Saturday, February 22, 2014

Potential fit for safety and secondary for Denver Broncos, in Calvin Pryor, former Louisville Cardinals' Safety

"Looks the part" (in highlight reel, most should look as such) to be chosen, welcomed in Mile High for +Denver Broncos+BRONCOS CR3W has no true idea what his stock sits at right now, but we would love to see him in ORANGE! We don't focus on draft stock until after combine and pro-days are being completed to be more accurate and fair to you, the reader and audience.

Another player of note off the top of my mind with lil' draft stock, deep expertise, but the names that were relevant over the college football season that are remembered regarding the positions that became thinned down over the season or became apparent as a position of need for the Broncos and more to come and follow. Kyle Fuller from +Virginia Tech in regards to first day draft potential... Tough to believe that Calvin Pryor will fall to 31 at this point but its a deep draft and how the Broncos address UFA as well.

One that had raw moments in college but has some serious size, 6'3" 215 for a cornerback; that's right, not a safety in that frame! And when/if developed properly could be an abysmal matchup for bigger physical type WR's, is Keith McGill from +UTES CR3W+University of Utah Athletics for a 2nd Day pick. (Two staff members here have +Pac-12 Conference ties as +UTES CR3W alma mater aka Crimson Club).

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