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Polish Off Some Silver!

Appropriately, Peyton Manning and the Broncos took a 31 - 0 lead with a 6 yard TD Pass to Baybay (Demaryius)Thomas with 13 seconds left (in the first half). It only took 29:47 of game time for Peyton Manning and the +Denver Broncos to put up 31 points, toss 4 touchdown passes and have 266 yards passing. Second straight week with zero turnovers and getting one or more on defense! The last play of the half for the Broncos offense was a Peyton Manning to Baybay Thomas 6 yard TD connection that set a +NFL record by a team. Single season scoring record and the first team ever to put up 600 points or more in a regular season. Adding to the records this potent offense has put up this season. That would be the last act for them in the regular season as Brock Osweiler, and many back up players started the second half. Would've have been interesting to see how much Manning may have added to the record totals they had accomplished already, but ensuring health on a roster that has suffered some big losses due to injury, reps for the youth, and back ups on the roster, it is not worth a record to any of them if they do not come out of this rested, as healthy, and as focused as possible. Peyton broke the single season passing yards record, quite appropriately, on the same play that was his last of the regular season. The 6 yard TD pass to Baybay, also was the one that did the topping of Drew Brees passing yards record set in 2011. Peyton surpassed it by 1 4,477 passing yards with his last throw of this regular season.


Make Mile High Rumble
Mile High Magic
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Broncos Take Care of Business: Beat Oakland, Grab Top Seed in AFC

Peyton Sets Single Season Passing Yards Record, Adds 4 TD's In a Half (266 Yds 25/28)

Broncos (Elway) #7 Keys to Finishing off 31-0 Start

7 Keys to today's Game:

  1. Do Not Turn the Ball Over for any reason!
  2. Do Not Return a Punt, Fair Catch it, if at all. Stay healthy 'eh?
  3. See Peyton get to 60 TDs. LoL!!
  4. Now that he has the single season passing yards record and put 55 TDs up now... Right before half (see Hillman gets some secure touches under him.
  5. Do Not Turn the Ball Over for any reason.
  6. Do Not Turn the Ball Over for any reason.
  7. Do Not Turn the Ball Over for any reason.

Ramirez Fends off Doubters; D-Lineman Alike

By ARNIE STAPLETON— Dec. 25, 2013 6:56 PM EST | Associated Press

In this Oct. 6, 2013, photo, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18),
center Manny Ramirez (66) and guard Zane Beadles (68)
get ready for a play during an NFL football game against the
Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas. The man in the middle of Denver's offensive line,
the one that's allowed the fewest sacks in the league, is the center who had never started
a game at the position before this season. (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Manny Ramirez has arguably the toughest job in pro football. As Peyton Manning's center, he literally works under the most demanding quarterback in the NFL.

Not only that, but before this season, the seventh-year journeyman from +Texas Tech University hadn't played a full year at center since his junior year at Willowridge High School in Houston — way back in 2000.

With Ramirez as its anchor, the Broncos' offensive line has allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL (17), giving Manning time to throw his record 51 TD passes and plowing the way for Knowshon Moreno to top 1,000 yards rushing for the first time.

The Broncos (12-3) are 28 points shy of becoming the first 600-point team in history and a win at +Oakland Raiders (4-11) on Sunday will secure home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

"Manny's been awesome," Manning said after a Christmas afternoon practice in pads. "That is no easy task to go from guard to center, especially in a sophisticated, fast-moving, always-changing offense. I think it would be one thing if you knew what play was going to be called and you had 40 seconds to process it. But we call one play and change it to the next with five seconds on the play clock and when we change a play, Manny has to make his own calls and he has just gotten better each week."

He's got the brawn and backbone to match the brains, too, Manning said.

"I know he has played through a lot of injuries. It speaks to his toughness," Manning said. "He is one of the strongest guys on our team, so it's very impressive. I'm not sure people (appreciate it). I think people in this building understand with the sophistication of our offense just how difficult his job is and he's just been outstanding."

Ramirez is an unlikely fulcrum for this historic offense, spending all season casting aside doubters and defensive linemen alike.

"This summer, I'm hearing all kind of grief about Manny can't do this, Manny can't do that," offensive line coach Dave Magazu said. "Well, I think Manny's proven all those people wrong."

Coach John Fox laughs now that nobody seemed to believe him when he kept saying in the offseason that Ramirez was his starting center and that he wasn't just keeping the position warm for J.D. Walton or Dan Koppen or Ryan Lilja or Steve Vallos or even Chris Kuper.

Ramirez, whose claim to fame before this season was bench-pressing a school-record 550 pounds in college, didn't listen to the skeptics, but he couldn't help but hear them, either.

"Truthfully, and unfortunately, that's been my entire life," Ramirez said. "You know, even when I was playing in middle school and high school, I've always had doubters, and that's fine. That's always been motivation for me."

He's been proving people wrong since he first starting playing football.

"Growing up, where I'm from, people aren't shy to tell you to your face, 'You're not going to make it. You're a Mexican, for one thing. There's not many Mexicans that play in the league anyways. You're not smart enough. If you go to college, you're going to have to go to a juco first and then go to college if you get an opportunity,'" Ramirez said. "I don't know, it's just some dumb stuff people were always saying, trying to put me down for whatever reason it might be. But you've just got to put all that to the side."

Ramirez started 11 games at right guard for Denver last year, but free agency was barely 20 minutes old when he got a call from his old college teammate, Louis Vasquez, informing him he'd just signed a four-year, $23.5 million deal with the Broncos to play right guard.

"I was shocked, but at the same time I was excited because Louie and I got a bond that's like brothers, so I was happy for him," Ramirez said. "And then my mindset was I've just got to fight for a job."

