Monday, December 2, 2013

We Love You Knowshon!

Difficult to Overstate How Great it is Watching Knowshon Play This Year!

Knowshon Moreno Doing the #ArmyCrawl after a First Down. (Photo Rights +NFL - AP)
Week 13 at  +Kansas City Chiefs

+Denver Broncos, RB, Knowshon Moreno has been a joy to watch play this year. Not only for himself and battling unfortunate injuries over the years but to also seem him know how much it means to be playing and be so involved with this team competing where they are. It has been a true joy. His passpro, hands are assets that will never get much discussion as well. How easy is it to block for a guy that you see run the way he does or go out and play? Well deserved and well earned for sticking with it Moreno. We always felt you have had the misfortune to really be fair to you as a player, and we also know there always should be a facet kept in mind in order to distinguish of how things unfold as a professional athlete and who they are as a person off of the field.