made history Thursday night. And not by becoming the first player to announce his retirement during a game. After persistent talk of his demise, Manning showed resolve in the +Denver Broncos' 31-24 victory over the +Kansas City Chiefs that will long be remembered for Denver's two touchdowns in nine seconds that came in the last minute of the AFC West game.

With the Broncos trailing 14-0, criticism of Manning could be heard from Arrowhead Stadium to old Mile High. Legends, outside of John Elway, rarely exit on their own terms. There's an awkward dance of diminished skills and hurt feelings. Manning will leave someday. But not on this day.

"This guy took a lot of (bleep) this week," coach Gary Kubiak said as he gave Manning a game ball, as shown on postgame video posted online by the Broncos.

Manning beat the Chiefs for a ninth consecutive time — no other quarterback has done that — and the Broncos won their 13th consecutive division road game, an NFL record... H/T +The Denver Post - Original (rest of story) click here

The "DENVERS" are just getting out of idle...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Broncos vs Chiefs NFL Week 2 Matchup Preview

Peyton Manning flies young girl with cancer in for Broncos opener versus Ravens

Dear Peyton Manning, 
You took the time to read her letter. A letter that I can only imagine is one of thousands you receive in a week.
You probably choked up. Kari Barnett Bollig's story is one that makes even tough football giants cry. 
And then you did the miraculous. What Kari never expected in a million years you would do.
You didn't put that letter down, thinking to yourself "too bad for that woman." You didn't traipse out onto the field, loosen up your shoulder and start throwing.
You walked in to your people at Mile High Stadium and you told your people to call that woman. I can hear you saying it now: "Get that woman out here. I want to meet her." 
I didn't love you before, Peyton. Even when you were in Indianapolis, even when you won a Super Bowl for the Colts during the 2006 season. I didn't love you even when you made me cry with laughter in "Saturday Night Live" or those goofy ESPN commercials....

H/T -   Continue to read from Indy Star, HERE

Friday, September 4, 2015

Peyton Manning's take on 2015 being his last, "I don't give it much thought"

It really seems like Peyton Manning's retirement will come out of the blue, sometime in the middle of a cold offseason.

Will it be next offseason? Who knows. But Manning has avoided the retirement talk since he came to Denver. He simply will not talk about his future plans and when he might walk away from the NFL. After his play slipped late last season, and the Denver Broncos asked him to take a pay cut, the common thought has been that the 2015 season might be it. But there will be no farewell tour, at least this season.

In a promotional interview for +NFL Sunday Ticket on +DIRECTV, +Yahoo's Evan Doherty asked Manning when he's going to retire.

"I don't have those thoughts," said Manning, who is 39. "I think about playing football to the best of my ability in 2015."

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