The Broncos had a plan in mind for Ramirez.

When Manning began the second chapter of his career in Denver following the series of neck surgeries that affected his famed right arm, he rebuilt his throwing motion from the ground up.

No longer does he rely as much on his arm strength so much as he does on proper mechanics, using more of his hips and torso to direct his passes and generate speed. So, it's imperative that he has room to step into his throws.

That means, the Broncos needed more height and beef in the middle of their line, and they got it with Vasquez (6-foot-5, 335 pounds) and Zane Beadles (6-4, 305) at guard and Ramirez (6-3, 320) at center.

"That's helped us become a little more powerful on the run and a little stouter on the pass," Fox said. "So, those are areas you try to get better at physically. And then mentally is the thing that Manny's done a great job with.

"He's got a quarterback behind him that's a pretty demanding guy and changes and does things on the fly, so you've got to be a sharp guy and you've got to earn his trust and he has and done an excellent job."

AP NFL website:
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Welker to Miss Raiders Game: Week 17 Preview at Oakland

By ARNIE STAPLETON | Associated Press

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) -- As expected, Denver Broncos slot receiver Wes Welker was officially ruled out of this weekend's game at Houston.

He's also expected to be held out of the Broncos' regular-season finale at Oakland on Dec. 29 as a precaution against a third head injury this month, which would end his season.

The Broncos (11-3) are hoping to gain home-field advantage in the playoffs and a first-round bye that would give Welker more than a month's rest.

He hasn't played since leaving the Broncos' Dec. 8 game against Tennessee shortly before halftime with his second concussion in a three-week span. He was cleared Thursday to resume light workouts.

Welker has a career-high 10 touchdown catches on 73 receptions for 778 yards in his first season in Denver after six years as Tom Brady's favorite target in New England.

Bubba Caldwell started in his place last week against San Diego and at Houston with Eric Decker moving over to the slot.

AP NFL website:
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 +CBS Sports Network Preview of +Denver Broncos at +Oakland Raiders Week 17 Match up

Broncos Cr3w Latest on Horse Track Playlist

Latest addition to +BRONCOS CR3W Horse Track Playlist featuring +Kenny Chesney presenting a great track "Boys of Fall."

Resiliency of Broncos Weather One Crisis After Another

Resilient Broncos weather one crisis after another

The Denver Broncos have seen it all in this drama-filled season. ''We've had a lot of ups and downs,'' wide receiver Eric Decker said Thursday. It's a testament to everybody if we can finish out the season strong with a win this Sunday and go into the playoffs with some momentum.'' The Broncos need 18 points against the Raiders (4-11) to become the highest-scoring team in league history and 28 to become the first 600-point team. They've transcended their troubles despite an injury epidemic that has claimed Rahim Moore, Kevin Vickerson, Champ Bailey, Wes Welker, Ryan Clady, Derek Wolfe, Wesley Woodyard and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for a combined 43 games, testing their depth and fortitude.

NFL says Record Tying TD Pass called Complete was Incorrect Upon Further Review

Not so fast about record tying TD pass, says +NFL

Not gonna say this is much of a surprise from our end, regarding last week's game involving the Denver Broncos visiting the Houston Texans. When the replay was shown on the broadcast to the 50th TD Pass by Peyton Manning to Eric Decker, it is a catch that we expected to be overturned, especially in regards to how replay has played out for the +Denver Broncos this season and in regards to Coach Fox it seems he gets lil' leeway. That could be our own personal view veered a little biasedly. This was no doubt a great snag and pass, the catch was really quite amazing but Decker did readjust his grip on ball upon stepping out in our opinion. Anyone that might or is going to sweat over it much, is stressing on remedial, almost pointless banter. Seeing as the Broncos finished the game with a comfortable lead and doubt it would have affected the Broncos and chances are that Peyton Manning would have thrown a TD within a handful of downs later. Just food for thought if you have enjoyed Peyton Manning's ascension to the record this year and his remarkable play, or if you have not. A decent read...

Click here to continue reading full story on +CBS Sports or continue below for a link listed later to finish the article off if the reader would like.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Broncos look to shore up third downs, wrap up No. 1 seed

Peyton Manning with +Wes Welker.
Photo Rights, Courtesy: USA Today Digital Media Properties
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — So what if he already has a shiny new touchdown record and a first-round bye in the AFC playoffs, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn't cruising through Christmas Day or the final week of the regular season.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Record Setting Sunday

AFC WEST CHAMPIONS & CLINCHED 1st Round Bye at 12-3 after 16 weeks

  • John Fox is the first coach to win 3 straight AFC West Titles in first 3 years
  • +Denver Broncos are first team to have 4 players wit 10 or more receiving TD's: Baybay Thomas, Eric Decker (Broncos franchise record for receiving TD's in first 4 seasons), +Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas. Decker tied the record at 50 with an extraordinary catch and Julius Thomas caught the record breaking TD with a Peyton Manning-like pass (nearly flawless placement, pitch, and touch on pass meeting Thomas in full stride for catch)
  • Broncos are also the first team to have five players on the same offense with 10 or more TD's when Knowshon Moreno is included for rushing and receiving TD's. This is all in NFL history. 

Broncos put Miller on IR, sign Marshall

Broncos put Miller on IR, sign Marshall

By ARNIE STAPLETON— Dec. 24, 2013 7:15 PM EST
Assosiated Press (copyright provisions of the AP)

Home » Von Miller » Broncos put Miller on IR, sign Marshall

Denver Broncos' Von Miller (58) is walks off the field after he was injured during the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Houston Texans, Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — The Denver Broncos promoted linebacker Brandon Marshall from their practice squad Tuesday to replace Von Miller, who went on injured reserve with a knee injury.

