Monday, December 16, 2013

Broncos #1 Seed Hopes Back in Their Hands

#WTGDolphins! Denver is in your debt. #Broncos 
#BroncosCR3W Love to see Kraft, #Hoodie, and 
#CryBrady drop one anyway. 
Photo Courtesy and Right: +Miami Dolphins - (AP)
MIA 3rd year raw WR, Matthews, looks like he could be a player coming into form. Dolphins Head Coach, Philbin has done an impressive job with all that has happened with that franchise this year. Would love to hear the media talk about that instead of NE, RGIII this week. Every once in a while they can touch upon QBs from same class as RGIII, like #Tannehill, Wilson, Luck! All of these QBs have been more impressive pro QBs than RGIII personally. Disney wants RGIII to be the megastar, any ESPN viewer can see that, but why not just let them become stars and then hop on which one shows that. Regardless of the name on their jersey (front or back) or when they were drafted or the praise that +ESPNU/college coverage turns them into, during college. Touch upon this subject another day: #DisneySports (c)
Miami, FL - +Miami Dolphins beat the +New England Patriots 27-23 in Miami in Week 15. Holding them to an interception on 4th & 5 on the MIA 11 as time expired. Brady used the slant after slant, mainly to Edelman and Amendola, to move the ball, but Miami made one adjustment to seal the deal. Tannehill has really shown some growing up as Miami remains in prime spot to attain last wild card spot, 8-6 record with +Baltimore Ravens playing at the +Detroit Lions tonight with a 7-6 record. +Chargers 7-7 are right behind them. +Tennessee Titans went to OT but lost to +Arizona Cardinals at home and now stand 6-8. The result gave the +Denver Broncos control of being the #1 seed in the AFC despite their surprising short week loss to San Diego on last Thursday, making their record 11-3. Patriots were 10-3 and with a win they would have tied the Broncos record and owned the tiebreaker because of the head to head tiebreaker. Patriots beat the Broncos 34-31 in OT in week 12. +BRONCOS CR3W says thank you!! #GoFins. In honor of the #Fins, we give Miami some love by recognizing perhaps the second best cheerleader squad in the +NFL. Behind the #BroncosCheerleaders, of course. :D #UnitedinOrange (ironically played in what some refer to as the #OrangeBowl in Miami) #Broncos #Dolphins #Patriots. #Chiefs visiting San Diego is a major match up for both sides. +Kansas City Chiefs handily beat the +Oakland Raiders to go 11-3, but they lose on the tiebreaker with the Broncos. Broncos swept them in both games this year. Week 11 at Denver and Week 13 at Kansas City. Hopefully this woke up the Broncos. To be touched upon. the results and base vanilla game plans on Thursday nights (a reason why Thursday night games tend to go against the grain in terms of blowout games and surprise results, more than usual. Time for the +NFL to take this under consideration AND if safety is a concern of theirs like they say, then they should not force a team to play Thurs. Night Football games unless they were on a bye the week before. Something the +NFL could easily implement and produce a higher quality product as well. If they don't change it, it should not go on beyond week 11 in our opinion. Scrutinize the pro's & con's later. NFL branding #TNF could be much more effective if they have teams playing off of a bye anyway. Games would mean more, be far more superior in quality of play every week as well. Games could become quite exciting and anticipated if they did so... #FoodforThought