Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Love Lost Between These Two (Welker, Belichick) Goes Without Saying

+Denver Broncos Wes Welker shakes hands with former coach, +New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick

To be fair, +Wes Welker fueled the animosity last year when he told Sports Illustrated that Belichick would rip him in front of his former teammates in New England. Welker said when he spoke with members of the Denver media, he was not worried about any backlash from his coach, but was always concerned about Belichick’s reaction in New England.

Their relationship did not improve when Welker applied a hit on New England’s Aqib Talib, which injured the cornerback’s knee and prevented him from reentering the game on Sunday. Talib reportedly does not have major knee damage, but his absence contributed to New England’s loss.

Those are just a few reasons why Belichick did not embrace Welker like they were long lost friends after the game.

To be fair, Belichick is not known for his warm and fuzzy moments. Belichick normally looks like he’s enduring an IRS audit whenever he is in public. He might be the life of the party behind closed doors, but portrays less personality than Ferris Bueller’s teacher when the cameras are on.

Welker may have expected a heartfelt moment with Belichick, but that was not going to happen