Marshall is a second-year player who played in five games as a rookie for Jacksonville after being drafted in the fifth round out of Nevada.

The Broncos decided to promote Marshall, who spent the season on their practice squad, rather than bring in a free agent who hadn't been with the team.

Miller was placed on IR after tearing his right anterior cruciate ligament Sunday in Denver's 37-13 win at Houston.

That ended a rough season that began with a six-game drug suspension and included just five sacks in 10 games for the 2011 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Denver Broncos' Von Miller (58) is walks off the field after he was injured during the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Houston Texans, Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

AP NFL website:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Miller Out for Season with Torn ACL

Von Miller leaving field with
+Denver Broncos trainers. Week 16
against the +Houston Texans
at Reliant Stadium
Photo Rights, Courtesy:
Are there any words that suffice for this. #HeartBreaking Best OT & DE in +NFL out for the season. Not to mention a top 10 DT lost and a top 5 CB returned after missing 13 games already. No team has been hurt with significant injuries such as the #Broncos. Keep that chin up Von Miller. We hope nothing more for you than a speedy and full recovery! Completely heart breaking. Can't replace Von. Man, Malik Jackson has a lot to shoulder and the need for Derek Wolfe to be whole, would be understated. Ayers is needed badly as well. Sly Williams has stepped in pretty well for a rookie (2 sacks in first 2 games started) and if they can generate interior pressure, a team can minimize this big of a loss. They cannot replace it and are worse off unconditionally, but #BroncosCR3WBelieve! We have to keep believing! Coaches and players will have to adjust and come together even more to rally over this! +BRONCOS CR3W are #UnitedInOrange & is #UnitedinFaith for our beloved +Denver Broncos!

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Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning named SI 2013 Sportsman of the Year - Lee Jenkins -

Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning named SI's Sportsman of the Year - 2013 Sportsman of the Year - Lee Jenkins - - Link to Article and SI website posting (All rights to story are of Sports Illustrated's Media Group and their writers) This is not property of Sports CR3W or Broncos CR3W. Simply a repost of a great story and article done by +Sports Illustrated writer +Lee Jenkins (All original work by SI and Jenkins)

 Lee Jenkins; MY SPORTSMAN

More Columns Email Lee Jenkins

Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning named SI

                  Sportsman of the Year

This story appears in the Dec. 23, 2013, issue of Sports Illustrated. Buy the digital version of the magazine here.

All the apple-cheeked babies, captured for eternity in Creamsicle onesies three sizes too big, are nearly grown. They are high school valedictorians and college athletes, Eagle Scouts and black belts, yearbook editors and engineering majors. They are in the National Honor Society. They lead Bible study. They raise money for cancer research. They lifeguard in the summer. They work part-time at Cracker Barrel. One directs short films. One blew the trumpet in a high school band at President Barack Obama's second inaugural parade. One earned a marketing award for helping develop a project to sell reusable popcorn containers at football games. One is a linebacker and a defensive end recruited by half the SEC, one is a three handicap, one runs a 5K in 18:20, and one hit an unforgettable grand slam in the ninth. One became the first girl in an all-male wrestling club, as well as the first deaf member of that club. She then captured the state championship in her weight class. Most hail from Tennessee, but you can find them as far away as lacrosse fields on Long Island. Some know each other. They were born in the same hospitals, attended the same schools, played on the same teams. Beyond that, they don't have much in common -- besides, of course, their first name.

It is an unusual name, or at least it used to be. According to the Social Security Administration, which started tracking the popularity of names in 1960, Peyton had never cracked the top 100 in Tennessee. But in 1994 the state's flagship university welcomed a freshman quarterback from New Orleans named after his uncle Peyton, a Mississippi farmer who grew cotton and soybeans, raised cattle and loved sports. When Peyton Manning enrolled at Tennessee, he took an orientation seminar with freshman football players, overseen by associate athletic director Carmen Tegano. The players were instructed to take notes. Afterward, Tegano collected their spiral notebooks and perused what they wrote. Manning had filled 30 pages. That night, Tegano told his wife, "If God is willing and I live long enough, I'll either work for that kid or I'll vote for him." A year later Manning directed Tennessee to its first win against Alabama in 10 years, and roughly 10 months after that Southern hospitals noted the first outbreak of Peytons. Call them Bama Boomers. "It was an epidemic," says Manning's older brother, Cooper, who was forced to quit football at Ole Miss because of a spinal injury. From 1996 through '98, a total of 68 Peytons were born at the University of Tennessee Medical Center alone, compared with 10 the decade before. By 1997, according to, Peyton was the 51st-most-popular- newborn boy name in the state.

Families showed up to Volunteers practices, orange-clad infants in tow, and thrust them into Manning's reluctant arms for photos. "What am I supposed to say?" he asked his father, Archie, the iconic Ole Miss quarterback. "I don't know," his dad replied. "I only had dogs and cats named after me." Twins in Knoxville were named Peyton and Manning. A boy outside Nashville was named Peyton Cooper as a reminder that "there's nothing guaranteed in life." Doctors in Kentucky lobbied a woman in labor to call her son Tim, after Wildcats quarterback Tim Couch. "It will be a much more prosperous name," they told her. "He'll be so much more successful." They grudgingly delivered yet another Peyton. The unorthodox spelling caused confusion. Dr. Tara Burnette, a neonatologist at the UT Medical Center, once saw payton written on a note card attached to a baby's incubator in the NICU. "You misspelled the name," she told the nurse on duty. "No, the nurse insisted. "The mom spelled it for us." Burnette shook her head. "That baby is a Peyton," she said. Twenty-four hours later, the card had been changed.

There is no more personal display of fan devotion than naming one's progeny after an athlete, but the gesture carries inordinate risk, especially when the player is only a sophomore in college. Who knows what controversy lies ahead? Names become synonymous with scandals. Think of the Lances and McGwires running around. You can always buy a new jersey or hang a new Fathead, but rewriting a birth certificate is more difficult. "Sure, he could have been a dud," says Kim Dukes. "But I kind of knew, deep down inside, that he'd be special." Dukes was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma as a sophomore in Knoxville, underwent chemotherapy, and was informed by doctors that the treatment had left her incapable of bearing children. She had Peyton Dukes anyway. "He's not a quarterback -- he's not even a football player," Kim says. "But we raised him to be a good, honest person, and that's the most important thing he shares with his namesake."

Though Uncle Peyton died a bachelor, his name will live forever. Archie remembers reading an article, in the early 2000s, in an education newspaper about a first-grade teacher with nine Peytons in her class. In 2007 the Knoxville News-Sentinel put out a query for Peytons and received more than 160 responses. "You hope your children are going to do great things no matter what you name them," says Dana Lara. "Going into it, you do think maybe this will give them a leg up by association." Peyton Lara is now a senior at West High and an aspiring nuclear engineer with a 4.46 grade point average.

GALLERY: Rare photos of Peyton Manning

A name doesn't ensure anything. Peyton Dukes cares more about arts than sports. Peyton Prowse's favorite player is Manning's younger brother, Giants quarterback Eli. Elaina Peyton Engel took her 5.0 GPA at Hereford (Md.) High to Alabama. "C'mon, Dad," she said. "Even Peyton Manning didn't go where his father wanted." But commitment is a thread -- whether orange or crimson -- that links the Peytons. "To have the name of someone who has accomplished so much," says Peyton Robinette, a biology major with a black belt in taekwondo who is attending Tennessee on the prestigious Volunteer Scholarship, "means I can be special."

Sportsman of the Year: Peyton ManningSource: SI
Sports Illustrated's 2013 Sportsman of the Year is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Peyton Manning is Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

Acceptance Speech from Peyton Manning, QB of the +Denver Broncos of the +NFL 

Payton Manning video of acceptance speech for being honored 
Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Welker Still Unavailable to Practice

+Wes Welker Has to go through Practice per Concussion (+NFL) Protocols in Order to Play on Sunday at +Houston Texans

+ESPN aka (Disney Sports), Mark Schlereth, discusses the concussion to +Wes Welker and the +Denver Broncos upcoming match up visiting the Texans this weekend.  

With the NFL's concussion protocols, players must participate in a couple practices. (The week of, of course). Welker being present cannot really be described properly, outside of being a major variable that teams will either double-team or be forced to shift a safety, defensive back, and/or backer his way because of the threat he presents as a receiver and even downfield blocking. Obviously, Welker brings a mental aspect with him in how he plays, adjustments, spotting a scheme or coverage for a hot route if there is a blitz or single coverage. Bubba Caldwell performed outstanding in week 15 vs. +Chargers with 2 TD receptions in the game. He has the ability to stretch the defense deep and can make some defenders miss in the open field.

Wes Welker after getting concussed versus the
+Tennessee Titans in Week 14 in the Mile High City.
Photo Courtesy: ESPN/Denver Post/Getty Images
Welker will be missed anytime, but the Broncos currently (knock on wood) are doing okay with health on the offensive side (outside of losing Clady for the year). The Broncos losses of Moore and Vickerson are proving to be the difficult adjustment or replacements. With a fully healthy Champ Bailey back in the secondary, that should help some, but they are without Kayvon Webster this week. Injuries are part of the sport (any sport) and sitting atop the AFC, with two games remaining, they are obviously handling it pretty well at 11-3. "Greek" the Broncos Head Athletic Trainer will certainly get Welker back at the proper time whenever he will be healthy enough to go again. Broncos, +BRONCOS CR3W, fans, and organization will be very happy when it does occur. Peyton Manning is superb at making adjustments and now that they have a short week that they are coming off of and Caldwell's play in the short week, and some fine tuning since, hopefully there is not a significant loss if Welker is unable to go.

Broncos CR3W is hoping that the defense rounds into shape a bit more. Really, what we are concerned with is 3rd Down and redzone efficiency on defense, forcing FGs over TDs and perhaps some takeaways. Included in special teams/defense category is the kick return variable as well that has really crushed the Broncos in all of their losses this year. Whether it is with special teams coaching or Holliday returning or the blockers, rushers; this group has got to make better decisions whether it is a simple choice of catching a punt or not, it is significant to rectify such aspects. Time for the best duo of kickers to stop carrying the special teams groups. Delve further into the upcoming matchup. Schaub is in as a starter and Keenum is out for Houston, which will make the Texans tougher more than likely.

ESPN article linked to the video is available by clicking here.

Video of Latest Denver Broncos DE, Jeremy Mincey

The Mr. Mince Theme Song

Latest addition to the +Denver Broncos defensive line, Jeremy Mincey, has a fairly known hip hop song out. Here's a sample on youtube. *No right of this song belong to +BRONCOS CR3W.

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Denver Broncos Are AFC's Best Hope

NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Are AFC's Best Hope

COMMENTARY | The Denver Broncos lost in Week 15. But so did the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals. To be sure, it was a crazy week for a number of the NFL's elite, but how did it affect the Broncos' standing in the various power rankings? Right off the bat, we see that the 11-3 Broncos have fallen from their lone No. 1 perch from a week ago, dropping to second in Pete Prisco's ranks.

Click here to read rest of the article on +Yahoo Sports.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Broncos #1 Seed Hopes Back in Their Hands

#WTGDolphins! Denver is in your debt. #Broncos 
#BroncosCR3W Love to see Kraft, #Hoodie, and 
#CryBrady drop one anyway. 
Photo Courtesy and Right: +Miami Dolphins - (AP)
MIA 3rd year raw WR, Matthews, looks like he could be a player coming into form. Dolphins Head Coach, Philbin has done an impressive job with all that has happened with that franchise this year. Would love to hear the media talk about that instead of NE, RGIII this week. Every once in a while they can touch upon QBs from same class as RGIII, like #Tannehill, Wilson, Luck! All of these QBs have been more impressive pro QBs than RGIII personally. Disney wants RGIII to be the megastar, any ESPN viewer can see that, but why not just let them become stars and then hop on which one shows that. Regardless of the name on their jersey (front or back) or when they were drafted or the praise that +ESPNU/college coverage turns them into, during college. Touch upon this subject another day: #DisneySports (c)
Miami, FL - +Miami Dolphins beat the +New England Patriots 27-23 in Miami in Week 15. Holding them to an interception on 4th & 5 on the MIA 11 as time expired. Brady used the slant after slant, mainly to Edelman and Amendola, to move the ball, but Miami made one adjustment to seal the deal. Tannehill has really shown some growing up as Miami remains in prime spot to attain last wild card spot, 8-6 record with +Baltimore Ravens playing at the +Detroit Lions tonight with a 7-6 record. +Chargers 7-7 are right behind them. +Tennessee Titans went to OT but lost to +Arizona Cardinals at home and now stand 6-8. The result gave the +Denver Broncos control of being the #1 seed in the AFC despite their surprising short week loss to San Diego on last Thursday, making their record 11-3. Patriots were 10-3 and with a win they would have tied the Broncos record and owned the tiebreaker because of the head to head tiebreaker. Patriots beat the Broncos 34-31 in OT in week 12. +BRONCOS CR3W says thank you!! #GoFins. In honor of the #Fins, we give Miami some love by recognizing perhaps the second best cheerleader squad in the +NFL. Behind the #BroncosCheerleaders, of course. :D #UnitedinOrange (ironically played in what some refer to as the #OrangeBowl in Miami) #Broncos #Dolphins #Patriots. #Chiefs visiting San Diego is a major match up for both sides. +Kansas City Chiefs handily beat the +Oakland Raiders to go 11-3, but they lose on the tiebreaker with the Broncos. Broncos swept them in both games this year. Week 11 at Denver and Week 13 at Kansas City. Hopefully this woke up the Broncos. To be touched upon. the results and base vanilla game plans on Thursday nights (a reason why Thursday night games tend to go against the grain in terms of blowout games and surprise results, more than usual. Time for the +NFL to take this under consideration AND if safety is a concern of theirs like they say, then they should not force a team to play Thurs. Night Football games unless they were on a bye the week before. Something the +NFL could easily implement and produce a higher quality product as well. If they don't change it, it should not go on beyond week 11 in our opinion. Scrutinize the pro's & con's later. NFL branding #TNF could be much more effective if they have teams playing off of a bye anyway. Games would mean more, be far more superior in quality of play every week as well. Games could become quite exciting and anticipated if they did so... #FoodforThought

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Keys to the Game Killing Broncos for upcoming probable loss

** 3rd Down efficiency ** Special teams execution can add an extra turnover and a half into the interception. Difference of them having a TD and Broncos not.

**Takeaway battle ** Field Position - Sense or lack of it on kick return choice - Big time ISSUE for +Denver Broncos

Get it corrected fellas!

Broncos Tend to Put Opponents Down in Second Half

+BRONCOS CR3W Lucky #7 (Elway) Keys to the Game

Outside of the one obvious, recent letdown after halftime, the +Denver Broncos tend to show that containing them for 60 minutes is much more unlikely and difficult than the first 30 minutes. They rarely get rattled by early deficits or slow starts and almost seem to wake up after allowing a couple unnecessary plays or turnovers. Some may deem this as "playing with fire." Others might call it "Just a matter of time playing against what has been a +NFL record setting offense that just overwhelms opponents whether it is up tempo or slowed down. One aspect that was perhaps the most encouraging of all of their games this year. #VonMiller has really started to put his imprint as the premier edge rusher in the NFL.

Matt Prater and Britton Colquitt celebrating an NFL
Record 64 Yard FG against the Titans last Sunday.
Photo Courtesy: +NBC Sports (Sports Media Images)
#1 Key: Takeaway Margin: Despite what many would believe, +Denver Broncos with an extraordinary 11-2 record, Sunday's game vs +Tennessee Titans was only the 2nd game this year that the Broncos did not commit a turnover. It was also only the 3rd game of the year that they won the turnover battle as well. This is obviously the aspect that has gripped the Broncos back down this year. It was the first game in which they did not commit a turnover and forced one or more. This is a good sign obviously. Both turnovers were created by +Von Miller who's value cannot be misrepresented and overstated, as to affecting the game entirely with that offense that is putting up historic numbers. With a lead, his effect increases as he can only put pressure on the QB without Jack Del Rio expecting him to stay at home and play things tight and close to the vest in a close ball game.

#2 Key - QB Pressure: Both of these QBs can dissect any defense in the league if they have ample time. Bringing pressure is tough to not risk getting beat on a big play. This number is really what will either make the Broncos season a success or it won't in our opinion. It relies on ball security and especially when the ball security does not hold up on the field. Broncos giving teams free TDs or short fields is a double whammy to them more than most clubs. Anything that takes the record breaking offense off of the field is a negative. Turnovers obviously does this, and if it is in their own half of the field, the opponent is getting the variable that almost all have proven to need to remain in a 'fighter's punch,' distance on the Broncos.

#3 Key - 3rd Down Efficiency: Both sides of the ball. The Broncos are #1 in the league in 3rd down efficiency. The Chargers are #2 in the league in 3rd down efficiency.

+Chargers at +Denver Broncos
Week 15 (Game 14)
Graphic Preview Courtesy:
#4 Key - Redzone Efficiency: Both sides of the ball. The Broncos are #1 in the league in redzone efficiency. Chargers explosive offense drops down to #26 in the league in redzone efficiency.

Leading right up to #5 Key - The reason San Diego is 6-7 instead of on of the leaders for last wild card spot is because teams force FG's over TD's on them. Denver needs to make sure they continue this at home and force FG's by the Chargers offense or 4th down stops as San Diego will go for it when knowing TD's are an element they've got to get. If the Broncos can come out on top of this along with the takeaway's, #1 Key, they should win by about the amount the Vegas books are putting it at. Broncos favored by 10 pts.

#6 Key - Get the Chargers offense off the field, and get pressure on Rivers. Rivers tends to turn the ball over under durress. Von Miller has been electric lately with 5 sacks in his last 6 games. And that doesn't include the sack/pass deflection that was an interception as he met Fitzpatrick at the point of his release.

#7 Key - Allow the numbers and trends to continue. Peyton Manning is undefeated against division opponents since coming to the Denver Broncos. And they have not lost at home this year, with only two losses at home including the Ravens 2OT heartbreaker last year.

QB pressures aside, but if he can cause a takeaway on a regular basis, that is something this Broncos defense had a year ago that put teams on their heels and the defense took full advantage of it. In some respects, the special teams and a few defensive mistakes have been the Broncos defense's culprit. But when it come to being stiff and forcing a punt, they pull it off at a fairly high rate amongst NFL defenses. With the offense doing what it does, it is fairly sensible for the defense to take risks and try to make things happen whereas if they knew they had to be a bit stiffer and more of a bend don't break defense, they would probably have a lot of pass underneath completed but they like to get pressure and force opponents to either make a quick decision or quicker than they want on most plays. Sometimes, the loss of Rahim Moore, clarifies this, since he was one of the leagues best free safeties in denying teams home run plays in pass/run coverage, they will have an adjustment with Bolden, who has mainly been a backup DB his first 3 seasons is now being tossed into live game action as an FS. Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio is surely trying to make adjustments to the loss of Moore and he will minimize that loss especially with a return of a full Champ Bailey and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Pass rush is providing consistent pressure and turnover chances more often because of it. 

Welker Out, Tamme Knows Manning will get the ball to Whomever gets Favorable Match up

Three big threats on offense that doesn't reveal a few
extra players that are skill position players that Peyton
Manning has to progress to as an NFL record setting side
thus far, this year. Photo Courtesy: (AP)

Broncos Offense:

Serving up 

Several Weapons

DENVER (AP) - Peyton Manning has played the classic pick-your-poison trap all season, spreading the ball out evenly to his wide receivers while lighting up the scoreboard like no +NFL quarterback ever has.

Somebody is always singled up, and chances are that's where the ball's going, although Manning won't shy away from double coverage, either, if his man gets open.

Unlike many teams in today's air-it-out NFL, the +Denver Broncos don't have any primadonnas demanding passes and attention, preening for crowds and cameras. These Broncos are the antithesis of those high-maintenance superstars huffing back to the huddle to let the quarterback know just how open they were.

Manning has targeted Demaryius Thomas 117 times, Wes Welker 111 times, and Eric Decker 109 times.

Tight end Julius Thomas has been Manning's bulls-eye 69 times and running back Knowshon Moreno 58.

Those five players have caught 42 of Manning's 45 touchdown throws.

''The plays we call, there is a progression to each play, but the credit goes to the receivers for running full-speed routes,'' Manning said. ''When you run full-speed routes you're going to have a chance to get open. I think because they know we spread the ball around, guys are expecting the ball.''

+Chargers coach Mike McCoy, whose Chargers visit Denver on Thursday night, was on the other side of the equation a year ago as Denver's offensive coordinator and now he's the one trying to figure out ways to slow down Manning.

''With his football intelligence and the way he plays the game, he's going to take what the defense gives him,'' McCoy said. ''Whether it was in his early years in Indy, his late years in Indy, his time in Denver the last two years, he's going to more often than not find the open guy. It's not shocking at all the way he's spread the ball around and the success the entire offense has had because of the number of touches that each guy is getting.''

Five things to keep an eye on when the Broncos (11-2) try to improve to 11-0 against the AFC West under Manning when they host the Chargers (6-7):

BREAKING RECORDS: Manning is on pace to break several NFL records, including Tom Brady's mark of 50 TD passes and Drew Brees' record of 5,476 yards passing. And the Broncos are on pace to score a record 634 points.

''Yeah, the one we're concerned with is our win-loss record,'' Manning said. ''It tells you how competitive our division is that you're still having to take care of business each week.''

The Broncos lead the +Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) by a game.

WELKER OUT: Welker will miss this game after his second concussion in four weeks, but Jacob Tamme, Manning's former teammate in +Indianapolis Colts, is an able substitute in the slot.

Tamme was the odd-man out with the emergence of Julius Thomas, who broke Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe's single-season franchise record for tight ends with his 11th TD catch last week. But Tamme has 10 catches for 97 yards and a touchdown over the last three weeks.

''Obviously, Julius has played well this year, and Tamme hasn't had as much playing time, but he's had a great attitude,'' Manning said. ''And when his number has been called he's come in there and been outstanding.''

CHARGERS RECHARGED: The Chargers are as healthy as they've been all season, and last week they welcomed back outside linebacker Melvin Ingram, who tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in May.

+FOX Sports provides preview of Week 15: Broncos hosting Chargers
(This was not a video included in original AP story) Courtesy of: AP via Fox Sports

''Last week was a big step for him,'' McCoy said. ''He got 13 plays in the game. Now, he thinks he can play 100 plays. But that's just his attitude.''

FOX VS. McCOY: Broncos coach John Fox missed the first game between these teams because he was in a hospital in North Carolina recovering from heart surgery.

So, this game will be the first time McCoy will face his mentor.

''It's great to see him back out there. I wouldn't be here today without John Fox,'' said McCoy, who worked for Fox for seven seasons in +Carolina Panthers and Denver.

PLAYING WITH FIRE: The Broncos have fallen behind by double digits in each of the last two weeks before storming back to beat Kansas City 35-28 and Tennessee 51-28.

''Once we realize that there will come a week where our offense isn't going to put up 50 and we have to make a stand, then things will be better,'' defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said. ''Until then, it will be a dogfight.''
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 14 Ripples: Broncos vs. Titans

Broncos put up 51, clinch berth, Titans eliminated from berth

With Sunday’s loss in Denver, the +Tennessee Titans have been eliminated from the AFC South title race. Sitting at 5-8 the Titans have fallen to tenth place in the AFC, diminishing any hope of reaching the playoffs.

Peyton Manning in 7 degree wind chill sliced up a
good Titans secondary for 397 for 4 TDs.
Photo Courtesy: (AP)
Peyton Manning, a familiar foe of the Tennessee Titans as a former member of the +Indianapolis Colts, led the charge drowning Tennessee’s season. The +Denver Broncos offense managed to score an impressive 51 points hosting the Titans in Game 13's matchup.

Despite leading at the half, 21-20, the Titans were unable to control Manning and the Denver offense allowing the Broncos to enter Tennessee territory on every drive of the game. Completing 39 of 59 pass attempts, Manning threw for 397 yards and four touchdowns with no turnovers. Denver’s scoring total was the highest of any team on Sunday, a day that featured 90 touchdowns around the league, which is the most in NFL history while 59 pass attempts is the most ever by Manning in a single game. Adding to Manning’s impressive performance, kicker Matt Prater ended the first half with a 64-yard field goal breaking the previous record for longest field goal in NFL history of 63 yards shifting the momentum in favor of the Broncos.

Clinching a playoff berth, Peyton Manning was able to silence critics who continue to bash Manning for his poor performances in cold weather following a shootout loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Knowshon Moreno (27), Denver Broncos RB
vs TEN in Game 13.
Photo Courtesy: (AP)
Granted, Denver has been a one of the top teams all season, Tennessee seemed confident and in great position to challenge the AFC leading Broncos out of the gates. Scoring a touchdown on their first two drives and forcing Denver to go for it on two fourth down situations, it seemed as if “Fitzmagic” and the Titans could pull off the upset. However, the Broncos looked like a totally different team in the second half.

In most of the Tennessee losses this season, one aspect of the Titans game has lacked whether it was special teams, the ground game or poor defensive play. In Sunday’s loss the Titans were unable to find their rhythm in any aspect of the game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick only completed 13 of 24 pass attempts for a mere 172 yards with his lone touchdown coming in the third quarter on a 41 yard bomb to rookie wide out Justin Hunter who continues to be a bright spot for the Titans. Fitzpatrick also threw an interception leading to a Knowshon Moreno touchdown extending Denver’s lead to two scores.

To coincide with the irrelevant passing game, the Titans could not get the ground attack going in the second half. Shonn Greene and Chris Johnson scored a combined three rushing touchdowns in the first half but only managed to gain 46 yards each on the day. Recording 254 total yards, the Denver Broncos were able to more than double this amount recording 551 total yards and doubled the Titans’ time of possession as well.

Though only recording 46 yards rushing, Greene’s performance served as a reemergence for the veteran back after a season tainted by injuries. However, the same cannot be said for Chris Johnson who continues to struggle for Tennessee. Averaging 3.8 yards per carry and recording three touchdowns on the year, Johnson has been on the hot seat for the past several weeks. Sunday’s performance might have been the nail in the coffin for Johnson’s time in Tennessee, fumbling after being hit by Von Miller, which put the game out of reach for Tennessee. Von Miller has started to create havoc for opponents recently and if the Broncos can secure the ball as they did and force turnovers as they did, they are pretty hard to beat even if they lose the turnover edge. Against the usual percentage of winning when the takeaway battle is won or lost.

           CBS Fantasy Football Today Set Recaps the +Denver Broncos hosting the 
                                            +Tennessee Titans for Week 14

Johnson has expressed interest in staying in Tennessee next season, but reports have said otherwise. At least not under he current cap hit and contract. The Tennessee Titans have been reported as saying that they will release Johnson at the conclusion of the season along with firing head coach, Mike Munchak, and declining Jake Locker’s 2015 option. These claims put Tennessee in immediate contention in the quarterback market looking ahead in his year’s draft and free agency. Though Tennessee was forced to work with the cards that were dealt to them this season, it was a tough one for Titans fans to endure. With a fully loaded draft class, this may be the time for Tennessee to revamp. Starting fresh with a new coach and starting quarterback might be the pick-me-up the Titans need. With three games left to play, the Titans return home to face the streaking +Arizona Cardinals and finish up with a pair of divisional matchups with the +Jacksonville Jaguars and +Houston Texans who have both previously beaten Tennessee. Because the playoffs are out of the question, Tennessee is playing for a draft pick to bolster their resurgence in 2014

When it comes to knocking off Broncos, Bengals better suited than Patriots - NFL - Sporting News

"Hammer" Woodyard at San Diego, Week 10 of
2014 Broncos
+Denver Broncos just need to ensure that the +Cincinnati Bengals and #SpyGate #CryBradys +New England Patriots have set up a divisional round matchup for those two to play one another. The way the zebras are towards #SpyGate, not sure if Broncos would like to dance with the preferential Brady, Bellichick, Patsites love over Dalton on the road... Hype about the #Bengals D, which is solid, no doubt, but let's not get too carried away. At full health, compared to most clubs, the Bengals look awesome on paper, but so hot/cold. Getting them out of their element seems to happen on the road for the young club as well. All the talk will weigh heavily on how teams look most recently for big media. The last three weeks will be telling but not entirely. Payback to New England on a "Coal from somewhere into a diamond," fluke win vs the #Broncos would be ideal, but ideal in the big picture would have zero relevance to the Patriots or not in our opinion.

(H/T) +Sporting News
When it comes to knocking off Broncos, Bengals better suited than Patriots - NFL - Sporting News

With Sunday's 51-28 Win, the Broncos Clinched a Spot in the Postseason

DENVER -- The Denver Broncos are headed to the playoffs.

Wild finishes gave the +Miami Dolphins and +Baltimore Ravens wins earlier in the day, meaning only a Broncos win against the +Tennessee Titans would secure the club a place in the postseason.

Peyton Manning On a Boot from Game 13,
Broncos hosting Titans with a 51 - 28 win.
Photo Courtesy: (AP)
Four quarters later, a 51-28 victory clinched it.

“That’s our goal," Head Coach John Fox said of the playoffs. "But our goal is still to win the division and obviously get the best seed we can. Our biggest goal is to get to the big game and win the big game.”

It marks the team's third consecutive playoff berth, and the franchise's 20th overall.

The win gave quarterback Peyton Manning his 13th season in which his team has made the playoffs, which according to Elias Sports Bureau surpassed Brett Favre's previous record for the most by a +NFL quarterback in history.

"It’s good," wide receiver Eric Decker said. "I guess you have some security but our job is not finished – winning this division is number one and winning this conference is number two. And we have to make sure that we get better as a team as a whole. We have a big goal and expectations for this year, and that’s just one week at a time and grinding away."

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Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. echoed those sentiments, noting that there are still three more games to improve the team's seed.

But the team still has the one-week-at-a-time mentality that has served it well to this point. And that means all eyes are on the +Chargers for a Thursday Night Football matchup in just four days.

"We're just trying to keep pushing," linebacker Von Miller said. "We're not worried about playoffs. We want to take care of San Diego right now. Continue to take it one play at a time. We don't want to bite off more than we can chew. That's what's been working for us, so we're going to stick to it."

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Broncos Prep Week 14 in Review

Joan Niiesen from The Denver Post reported:

Links to and all photos courtesy of: +The Denver Post

In the week leading up to facing the Titans in Week 13, things were pretty uneventful at Dove Valley. Monday morning for once brought no new major injuries, with the biggest worry for the week by far the frigid temperatures. Coach John Fox also returned to his duties after four weeks away, which slotted Jack Del Rio back into his role of just defensive coordinator.
The Broncos will face the Titans at 2:05 p.m. Sunday. For those of you smart enough to know that standing for hours in single-digit temperatures is perhaps an unwise move, it’ll be broadcast on CBS.
John Fox speaks to the media at Dove Valley on Monday, his first day back on the job. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)
John Fox speaks to the media at Dove Valley on Monday, his first day back on the job. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)
Monday: Fox returned to Dove Valley Monday morning and resumed his duties as the team’s head coach. Fox addressed the media for about 25 minutes, talking about everything from the stress of being away to what he’s seen in recent games. In more good news for the Broncos, there were no major injuries from Sunday’s game, a rare occurrence after injuries have dominated recent Mondays.
Tuesday: The Broncos had Tuesday off, and it was for the most part a quiet day, which has been unusual of late.
Montee Ball celebrates after making a long run against the Chiefs Sunday. (AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post)
Montee Ball celebrates after making a long run against the Chiefs Sunday. (Aaron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post)
Wednesday: The Broncos practiced indoors on Wednesday, their first such practice of 2013. With temperatures in the single-digits and snow falling strong enough to impede visibility, going outdoors simply wasn’t an option. Wednesday also marked Fox’s first practice since his bye-week heart surgery and another day off for Peyton Manning.
Peyton Manning drops back to throw during practice Thursday, wearing his glove.(John Leyba, The Denver Post)
Peyton Manning drops back to throw during practice Thursday, wearing his glove.(John Leyba, The Denver Post)
Thursday: The Broncos practiced outside Thursday after being relegated to the indoors Wednesday. In single-digit temperatures, Manning did not actually disintigrate into a cloud of dust, shocking all the cold-weather naysayers. He practiced in full, as did Joel Dreessen, who also missed Wednesday. Only Derek Wolfe and Trindon Holliday missed practice, and only Demaryius Thomas was limited.
• “Kiszla: No hurry, hurry for Peyton Manning’s big call,” by Mark Kiszla, The Denver Post
• “Record books await rewrite by Denver Broncos offense,” by Joan Niesen, The Denver Post
Friday: Friday was a relatively uneventful day at the Broncos’ facility, apart from the coldest temperatures yet of the week. Only Derek Wolfe missed the team’s final practice before it faces Tennessee on Sunday.